Max Offers Waiting For DeRozan; Likely Batum, Too

Several teams, including the Lakers, are ready to make maximum-salary offers to DeMar DeRozan, and Nicolas Batum is likely to draw max offers, too, writes Zach Lowe of in a piece on the Raptors. Toronto GM Masai Ujiri “has long been connected” to Batum, as Lowe puts it, and Batum’s camp has spoken in the past about his desire to play for the Raptors, as Lowe reported over the summer. However, Batum was vehement in the wake of that offseason report that he wants to remain with the Hornets, and while the Lakers reportedly have a longstanding interest in Southern California native DeRozan, he’s said he’d like to play for Toronto the rest of his career. Indeed, it appears that the most likely outcome for Batum and DeRozan is that they stay put, Lowe concludes, though it appears they’ll be well-compensated to do so.

The pair are eligible for the maximum-salary tier that would give them starting salaries of a projected $24.9MM each. Their incumbent teams can exceed the salary cap using their Bird rights to give them five-year deals with 7.5% raises, while competitors must use cap space and are limited to four-year offers with 4.5% raises. DeRozan was unlikely to command max salaries as recently as a year ago, but improvement in his pick-and-roll play has changed that, as Lowe details. Batum and DeRozan are both in the midst of career seasons that have no doubt enhanced their respective values.

For what it’s worth, both have lists of suitors that reportedly include the Nets, who have $45MM in guaranteed salaries against a projected $89MM cap, leaving not quite enough room to snag both of them. The Lakers have only about $23MM committed, though it’s unclear if they have strong interest in Batum.

Which would you rather have on a max deal, DeRozan or Batum? Leave a comment to tell us.

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15 thoughts on “Max Offers Waiting For DeRozan; Likely Batum, Too

  1. jacobsigel1025

    If you are a team like the Lakers that needs a scorer pick DeMar. If you are a team like Charlotte who already has scorers in Walker and AJ you should get Batum. He is a phenomenal distributer.

    • The Lakers are a terrible fit for Derozan. They already have Russell and Clarkson, adding Derozan would be a third guard in the lineup (to add to Lou Williams’ and Nick Young’s terrible contracts off the bench). Derozan also doesn’t have a great outside game that would allow him to better slot with Clarkson and Russell. A guy like Batum might actually be a better fit in that he can shoot from outside, would further add to the Lakers’ ball movement and can guard opposing wings and 4s.

  2. goose

    Die hard Raptors fan. Love DeMar but he’s not a max player. He’s a very nice number 2 if he’s slotted behind Durant for example. I’d be uneasy paying him 20 per tbh
    Raps don’t have the cap space unfortunately. Roughly 68 million committed next season. Room for maybe DeMar then Lowry is up next year. Hopefully they can move Carroll or package Ross for an upgrade at the 4. Batum would be a lovely second prize if you can’t land Durant and lose DeMar

    • Wow…already giving up on Carroll half a season into his signing? And landing Durant is an almost unrealistic scenario for the Raptors at this point (they’re not in a great spot to compete for a championship and Durant wouldn’t be the “final piece” of the puzzle for Toronto). Imo, the only teams with a shot at signing Durant, outside of OKC, are the Wizards and Heat (unless some other team that is better magically steps up to the plate). I think he resigns with OKC, with the Wizards being second. The Heat are darkhorse contenders because Pat Riley always seems to find a way to get involved. Plus the Heat and Wizards are arguably closer to competing for a championship than the Raptors (Wiz would have at least Wall, Porter Jr and Oubre and possibly Beal, Heat have Bosh, Winslow, Dragic and possibly Wade but the Raptors could only offer Lowry for one season, Valanciunis (as Derozan would probably be let go unless the team makes a lot of moves to free cap) and Drake).

      • jensan

        How about trading Carroll plus JV plus JJ +1st for Gasol +Randolph. Than resign DD after signing Batum for 4/80 MM with Lowry.
        2016/17 team makeup
        Lowry, DD, Batum, Randolph, Gasol a starting five totaling 82 MM
        Joseph, TRoss, Patrick Patterson, Biyombo 26 MM
        6 Entry Contracts totaling 9 MM
        Total Salaries 117 MM in the luxury tax apron for one year.

    • Xyrak

      In this CBA and with the new TV deal, DeMar is a max player. He’ll be at least the top 10 in scoring before the end of the year, he gets to the line (which is a lost art), and has been steadily improving his longer range shooting over the course of this year. They should absolutely resign him to the max when he opts out. This will be an especially sensitive issue in Toronto, as losing star players due to budgetary concerns is a hot-button issue here.

      There are only ever 5 or less true superstar talents in the league at any one time. To win without one, you need a host of 2nd tier guys and good bench depth, which is the route the Raps are taking.

      The bench is good, but needs to be more consistent. If Ross, Joseph, Johnson and Scola can manage to start dropping 40 every night (as their talent level says they should in my mind), I don’t see what team outside CLE in the East can challenge that kind of depth.

      The upgrade to make in my opinion is a trade for Markieff Morris. Patrick Patterson and a 1st round pick (raps are +2 1st rounders in the next 2 years) should be enough to pry him out of PHX and the salaries work.

  3. Realistic

    Why would teams throw money at inferior players simply because they can? So many teams are hamstrung because of bad contracts giving too much cap space to undeserving players. Teams would be smarter to save their cap space for good players and inevitable raises, not throwing 5 years away on a second or third tier player.

  4. If Pau opts out and Noah leaves in FA, bulls are 2 million away from a max contract (Snell/McDermott). Best Player to go for? Kevin Durant New Center? Howard/Horford/Whiteside A new wing? Derozan/Wade/Batum/Gordon. Bulls will be middle of the eastern conference if we don’t go all out for one of these guys. And if they get creative and trade Taj/Niko/Dunleavy, then they can get 2 of these guys. I think this is the plan because they haven’t seemed loyal to Noah, Pau, and Taj lately.. I’m guessing they have a big and wing in mind, hopefully Durant and Whiteside.

    • Imagine the potential: PG: Rose/Free agent or draft pick SG: Butler/Snell SF: Durant/Free agent or draft pick PF:Portis/Free agent or draft pick Center: one of Howard.Whiteside/Hordord

      • Trade Taj, Niko, Duleavy to the sixer for cap space we have 45 million. Trading Snell and Mcdermott we will have 50 million. Then again, all we’d have is Rose, Butler, Portis, a draft pick, and 59 million in free agents. So many options to go.

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