Magic To Aggressively Target Chandler Parsons

The Magic loom as the most significant threat to the Mavericks to sign Chandler Parsons to a new contract this summer, reports Tim MacMahon of Parsons is a virtual lock to turn down his $16.023MM player option for next season with the salary cap moving sharply upward, and he’s expected to receive a maximum-salary contract, MacMahon writes. Sources who spoke with MacMahon anticipate an aggressive pursuit from Orlando and expect the Heat, Lakers, Nets, Knicks, Trail Blazers, Rockets and Nuggets to come after the 27-year-old, too. The Thunder, would also have interest if Kevin Durant bolts, MacMahon adds, pointing to the presence of Billy Donovan, Parsons’ college coach, in Oklahoma City.

The Mavs realize they’ll need to once more put on a recruiting effort for the versatile small forward they signed to a loaded offer sheet in 2014, but they nonetheless appear to be the favorites for him again this summer, according to MacMahon. That’s because of the loyalty he feels toward owner Mark Cuban and teammate Dirk Nowitzki, as well as the fondness Parsons has for Rick Carlisle, having advocated for the five-year extension the team gave the coach earlier this season, the ESPN scribe writes. The relationship between Parsons and Carlisle is nuanced, MacMahon explains, with Parsons wary of whether Carlisle fully trusts him on the court, but Carlisle this week referred to Parsons as “a franchise-caliber player in the making” in a message to MacMahon.

The Magic opened enough cap flexibility in trades last month to sign two players to max contracts this summer, with only about $36MM in guaranteed salary on next season’s books against a projected $90MM cap. Orlando and soon-to-be free agent Al Horford reportedly have mutual interest, and Horford went to the University of Florida, just as Parsons did.

Parsons is in his fifth season, so he’ll be eligible for the lowest of the three maximum salary tiers, likely with a starting salary approaching $21MM. The Mavs will have only his Early Bird rights this summer, though they’ll function essentially as full Bird rights would for Parsons because his projected max is within 175% of his nearly $15.362MM salary for this season. The only difference will be that the Mavs can only offer four years instead of the five that they could with full Bird rights. Dallas will still have the opportunity to give him 7.5% raises instead of the 4.5% that the Magic and others will be limited to. That would mean a difference of some $4MM over the life of a four-year deal. Still, Parsons will value comfort and on-court opportunity over money as he decides where to sign, sources familiar with his thinking tell MacMahon.

In any case, the Mavericks appear committed to doing what they can to keep Parsons. Cuban indicated as much about a month ago to MacMahon, referring to Parsons and Wesley Matthews as a “crushing tandem on the wing.”

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16 thoughts on “Magic To Aggressively Target Chandler Parsons

  1. Daniel

    Wait wait wait I need help figuring this out. If Parsons walk then wouldn’t the Mavericks pick up a draft pick this summer if he signs with another team? And save them money? So there is a chance that the Mavericks can go after both LeBron James and Kevin Durant this summer is there?

    • Starship Pegasus

      No, that’s an MLB thing. In the NBA if u lose a guy then u get nothing except cap space.
      So technically yes the Mavs would have cap space for Durant LeBron (don’t get your hopes up)

    • Don’t get your hopes up that KD or LeBron are going to Dallas. Both want championships and Dallas doesn’t offer a better chance than OKC or GS (for Durant) and Cleveland for LeBron unless both of them were to team up…but its widely known that LeBron is staying in Cleveland for the long haul. Even though he has an option for next year, he structured it so he can maximize his year to year salary (and to some degree give the Cavs more flexibility on a year to year basis since he could agree to take a lot less to bring in another guy).

      • Daniel

        Both LeBron and KD want to play with Dirk and both want to win. The Mavericks will look at both of them and sign both of them if possible

        • I’m sure every player wants to play with another star/future hall of famer. I’m sure KD and LeBron wouldn’t mind playing with Tim Duncan/Manu/Parker but that doesn’t mean they’re both leaving to play in San Antonio. The Mavs will look at both of them, no doubt, but LeBron isn’t leaving Cleveland until they win a championship (if they ever do) and KD has a better shot at winning a championship with OKC or GS. Don’t read into the whole LeBron is signing a one year deal with an option too much. Again, the reason he did that is so he has leverage in talks, but also so he can maximize the efficiency of his salary. Right now he wants the max salary, but signing one year deals allows him to take a cheap contract if they want to go after another star. That will probably never happen but its the main point is that LeBron isn’t leaving Cleveland until they win a championship.

          • Daniel

            Ok let’s say this real quick. If the Cavaliers go back to the playoffs this season and LeBron wins his ring does he automically say alright guys thanks for another great season I’m going somewhere else? And Kevin Durant loves playing against Dirk but both LeBron and KD are big fans of Dirk. So techinally LeBron and KD can go sign with Dallas this off-season

            • I don’t know, but he probably won’t jump ship the year after winning a championship. And yes technically they can. But I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up. The Magic are going to have a ton of cap space, but no one is saying they have a chance at signing KD or LeBron. Again being a big fan of a certain player doesn’t guarantee that a certain person is definetly going there. Hypothetically, even if KD and LeBron both went to Dallas, that team is barely a championship contender and OKC, GS and Cleveland still represent better options at winning a championship.

              • Daniel

                Ok then let’s say Dirk retires after the year is over. That’s more cap space for the Mavericks along with Parsons walking. So you fill in two spots in the rotation small forward and power forward. Easily sign LeBron and KD and let KD be at the four. But there is one more thing on the mavs list. Zaza is a free agent also and he might walk in free agency. Add another cap space to that list and in comes Dwight Howard. If you look at next season’s starting five for Dallas:

                Deron Williams
                Wesley Matthews
                LeBron James
                Kevin Durant
                Dwight Howard

                Easier said then done

          • Daniel

            Hey it makes sense really when you look at it. Mavericks let Dirk retire, sign both LeBron and Durant, and sign Howard. Piece of cake

  2. Scott

    I wonder if the Magic also go after to Horford. Adding both Horford and Parsons would make for a nice offseason

  3. Starship Pegasus

    If the Mavs cannot get a big name player like Horford or Whiteside this offseason, I think Parsons will bail on Dallas. Why should he stick around on a team that’s stuck in neutral (you know the one thing Cuban vowed to avoid) when he could go to a young and upcoming team with a ton of room for improvement. Heck even Portland would be a great choice too. They’ve got one last chance, and they need a Home Run now more than ever

  4. What about Parsons would make a team want to give him a max deal? Statistically he’s not an elite player. I think the case could be made that he’s more similar to an average player

    • justinkm19

      Do you know he’s coming off a major surgery. He’s been one of the best players in the league statistically the last month.

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