Six Teams Solidify Meetings With Kevin Durant

8:08pm: Durant will not meet with his hometown Wizards, J. Michael of reports. The Wizards have already moved on with their free agency plans, as league sources told Michael that the idea of returning home “doesn’t resonate” with Durant.

MONDAY, 12:41pm: Durant and his representatives have now scheduled meetings with the Celtics, Clippers, and Heat, bringing the total number of meetings on tap for KD to six, reports ESPN’s Chris Broussard. A meeting with the Knicks also remains in play, but hasn’t yet been confirmed.

FRIDAY, 10:44pm: The Warriors, Spurs and Thunder will be the first three teams to land face-to-face recruiting meetings with Kevin Durant, writes Marc Stein of Stein adds that the meetings will take place next week and more teams are expected to be granted an opportunity to make a pitch. Durant’s representatives are working to solidify meetings with the Celtics, Clippers and Heat in addition to the aforementioned teams, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports.

Both the Warriors and Spurs are planning on having key members of their respective organizations in attendance, Stein adds. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will be among the attendees for Golden State’s pitch, while San Antonio will have Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan among the attendees at its meeting. Sources tell Stein that the Warriors believe their chances of landing Durant have increased as a result of losing to the Cavs in the NBA Finals. Earlier this week, a source suggested to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News that the Warriors appear to be the biggest threat to land the 2013/14 MVP should he leave Oklahoma City.

Durant is expected to have his agent Rich Kleiman and a few family members and friends alongside him during the initial meetings. The meetings are expected to take place in New York, according to Wojnarowski, although teams are still awaiting official word. It was reported last week that the meetings would take place in Los Angeles, where Durant owns a home.

The Knicks and Lakers remain hopeful about getting a meeting, Stein adds. Despite no definite report of a future meeting with Durant, Ian Begley of tweets that the Knicks are expected to get one.

The Rockets are not expected to get serious consideration, as was previously reported, and Stein adds that the Wizards are not optimistic about their chances of landing Durant.

Durant’s top priority for a destination remains competing for a championship and doing it immediately. A source tells Wojnarowski that Durant has plans to go on a publicity tour starting on July 9, and he expects to make a decision before that date.

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55 thoughts on “Six Teams Solidify Meetings With Kevin Durant

  1. Thronson5

    I have the hardest time thinking this guy would go to the team that knocked him out of the playoffs and he lost his chance of going to the finals because of that loss. Just don’t see it. I can see him going back to OKC or to the Knicks

  2. thatmansaballoon

    KD is not coming to NY. IMO OKC just got a lot better with the Ibaka trade. I still think if they had played Cleveland in the finals they would have won. Leaving would be a huge mistake for him.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        Because he won’t go there. It’s not a desirable destination for a top free agent. But it’s hilarious to watch them try and land a superstar.

    • Bbone34

      The consensus opinion for the Celtics chance to get Durrant is that they say pick your favorite player in the NBA and we’ll trade the boat load of assets to get him. Slim chance but it’s not a waste of time.

      • Connorsoxfan

        He may say Westbrook, which would make things interesting if he has a legitimate interest in going to Boston. Westbrook would be a rental, and if Durant was leaving, they could consider rebuilding.

        • Ravens_Last_Place

          lol OKC would never trade Westbrook to the Celtics IF KD went there. Never. But 1. KD will not be a Celtic. And 2. OKC is not trading Westbrook to BOS.

  3. Jeremy

    it would be awful for the league if durant goes to the spurs or warriors. The league would hardly be competitive. What a joke.

    • Bbone34

      Sounds a lot like what it already looks like. The Cavs winning is the only thing that’s kept me from abandoning the NBA

  4. aarongill

    Durant won’t be my favorite player if he signs with the Celtics, Warriors, Spurs, or Knicks. But if the Lakers can’t even get a meeting with him, that’s bad.

