Lakers Looking To Trade Roy Hibbert?

The Lakers are looking to trade Roy Hibbert to a team that is likely to make the playoffs, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reports (on Twitter). Hibbert is set to be a free agent this summer. He waived nearly all of a $2.3MM trade kicker in order to join Los Angeles. The Lakers acquired Hibbert in July in exchange for a second round pick.

There is a decent chance that the Lakers will find it challenging to move Hibbert because of his expiring contract. He is in the final year of a deal paying him $15.5MM. What’s more, Hibbert has struggled as of late and his statistics, particularly his minutes per game and points per game, have been in decline each month after a solid start to the season. He is averaging 6.6 points and 5.8 rebounds per game.

Still, there are some things to like about Hibbert this season. He has started in each of the Lakers’ 43 games. The eighth-year veteran has also reportedly been a positive influence for the younger players on the Lakers. It is unclear which playoff team would be interested in Hibbert because several of the top-tier teams do not have a need for a center.

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38 thoughts on “Lakers Looking To Trade Roy Hibbert?

  1. aarongill

    It makes sense to trade him and maybe get back a second round pick or take a bad contract for his expiring and get a pick or young player along with the contract for him.

  2. Andrew

    What about something like Hibbert to the Celtics for David Lee and a 2nd round pick.

      • Brandon Tefft

        Nahh if I’m the Celtics I jump on that trade.. That would allow sully to move to PF full time. And he can just roam the paint and block shots with their team currently he wouldn’t really have to much else they have some the most elite defensive players in the league. Smart, Bradley, Crowder. Hibbert would be a good pickup for Boston. Especially cuz David lee don’t even play for them

          • Jason

            That’s actually a smart idea. Lee is out of the rotation and Boston needs a full time C. His defense is still solid, and a GREAT coach like Brad Stevens would be able to maximize his game.

          • Funny, but I think the Lakers would trade with anyone foolish enough to offer any useable asset draft picks or veteran with expiring contract. Hibbert has not been a fit with Lakers schemes.

    • Jac7178

      I like the idea it they have too many big men as it is. If they can figure out a way to move Zeller then I think that would be a good move

    • I don’t think that’should a good trade just because Hibbert is to soft for a 7 footer. Plus isnt playing good this season

    • Both are on expiring contracts so a straight Lee-Hibbert swap is the only viable deal. If anything, Lee has slightly more value so the Lakers would need to package a second rounder back.

    • Celtics fan

      I’d try and use D Lee in a bigger deal first if I’m Danny Ainge, combine him with some young players and picks for a star with a big contract, but if nothing eventuates there I’m down for a straight D Lee for Hibbert swap at the deadline. It’s a win for everyone. Lakers need some post scoring, D Lee wants minutes, C’s need rim protection and Hib can give that even if it’s a bench role. If it doesn’t work out meh, expiring contracts.

      • Lakers247

        That would be a terrible trade for the Lakers. Why would we trade Hibbert for Lee straight up? That would not benefit us at all. We are not going to make the playoffs so we really have no need for Lee’s post scoring. The only way the lakers would make that trade is if a pick or young player is involved.

  3. dlevin11

    Hibbert for Lee would be an excellent trade for Celtics. They should also move Zeller to Hornets for future draft pick

  4. J Hill

    The Lakers fans/writers always put out rumors that they’ll be able to trade their worst asset for something good. They do it every year. But the trade never comes because every time its a Lakers Nation pipedream because they are delusional.

    • Steve in Chicago

      Please No! Let Portis and Gibson play more, leave Hibbert where he belongs, out of the playoffs.

    • hinton980

      Pass! My money is on a trade with the Mavs. He can be a younger version of Tyson Chandler and just clog up the paint. The Bulls are about 5 to 6 men deep in the 4 and 5 position, but if they gave up Bairstow and Felicio, the Lakers might jump on that; but those to guys individually would probably show a better plus minus average than Hibbert. They both have really good balls skills and are more power forward than center.

  5. clipper nation

    trade him 2 the cavs 4 mosgof plus trade exceptiion and play him as a back up behind anderson v or trade him 2 clippers for who ever and play back up 2 andre

    • Anderson Varejao doesn’t even play, and Mozgov is only being traded for value back (whatever the Cavs actually value). And the clippers don’t have any cap space to trade for Hibbert unless they trade someone important.

  6. 3Tavgreg

    I thought teams use to like to get an expiring contract. I admit that I haven’t kept up with all the vagaries of NBA contracts these days. You can’t even keep track with a program.

    • In the past few years, yeah an expiring contract had value. But the NBA soft salary cap is expected to jump to about $89 million which I think is about $15-$20 million higher than it currently is. Higher cap means teams aren’t in as bad of a bind in getting rid of bad contracts since they’ll have extra space to work with next year.

  7. Niner

    Speights and Thompson are not doing anything for the Warriors. Imagine if they had hibbert instead!

  8. no one is going to trade for Hibbert. They dont want to help the Lakers and Hibberts type of big man is becoming rare in the NBA>

  9. Purple n gold dreams

    He’s horrible!!! 7’2 and even 6’5 guys are out rebounding him. He slaps at the ball calling it a rebound attempt and his sky hook looks like a nuclear strike (land any where). He doesn’t fight for position when rebounding and, to tell you the truth he has no gangsta in him for a big man. I believe he’s a bust for the Lakers and please trade him!!!! He spends more time laying on the floor than on his feet! Incredibly lazy!!! Bye bye!!!

  10. Morton

    No one could possibly want this guy. He’s tall. That’s pretty much it. It has been painful watching him get moved out of the box by guys 6 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter. Ugh


  12. jerry west

    trade him for steph curry only if they give us 6 unportected 6 first round picks

  13. wayne swartz

    Hibbert has a lot to offer but it has to be in the right place with the right coach. He can score if anybody would pass him the ball. All he does with the Lakers is set high picks near the three point line to Kobe or Swaggy Pete can lunge up shots. He’s out of position for rebounds, he almost never gets the ball down low and its no wonder his numbers suck. On defense, other teams have learned to bring their centers out of the paint so his rim protection abilities are being negated. Plus, lets face it, nobody else plays defense on the Lakers so he’s always chasing someone else’s man. He needs to go to team where he and the power forward can switch and zone.

  14. rudethedude

    Trade him , Sacre , and every other dead weight player and surround Kobe with some talent in his last year , and if that doesn’t work trade BYRON SCOTT , an outstanding player in his day but a terrible coach now

  15. Hibbert would be a good backup for the Lakers but of course the FO has no idea of what they are doing, just like their coach !!!!

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