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THURSDAY, 7:10am: Stein fills in the rest Durant’s schedule, tweeting that he’ll meet with the Clippers on Friday and the Celtics on Saturday. So KD’s full lineup of meetings will look like this:

  • June 30th: Thunder
  • July 1st: Warriors and Clippers
  • July 2nd: Spurs and Celtics
  • July 3rd: Heat

WEDNESDAY, 11:17am: Durant’s meeting with the Heat will occur on Sunday, according to an report from Broussard and Stein.

11:00am: Kevin Durant‘s schedule for the next several days is beginning to take shape, with a handful of reporters filling in the details on the star forward’s free agent tour. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard (via Twitter), Durant will have his first meeting with his current team, sitting down with the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Thursday.

Once free agency officially begins on Friday, Durant will head to the Hamptons in New York for the rest of his meetings, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. Per Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Durant will meet with the Warriors on Friday afternoon in the Hamptons. Meanwhile, sources tell Marc Stein of (Twitter link) that the Spurs’ pitch to the former MVP is scheduled for Saturday.

In addition to meeting with the Thunder, Warriors, and Spurs, Durant also has sit-downs lined up with the Heat, Celtics, and Clippers, and those meetings will take place over the first few days of July, says Broussard (via Twitter). The ESPN reporter adds (via Twitter) that the Knicks are still receiving consideration for a meeting, while the Lakers won’t get one. There’s no mention of the Hawks, who are also trying to “wedge their way” into the Durant sweepstakes, but it doesn’t look like Atlanta will get an audience with KD.

Durant has said that his top priority for his next destination is competing for a championship, and being able to do so immediately. Wojnarowski recently reported that the 27-year-old has plans to go on a publicity tour starting on July 9th, so he’ll likely make a decision before that date.

While a two-year contract with an opt-out after the first year makes the most financial sense for Durant, who could land a much larger max contract in 2017, there have been increased rumblings that he’s not eager to go through the free agent process again in a year, so it’s possible he’ll sign a long-term contract with the team he chooses.

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17 thoughts on “Latest On Kevin Durant

    • What makes the Knicks a more attractive destination than any other team? GS, OKC, SA probably give him the best chance to make the finals out of the West. Boston gives him the best chance out of the East. The Knicks would also give him a good chance, but their core is not nearly as good as the other four team’s could be with him. Boston has a younger core with less injury history (and the ability to trade for almost any star) while the Knicks have two former stars with bad knees and a young guy who still needs more seasoning. Marketing is also a moot point because going to NY/LA isn’t going to increase Durant’s exposure.

    • I wouldn’t say it makes the most sense. GS, OKC, SA, Boston (in that order) probably make the most sense if he’s going to go for a championship.

      • Sports Genius 187

        It does for his legacy. GS and SA are already filled with stars and I don’t see Durant wanting to a LeBron like move in FA

        • If you’re talking legacy, then OKC makes the most sense…staying in OKC and winning a championship there will build a better legacy than him going to Boston. Boston only “makes the most sense” if he wants to go to the Eastern Conference. They don’t offer the best championship shot, they don’t offer the best chance to boost his legacy, and they don’t offer the best chance to boost his already high marketing power.

  1. AGAVE

    If Jerry West finds a player that improves their interior defense, then that should be enough to convince KD

    • staypuft

      Yea I agree. They have some decent players but nobody great, and I think Thomas will get exploited by a team like the Cavs in the playoffs b/c of his height.

        • Connorsoxfan

          Well there’s at least a chance. I believe it’s more of an audition for next year, when he and Westbrook decide to go wherever they want together. But he was willing to listen and set up a meeting, so there’s a small chance.

  2. Godgiftsjoejr

    i feel like the knicks with melo n rose n a nice young big thsts gonna be one of the best real soon give kd a better chance to win now

      • FirePhil

        Melo is desperate for a championship. He’ll pass the ball if it means winning

    • So you’re saying that Melo, Rose, Porzingas would give the Knicks a better chance to win a championship than GS (Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguodala…who actually won a championship) or San Antonio (Leonard, Aldridge) or even OKC (Westbrook, Adams, Oladipo)?

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