Hawks Want In On Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

Six teams – including the Thunder – have lined up free agent meetings with Kevin Durant so far, but there are still a handful of other clubs vying for the opportunity to sit down with the star forward. According to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, one of those clubs is the Hawks, who are trying to “wedge their way” into the KD sweepstakes.

As July approaches, Atlanta’s top free agent priorities involve re-signing Al Horford and Kent Bazemore, but the Hawks are also working to convince Durant and his representatives to allow them to make a face-to-face pitch. According to Stein, the chances of such a meeting occurring appear dim for now, but Grant Hill – a member of the Hawks’ ownership group – is expected to lead the club’s lobbying efforts, giving Atlanta a glimmer of hope.

Atlanta’s pursuit of Durant may be a long shot, but if the team falls short in its pursuit of its top target, it has at least one more big-name free agent on its list of possible alternatives. Stein reports that the Hawks are strongly considering pursuing Atlanta native Dwight Howard, who will also hit the open market this week.

According to Stein, the Hawks would go after Howard with the idea of playing him alongside Horford in their frontcourt. However, Howard could also represent a viable alternative at center if Horford ultimately signs elsewhere. While Atlanta is optimistic about retaining the All-Star center, Horford is expected to draw interest from the Lakers, Rockets, Magic, Pistons, Wizards, Celtics, and Nets, among other teams, Stein writes.

The Hawks are currently projected to have about $47MM in guaranteed salary on their books for 2016/17, which includes cap holds for their two first-round picks, but not Jeff Teague‘s $8MM salary. Even if the team re-signs Horford, there could still be room for another max or near-max salary.

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15 thoughts on “Hawks Want In On Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

  1. The Hawks should legitimately look to bring back Bazemore and Horford while trying to get Howard there. That is more realistic than anything else they currently have going. If not, I don’t know what they are trying to do. Traded away Teague so that leaves Millsap as the lone shining spot under contract.

  2. coldbeatle89

    From a basketball perspective- a Durant/Millsap/Horford combo makes a ton of sense.
    From a realistic Hawks fan’s perspective- it’s never going to happen- but fun to dream about.

  3. Ravens_Last_Place

    lol good luck Hawks! You have about as good of a chance as the Celtics do! LOL

  4. Chris815

    Durant not going to Hawks or celtics . Not happening . But with fact that clippers are on his list here. And since they would have trade either griffin or Jordan to make it happen .Here is idea for you all. How about this idea
    A three team trade between the wizards , clippers, kings
    Clippers get
    Morris$ 7,4 million
    Eddie$ 980,641,000
    2 nd picks from kings and wizards in 17
    And wizards 2nd pick in 19

    Kings get
    Gortat – $12 million
    Gooden -3,6 million
    Wilcox 1,2million
    Draft right to white and b.j, Johnson

    Wizards get
    Right to Seth curry
    And draft rights to

    Then clippers could sign Durant , and have money left under the cap to sign other free agents like there own and they have young 25 year Pf to replace griffin who make hell of lot less then Griffin and young Shutting guard and 2 round round pick next year and future 2 round pick

    Kings would get replacement for cousins .whi has said more then once he want to play with wall. Vet. Pf that they could either keep or not pick up his contract and 2 young power forwards in white and Johnson . A young point guard. 3 to 4 future 1 round pick

    Wizards would get two super star front court to build around and back up point guard and shutting guard with one being cousin with Demarcus . Plus like said he get to play with his best friend in basketball wall. So maybe he will more happy then he has been.
    And think of this starting line up
    C- D. Cousins
    Pf- Griffin
    Sf- porter
    Sg beal
    Pg wall
    Now that be monster team

    • How do the Wizards get the 1st and 2nd best players in this deal and give up basically nothing? Gortat, Morris, and Gooden are basically worth a dime in comparison to Griffin/Cousins. The Wizards need to give up more than future firsts and average players…so at least two of Beal/Oubre/Porter. But even then, this trade will never happen, but keep posting insane trade ideas that will never happen.

      • Chris815

        First off for clippers to get K.D like said above they will have to make major cap room. In this trade it would give money to sign kd and still have over 9 million to spend on free agent
        And and hate to inform you . Since you Obviously don’t know anything about NBA or it history . Gortat is a top ten center . And Morris well he 25 make hell of lot less and 14 points and 10 rebound guys don’t run on trees and Morris is capable of doing that . And gooden is a throu in to balance the trade because him and gortat combine make the same as cousins. Like I’ve said and it been reported numerous time cousin is not happy playing for kings and he want to play with John wall. And what you fall to realize kings also get 2 young power forwards that are both cheap and under 23 years or less . And they get what is coved draft picks in closing 2 more in next years draft when there a lot of future all stars in it and is been mentioned dozen of times is very very deep draft . So you need to know what your talk about before you speak because it make you look like foolish . So why don’t you take time do some real research on before you speak .

        • If you take the Clippers out, the deal is basically Gortat and Gooden for Cousins. No way in hell the Kings would do that. If the roles were reversed and the Wizards had Cousins and were offered Gortat and Gooden, would you take that deal? Probably not, yet because you’re team is the Wizards you assume its a good deal. Please name me any sane minded, non-bias person who would take that deal.

          • Chris815

            First off dude if you take clippers out of the deal . This trade is the same trade that 1996 that wizards and warriors made that sent Tom gugliota And 3 first round pick to warriors for Chris webber. So once again know your history and also gortat is top 10 center and like I said lower gortat was 8 last season in double -doubles tied with whiteside . And take it Further 2014 /15 season he had more then 9 all stars including Griffin, whiteside, harden,mark gasol, brook Lopez, Noah ,horford , green, ow ya Labron James

            • So if you (the Wizards) had Cousins and were offered Gortat and Gooden, would you take that deal?

  5. Chris815

    Two legions and icons in sports died , that make 4 in couple week. Rip buddy Ryan . He was one football greatest defense minds of all time . If it wasn’t for him defense today would not be what it is . My prayers go to his family , his friends , and to all his children which includes all his former players, and to his fans. Know lets talk to greatest coach in sports history mrs. Pat Summit. She was one greatest of ladies ever and if any little girl or woman needs to have some one to admire and look up to , Then please look at her l Legacy. She was every thing women should be and look up to. Rip Mrs. Pat Summit . She was not just a women’s basketball couch , She was true leader, mentor , and mother to her son and all of her daughters( her players) and every person that went to Tennessee . She touch every person that lives in one of greats. state ever in Tennessee and to any person that that every saw her. If you love basketball or any sport. Please take a moment during this day say thanks and prayers to both of them . Because they both touched millions people. My heart is truly is sad for both of them. World has changed with loss of not only 4 great sports legends in Mr. Gordie Howe , Mr Muhammed Ali . Mr Buddy Ryan, and one of greatest true Ladies of all time Mrs Pat Summit

  6. Chris815

    Just because there not ” super star doesn’t make Morris and gortat trash like you all think . There both very good player . Gortat had 41 double doubles in NBA last year that ranks him tied with whiteside 8th in NBA last season so I don’t call that trash like said no your history and bye the way did you know year before he had more double double when he was hurt then like of Griffin, whiteside ,harden,

  7. Chris815

    And green , mark gasol, brook Lopez ,Horton Noah, ow ya Labron James . So now your history . But gortat is trash and not worthy of that trade

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