Cavs Expected To Keep Love, Shumpert, Varejao

Despite a flurry of last-minute trade rumors, the most likely outcome is that Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and Anderson Varejao all stay with Cleveland past the deadline, according to Jason Lloyd of The Akron Beacon Journal. Lloyd adds that a minor deal is possible to improve the back end of the Cavs’ rotation.

That would be a blow to the Celtics’ dreams of adding Love in a rumored three-way deal with the Pelicans. It would also mean that Varejao isn’t headed to Orlando in exchange for Channing Frye, perhaps clearing the way for the Magic to ship Frye to the Clippers.

Lloyd writes that the Cavaliers want to take another shot at winning a title with Love and are reluctant to give up Shumpert, who is the team’s best perimeter defender. They have been trying for most of the season to find a taker for Varejao, who still has two years and nearly $19MM in guaranteed money remaining on his contract, but have been turned down repeatedly.

Lloyd confirms Cleveland’s interest in Frye, who spent time with Cavs GM David Griffin in Phoenix, but the writer believes other teams can put together better offers. The Cavaliers also have payroll concerns, already facing about $170MM in salary and luxury tax penalties.

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3 thoughts on “Cavs Expected To Keep Love, Shumpert, Varejao

  1. Bryan

    Like I said on multiple thread. The blogger of these stories were just trying to get hits. No one was taking on the sunk costs of Verajo contract and the Cavs had no real intentions of trading Love. Hill was just posting nonsense trying to get hits just like the majority of the other sites out there.

    • If you actually read the story, he takes his “nonsense” from another writer. This site literally just compiles other stories from the different sport sites and posts it all onto this one big site so people can find it. They have their own content too but most of the articles they post are summarizations of other posts from other sites/forms of media and then they add their own little bit near the end.

      • ChaplinBaseball

        That makes sense now.. I Know Love isn’t playing at Minnesota level.. But those 5 years he has guaranteed.. It will be hard to absorb that contract unless is big market teams


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