Cavs Make Iman Shumpert Available?

TUESDAY, 12:05pm: The Cavs intend to keep Shumpert, barring an unforeseen major offer from another team, sources told Sam Amico of Amico Hoops.

9:12pm: Cleveland isn’t actively thinking about trading Shumpert, whose name simply came up because his contract was a fit for salary matching purposes in a larger proposal, reports Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders (Twitter links).

MONDAY, 2:42pm: The Cavaliers are making Iman Shumpert available for a trade, report Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of Cleveland had been seeking a three-and-D wing to back him up, given his history of injuries, as Chris Haynes of the Northeast Ohio Media Group and the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported a month ago, but now it seems the Cavs would be willing to send out Shumpert himself. He’s making close to $8.988MM this season in the first year of a four-year, $40MM deal he signed with Cleveland just this past summer.

Shumpert is averaging a career-low 6.2 points this season, one in which he’s played in only 30 of Cleveland’s 52 games so far thanks to a preseason wrist injury. His 3-point shooting is off, at 32.2%, his lowest rate of accuracy since he shot 30.6% from behind the line as a rookie in 2011/12. Still, he’s the sixth best shooting guard in ESPN’s Defensive Real Plus Minus and is having his finest season to date on D according to the Basketball-Reference Box Plus Minus metric.

Cleveland appears to be operating on multiple fronts in addition to the search for wing players, as they’ve been eyeing big man Kosta Koufos, Stein reported earlier today, while also reportedly shopping Kevin Love. The Cavs want a star in return for Love, and not the role players and draft picks the Celtics have offered in their recent talks, Stein and Windhorst hear.

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18 thoughts on “Cavs Make Iman Shumpert Available?

  1. Jeremy

    The best defender on the team? the defense is already weak lately. Do you want to completely destroy it?

  2. Z.....

    I seriously doubt this…if they are willing to move him though, pretty much the whole league should be in on it. They already need a 3 and D wing. That becomes an even more obvious need without Shumpert

  3. What a bunch of BS. Leave to a couple of rumor monger, axe to grind, wannabe reporters to invent something to get their names in the paper. Just like the Melo trade or the Koufus trade it makes no sense. Mellow is a black hole, They have centers up the wazoo and the last thing they need to do on a defensively challenged team is to lose one of their best defenders! You two are idiots!

    • BayAreaSportsFan

      This site summarizes what others report. The authors here claim nothing, and only relay what they learn from usually legitimate sources. It must be frightening to live in a fragile delusional world like you.

      Until cleveland drops the wannabe king james, they will never win.

      • But LeBron won two in Miami and almost singlehandedly won a championship last year. Your remark seems more like a shot at LeBron since your still mad at him for whatever reason.

  4. Chris Crouse

    They should only trade him to get an upgrade on the wing. That player will be hard to find though.

  5. tristan nolt

    that would not be a smart move at all for the cavs he already has chemistry with the big three

  6. Pardon my Opinion

    I believe it. Could be a good trade for players like Ryan Anderson, Thaddeus young, Kyle Korber or even Trevor Ariza.

  7. Mac's post

    Trade LeBron instead we have a great team without his wanting to control everything his bringing the ball up court and trying to run a hapless half court game where we shoot nothing but three pointers. Hate watching 5 guys hanging around the 3 point line. Get LeBrons but down on the block and create. Leave the 3 pointers to Jr delli and mo

    • Z.....

      B/c Kyrie Irving constantly dribbling and leading the league in isolation percentage has nothing to do with that

    • LeBron is easily the Cavs best playmaker which should mean he should be playing up rather than in the post. Also, guys can only post up for like 5 seconds and posting up limits your vision to some degree. Your idea would make sense, but it also relies on guys hitting their shots and making the right cuts. Also if you trade LeBron, you can say goodbye to any chance Cleveland will win a championship for the next 5 years. A “big 2” of Kyrie and Love will get the team nowhere except to a first round and out team.

  8. Why in the world would they get rid of their 2nd best defender who is a good scorer and has the quickest hands in the league.

  9. As part of a larger deal to acquire a better 3 and D guy, this deal makes sense. Something like packaging Shump, Mozgov, etc., for a better 3 and D guy plus another. Any other deal would be foolish.

  10. Cameron zediman

    Can someone fire the idiot GM after this season he’s one dimensional I can tell he doesn’t know how to build a championship contender the proper way that it should be built he’s traded all of our future assets for over priced players that dosent fit ty lue sytem and he said that their out of shape that means that their would be no since in reaching the finals just to get embarrassed for the 2nd straight time.

    • A GM can’t find guys to fit a coach’s system in a month barring a massive rebuild of the roster.

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