  5. cjh815

    This talk of Durant not going wizards . If the Wizards want chance there is one way to change that wizards should try to put my trade Here is the trade again I missed up putting on here earlier
    Its a 6 team deal between Bulls, wolves , 76’s- bucks, Kings, and wizards

    Wolves get
    Jimmy butler- $17,552,209
    Drew Gooden – $3,547,750 team option
    Doug McDermott $ 2,483,040
    Which totals at $ 23,492,749

    Kings get
    Greg Monroe – $ 17,145,853
    Bobby Portis- $ 1,404,600
    Hollis Thompson -$ 1,015,618 (rf)
    Miles plumlee – $3,113,316
    Wizards 2017 and 20 first round picks and wizards 2019 2 rd pick
    Which totals to- $22,699,381

    76ers get
    Ricky Rubio – $13,400,000
    Markieff morris – $7,400,000
    Jerrell Eddie -$ 980,000
    Wizards 2018 1 round pick
    Which totals $21,761,431

    Bucks get
    Marcin Gortat – $12,000,000
    Rudy gay-$ 13,333,337
    Wizards 2 round pick in 21-22
    Which total is $ 25,333,337

    Bulls get
    Nerlens Noel- $4,384,490
    Jahlil Okafor – $4,788,840
    Ben McLemore -$ 4,008,882
    Chris Dunn -$3,025,500
    Arron white- $950,000
    Shabazz Muhammad -$3,046,299
    Which totals at $ 20,204,011

    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins- $ 15,756,330
    Seth curry- (rf) will make from 3-5 million
    Isaiah cousins $950,00
    And 2017 lottery protected pick from wolfs or if the pick is not given 2018 top 16 protected pick from the wolfs and if bye then pick is not given wizards would get 2019 1round pick
    Once again I know this will not happen and I know there now way 6 team and these many play will happen ,but if you all look at it for what it is for you will see it can, will help all six team get better.
    Then wizards should sign Ryan Anderson, Jeff green, Kendrick Perkins, satoransky , mayo, Roberts from there summer league team . He younger and cheaper with better offense tools then whiteside, . With team made up John wall , Bradley beal, Ryan Anderson , Demarcus cousins, otto porter , Kelly Oubre, Seth curry, Isaiah cousins, Perkins, Roberts,Satoransky ,Jeff green and who ever else they sign. Kevin Durant would have hard time say no to his home town team

    • There is no deal where the Wizards get Cousins without giving up at least one of Beal/Porter/Oubre.

    • cooncat

      Yeah the Bulls have already turned down multiple extremely better offers for only Buttler. Your crazy!

    • Polymath

      This deal isn’t nearly complicated enough. Come up with a 30 team trade: one that dramatically improves each team; substantially reduces every payroll; causes every team to make the playoffs; and a league so exciting, that the NFL goes bankrupt.

  6. AGAVE

    Spurs seem to be an already loaded set.
    Aldridge didn’t look all that fluid there but it was his first year in the SAS system.
    To me,
    The Warriors have the best opportunity to provide him a future to win and win now.
    Still think Donovan is an excellent coach.
    Kerr a well.
    My gut feeling is that Jerry West needs to acquire a complimentary player in order to deal this deal for KD.

  7. Chris815

    Look at a again . If you do I think you will realize this trade help all teams . This trade does have some simpler to trade between the bullets and warriors back in 1996 when wizards trade Tom gugliota and 3 1st round picks to warriors for Chris webber. And also I don’t know if you know this cousins doesn’t want to play for kings anymore he want to play with his best friend John wall in Washington, D.C. . Not only that it’s closer to his home

    • Wow! That is a truly horrible trade proposal. I’m assuming u are a wizards fan

      • Frank

        It’s also an illegal trade. The Wizards can’t give up their 2017 and 2018 1st rounders under the Stepien rule.

          • Love.sic7

            No actually they can’t. But congrats on wasting so much time only to result in the worst illegal trade I’ve ever seen. P.s. no everyone doesn’t get better. You just take assets that have real value and ignore their value until you use the asset. That’s not how the world works an asset doesn’t have to be currently winning you games to have major value as an asset.

    • Miklo916

      Your crazy kings would never do that. They want to win know not years from now. Not saying there going to be a playoff team next year but. There in not in a full rebuild mode. Just half ass

      • cjh815

        I say this again cousin does want to be there. And in this trade they not rebuilding and can still win . Kings are not even close to making playoff with or with out cousins . It only get worse why’ll he there. He has let it be know for years he want to play with John wall his best friend . This way you give him what he wants reset your roster and give you better chance to win

  8. padam

    I can’t see him going anywhere but OKC, San Antonio, or Golden State. I’d say that’s the reason those teams were able to set up meetings first. Knicks could be interesting – selling the fact they could sign Westbrook or Paul next year by letting Rose walk and the influence of Nike (marketing – increased brand opportunity for him).

