Five Trade Exceptions Expiring This Month

NBA draft day is fast approaching, with just 15 days remaining until the Sixers will be on the clock with the first overall pick. The salary cap and free agent contracts will be significantly on the rise this summer, but rookie contracts will remain relatively affordable, meaning we could see a handful of trades consummated during the draft, as teams look to acquire affordable young talent.

In those trade discussions, draft picks and veteran contracts figure to be the key pieces, but it’s also worth considering which teams have traded player exceptions to utilize. Could a team use a trade exception before it expires to acquire a player without sending out any salary? Perhaps, but of the five trade exceptions set to expire this month (before the July moratorium begins), none are particularly sizable, and there’s a good chance that all five will go unused.

The most noteworthy of the five expiring exceptions is the Thunder’s $2.75MM trade exception, set to expire on June 30th. There are plenty of players around the league earning less than that amount, and with Kevin Durant due for a new deal, Oklahoma City will be on the lookout for inexpensive talent to fill out the roster, so it’s possible the team makes use of it.

Here are all five trade exceptions set to expire later this month, sorted by amount:

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
    • Amount: $2,750,000
    • Obtained: Luke Ridnour (Raptors)
    • Expires: 6/30/16
  2. Brooklyn Nets
    • Amount: $1,357,080
    • Obtained: Mason Plumlee (Trail Blazers)
    • Expires: 6/26/16
  3. Charlotte Hornets
    • Amount: $646,250
    • Obtained: Matt Barnes (Grizzlies)
    • Expires: 6/25/16
  4. Charlotte Hornets
    • Amount: $548,000
    • Obtained: Luke Ridnour (Thunder)
    • Expires: 6/25/16
  5. Memphis Grizzlies
    • Amount: $122,441
    • Obtained: Jon Leuer (Suns)
    • Initial amount: $967,500
    • Used: James Ennis ($845,059)
    • Expires: 6/26/16

For the complete list of outstanding trade exceptions around the NBA, including one held by the Cavaliers worth nearly $10MM, check out our full breakdown. And be sure to take a look at the Hoops Rumors Glossary entry on trade exceptions for a refresher on exactly how they work.

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