Cavs Sign Chris Andersen

JULY 22: The Cavaliers have officially signed Andersen, the team announced today in a press release.

JULY 15: After finalizing a trade to send Sasha Kaun to the Sixers, the Cavaliers have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with Andersen, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (via Twitter). It’s a minimum-salary pact, tweets Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

JULY 8: The Cavaliers are nearing an agreement with veteran NBA big man and all-around entertaining locker room presence, Chris Andersen, Chris Haynes of The Northeast Ohio Media Group relays (on Twitter). Cleveland head coach Tyronn Lue noted during an appearance on NBA TV that the team was in the process of signing Andersen.

If Andersen does indeed join the defending NBA champs, he’ll reunite with former Heat teammate LeBron James. The big man will likely be signing with the team for the veteran’s minimum, though that is merely my speculation. Andersen should provide additional depth, energy and defense off the bench for the Cavs.

Andersen was dealt to the Grizzlies during the season and appeared in 20 games for Memphis after his arrival. He averaged 4.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 0.5 assists in 18.3 minutes per outing while shooting .548/.222/.688 from the field.

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23 thoughts on “Cavs Sign Chris Andersen

    • Alexander Maunu

      Ha! The cavs won because the NBA officials made it so. Everyone outside Ohio knows this, which is why nobody is/has celebrated the cavs win. Literally the day after the series ended so did talk about cleveland. The league knew they had to give lebron a championship or they would lose him as a narrative

      • DarkGhost

        Classic Warriors fan, wins and talks all kinds of trash the loses and finds any excuse in the book to blame other than his team choking.

      • JayceInCase

        That is one of the most short sighted comments imaginable. They were down 3-1… Nobody gave them the series. It is a great narrative and one well earned.

  1. jomar_18

    Old bench = baaaad … We need young athletic players but lebron always chooses old over young … When he was in the heat , the bench was full of old players. He left and they heat went and got young talented players … Lebron went to the cavs and look (RJ,JJ, CA , MO , DJ , Frye) im calling it .. Cavs aint going no where this year … Look what happened to the spurs

    • KnicksCavsFan

      So what you are saying is……every time LBJ had a core of talent around him (Wade, Bosh. Irving, Love, etc) and then surrounded themselves with veterans playing a reserve role he ended up going to the Finals 6 straight years and won 3 titles? And when he left Miami and eventually Wade as well, Pat Riley seeing a lottery bound season ahead of him, decided to go younger (as if he had a choice)???? Great observation….haha.

      Ppl will find anything they can wrong with what the Cavs or any LBJ led team do. A veteran, limited to 10 minutes a game probably has the same productivity capacity as that of a 22 year old playing 10 minutes. It’s when those vets are pushed to play 35 minutes a game that you have to worry about. #nonissue

      • jomar_18

        Really ? Alright , why did cavs won ? Cuz bogut was out and it was a major difference in the defensive and offensive end when he was in the floor .. If you say no i swear to god you dont know anything about basketball… Oh and plus green was suspended ..

        • KnicksCavsFan

          I like how ppl point to the injury to Bogut and the Green suspension as to the reason why the Cavs won but make no allowances or even think to consider that the Cavs were without Love or Irving for almost the entire Finals last year. If YOU think that Bogut missing 2 games and Green 1 was HUGELY impactful then how impactful was it when the Cavs took GS to 6 games without Love for the entire series and Irving missing 5 of the 6 games?

          Just admit you have a bias and we can move on. Cheers.

        • KnicksCavsFan

          Oh and to answer your question, the reason why the Cavs won was because we held Curry to -8 below his regular season norm, held Barnes to 35% shooting from the entire floor (well below his regular season average of 46%, made Green the main facilitator of the offense whereas Curry was relegated to a strictly scoring role and our bigs Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love dominated the boards and almost out rebounded all 5 of your bigs (Green, Bogut, Ezeli, Varejo and Speights) 112 to 117.

          Even our facilatators, LBJ and Irving out assisted Curry, Klay and Green 89 to 77. You guys were just outplayed over the course of 7 games. Deal with it.

          Oh yeah, and our defense held you to an average of 99 pts which was a whole 15 pts below your regular season average.

        • I don’t know if Bogut was a major loss on the offensive end, but I’ll agree that his presence was missed defensively. And while you are somewhat right that both Bogut and Green’s absence contributed to them losing the series, it still doesn’t take away the fact that the Cavs outplayed the Warriors the final 3 games. The Warriors had three chances, two of them at home, to close out the series. They still had the Splash Brothers for all three games, Green was there for two of them, Iguodala was healthy for one and half of those games. The Cavs simply outplayed the Warriors the final three games. If you’re going to argue the Bogut/Iguodala injuries and Green’s suspension then I’ll easily throw it back that the Cavs could’ve (not saying they definetly would have) won the finals last year if Kyrie and/or Love were healthy.

        • Dennid

          With that argument you would have to believe the year before the Warriors win because Irving and Lover were out. As hard as it is for some people to believe the Cavs are the champs.

        • DarkGhost

          Bogut was a -25 in the finals when he was on the floor. So the cavs were 25 points better than the Warriors when bogut played. As for green it’s pretty simple don’t hit people in the nuts and you won’t get suspended. And he was suspended for 1 game what happend in games 6/7 when green played?

        • JayceInCase

          And those who want to reference Bogut and Green were as quiet as crickets last year when Irving and Love missed the finals… Hmm, maybe the Cavaliers should have won two by that measure?

  2. jomar_18

    Nah ik last year the reason warriors won cuz of cavs injuries but cmon the series was 3-1 with warriors healthy and cavs healthy until the suspension and blah blah but no excuses , cavs made history and records are meant to be broken

  3. bsteady powers

    Everyone listen, and listen very close. The Cavs muscled up on the Warriors. Warriors are doing nothing to help that. This guy adds defense and energy and all that. But what I really like is this: he comes and and burns up fouls and makes his muscle felt and plays physicals meanwhile the rest of the team is already physical. G R E A T move

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