    • cjh815

      Kd is not going to Boston . They lost there chance when they could make trade at the draft. And he just using them. Most likely Kd will resign for 2 years with 1 year opt out with okc. And if wizards could make my trade getting cousins with wall beal Washington, D.C. His home town makes them a weak eastern conference better chance to win a champion them going to golden st where they will have to lose have there roster to make it happen plus next year they have to sign curry to a contract as he is free agent in 2017 and San Antonio only has 12,8 million under the cap next year and would have to trade green to make it happen and they are getting older . And Duncan (40) bonner( 36) draw (34) ginobili (38) Aldridge is now 30 martin ( 33) miller (40) parker( 34) west (35) so there getting older .
      Lakers not happening this year. And I said this before la and New York are not the all to be all note is miami. And last time I know Washington, D.C. Is the capital of this country and most powerful city in world . So in today society you don’t have to live in those city’s to make money off the court. So when add factor that he from here , wizards are younger then then Spurs and have more money, then them and more free roster spaces to add who ever Kd would want to play with as free agents . And if they trade for cousin he should have better chance to win and really only other city besides okc he has ties to. And when add in fact if he sign in any other city besides okc or dc and for any some ridiculous reason he doesn’t when a NBA title in any city besides these two city’s he will be beloved no matter what , but if he goes any where else any he doesn’t win a NBA title ( since there no guarantee he will win one any any city) he will be a disappointment and look down at . There less pressure in okc or his home town to win then any other city because in okc he already a beloved and a legion no matter if he does bring title to them and with dc he is home town boy where he will beloved because he is home town kid . And it won’t matter what happen . Just ask Lebron James . That why he went home .

  9. Sutter

    That trade is ridiculous! No way the Wolves trade Rubio AND Dunn in a deal where they don’t get a PG back! I’m guessing that guys is a Bulls fan

    • cjh815

      You do realize they want to make one Levine there point guard and they still have thus jones and can sign free agent like Conley out there in free agents

      • If your deal is so great, and as I recall you suggested it to someone who supposedly works for a NBA franchise, why hasn’t it been done yet? You keep pushing this trade that will never happen and is also illegal (with the picks). Teams aren’t going to give up their best players for scraps just because you’re a Wizards fan.

        • DANIEL

          Dude puts up crazy trades on here and mlb trade rumors every day. They are always ridiculous multiple team deals that have never happened in there respective sports

        • Chris815

          Illegal where did you here that one . Teams trade future picks all the time. So you don’t know what your talk about . Bye the way I’ll say this. To you again. You all need to know your history 1996 wizards sent Tom Gugliota and 3 future 1 round picks to warriors for Chris webber

          • We’re not debating the ability to send future picks, any bum who barely knows sports knows you can trade future picks…but you can’t trade picks in back to back years…its called the Stepian rule. You can loophole that by offering to swap picks in a certain year but you still can’t send a team three straight years of first round picks. Maybe you need to know your history.

      • DANIEL

        Why don’t u try and put together a realistic 2 team trade that might ACTUALLY happen

  10. cleve1969

    I would love for him to come to San Antonio, but keeping it real … I think he’ll resign with the Thunder with the Spurs

  11. Connorsoxfan

    Thaddeus Young would’ve been nice on the Celtics for #16 or #23 and a second rounder. Probably would’ve happened if Brooklyn wouldn’t receive such bad PR from making another trade with the Celtics after the second biggest fleecing of the century (Shelby Miller trade).

    • GS definetly gives him the best chance to win, but I don’t think he leaves OKC (at least this year) because of who they got elimated by this year. While he might not care, imagine the criticism he’ll get if he was to leave OKC only to join the team that knocked him out. It’s not like the Thunder got embarassed by the Warriors, they were one game away from the finals. If he were to go to GS it would be a sign (to me at least) that he doesn’t think he can win a ring in OKC.


    Knicks are getting Noah, Crawford and be mediocre at best or they get lucky and get kd or whiteside. I would love for them to Noah l,batum, and a washed up Hibbert for cheap and someone else cheap that’s good defensively


    If kd went to the Wizards, Knicks, Celtics or Miami they all become contenders because of just him alone

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