Marcus Morris: Markieff Looks Unhappy On Suns

Markieff Morris has had nothing but positives to say about the Suns since he arrived at the team’s training camp in September and backed off his summer trade demand, but twin brother Marcus Morris isn’t sold on the idea that he still likes playing for Phoenix. Markieff Morris “doesn’t look happy,” his brother said today to reporters, including MLive’s David Mayo.

“He just don’t look comfortable,” Marcus Morris added, according to Mayo. “He don’t look too excited.”

Still, Marcus Morris wouldn’t directly answer whether his brother wants to be traded, according to Mayo. The Suns have been steadfast before and since Markieff Morris pronounced his desire to remain in Phoenix that they have no intention of trading him, though the Pistons, whose deal with the Suns to acquire Marcus Morris in July touched off the controversy, reportedly have some interest in reuniting the brothers.

Marcus Morris said today that he hopes his brother can end up on a team he enjoys playing for and expressed his fondness for his experience with the Pistons so far this season, Mayo notes. Detroit’s new starting small forward sent mixed messages Thursday about whether he’s past his own resentment toward the Suns, who play host to the Pistons in tonight’s game.

Markieff Morris said repeatedly over the summer that he wanted out of Phoenix, a narrative that began when John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 radio reported his displeasure with the team following the departure of his brother. He made his public trade demand to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer soon thereafter, and later tweeted, “My future will not be in Phoenix,” a remark that drew a $10K fine from the NBA. His contract calls for him to make $8MM this season, the first in a four-year extension he signed a year ago in the ill-fated hopes that it would allow him a long term future of playing alongside his brother, who simultaneously signed a four-year, $20MM extension.

Do you think Markieff Morris will still be on the Suns when the trade deadline passes? Leave a comment to let us know.

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14 thoughts on “Marcus Morris: Markieff Looks Unhappy On Suns

  1. What could the Suns realistically get in trading Markieff to the Pistons? Straight up for Ilyasova? Doesn’t sound like something they’d do.

    • Chuck Myron

      If I were the Suns, I’d take that deal. I don’t know if the Suns would, however.

      • Seriously? Illyasova? No value except for second rounders no way kief gets sent for that right now with phx having all of the leverage

  2. I think they could trade Goodwin and Morris for Ilyasova and Stanley Johnson if they really want them to be reunited

    • Scott

      Zach, as a Suns supporter I’d take that deal…heck I’d swap Goodwin out for Tucker. Some decent PF in the next draft so when Ilyasova finishes out the year with Suns hopefully we can draft…Sabonis, Skael or one of the young PFs in the upcoming draft

  3. Dillon

    They are grown men can they really not play without each other? What if they had regular jobs would they have to sit right next to each other like children? Fu**in babies

  4. Let him play and then create additional value, then see what another team might offer in a trade!

  5. Brent

    I agree with Marcus, Markeiff looks very uncomfortable and unhappy. The hate they have for the Suns, I wouldn’t be surprised if Markeiff missed some shots on purpose.

  6. J marshall

    I for one would be happy to see Markeiff sent elsewhere. Rather have the season play out with a lot of losses and a chance at a lottery pick. The Suns are going nowhere with or without Morris. Since it dies not look like the Suns can attract a star player, why not look to the draft to acquire one? Would rather the team “tank” then continue to be a middle of the pack non-contender.

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