Salary Cap Snapshot: Philadelphia 76ers

Here’s a breakdown of where the Sixers currently stand financially:

Guaranteed Salary

Total Guaranteed Salary= $85,205,316

Cash Sent Out Via Trade:  $0 [Amount Remaining $3.5MM]

Cash Received Via Trade: $1,800,000 received from Cavs in Sasha Kaun trade; $1,600,000 received from Jazz in Tibor Pleiss trade [Amount Remaining $100K]

Payroll Exceptions Available

  • Room Exception — $2,898,000

Total Projected Payroll: $85,205,316

Salary Cap: $94,143,000

Estimated Available Cap Space: $8,937,684

Luxury Tax Threshold: $113,287,000

Amount Below Luxury Tax: $28,081,684

Salary Cap Floor: $84,729,000

Amount Above Salary Cap Floor: $476,316

Latest Update: 3/16/17

The Basketball Insiders salary pages and The Vertical’s salary database were used in the creation of this post.

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7 thoughts on “Salary Cap Snapshot: Philadelphia 76ers

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers have so much space.
    Why don’t they sign Lance Stephenson to a 1 year deal?
    What do they have to lose?
    It’s been soooo quiet on the Sixer sites, I know it’s ‘down’ time and there are other things going on like Football, but still this is ridiculous as to how quiet it is.

    • scapps1501

      We might want to sign curry or griffin this coming offseason so that’s why we are Saving. Curry will only sign with us if we blow him away with a contract. Currently he is under a 12 million dollar contract and if we offer him double he can’t decline.

      • Sixersfan4

        He’s not gonna leave GSW stop with that

      • Michael

        Looks like you don’t understand how the NBA salary cap works. Next year Golden State which own his rights can offer the longest and biggest contract starting at around 30million depending on where the cap is. There’s no way he signing with the Sixers.

        That said i still wouldn’t sign Stephenson he’s a ball dominating guard. Ben Simmons is best when he has the ball in his hands and surrounded by shooters.

    • scapps1501

      Also one more tank year and we could maybe get a top 5 pick and trade for a veteran.

    • DannyQ3913

      Cause all these draft picks are gonna catch up with us $$$ wise

  2. cinredsfan

    I miss Dr J and Moses Malone. Cheeks, Jones and Toney. Cunningham was a GREAT coach!


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