2016 NBA Draft Early Entrants List

The college season ends two weeks from tonight, leaving the top American early-entry candidates for the NBA draft to face decisions about whether to turn pro. This year, that choice will be significantly easier, or at least more well-informed, because of NCAA rules changes that allow underclassmen to once more “test the waters.”

Players can declare for the draft until April 24th and withdraw any time until May 25th while maintaining their NCAA eligibility, as long as they don’t hire agents. Thus, the prospects can take part in the NBA draft combine from May 11th-15th, if invited, and they can work out for individual teams starting in late April. The NCAA withdrawal date came prior to the combine and workouts in the past few years, so when underclassmen entered the draft, it almost always meant they were there to stay and wouldn’t return to college ball. That’s different this year, when several are expected to gauge their stock as they go through the combine and workout experience and head back to college unless the feedback they get is particularly favorable.

So, the group of eligible draftees figures to change significantly between now and the end of May. It’ll undergo another set of adjustments on June 13th, the final day for international prospects and other non-NCAA players to withdraw. That’s 10 days before the June 23rd draft.

In the meantime, we’ll use this post to keep track of reports on prospects and their decisions. We’ll archive them all in a running list here, which will be accessible anytime under “Hoops Rumors Features” on the right sidebar.

The players below are in alphabetical order. Click on each name for a report about his decision to enter the draft. For an idea of how they stack up against one another, check out the lists of the top prospects on DraftExpress and ESPN.com. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.


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