Traded First-Round Picks For 2017 NBA Draft

The 2017 NBA draft is still more than nine months away, but with the start of the regular season fast approaching, it’s worth taking stock of how this season’s results will affect next year’s draft. Depending on how certain teams perform during the 2016/17 campaign, other clubs will have the opportunity to pick up an extra first-round selection, or to swap first-rounders with those teams.

There’s a good chance that a few more 2017 first-round selections will change hands before the 2017 trade deadline, or on draft night next June, but many picks have already been included in trades. Five teams currently have the opportunity to grab an extra first-rounder in 2017, while two other teams could have the chance to move up in the first round by swapping picks with another club.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the first-round picks that could (or will) change hands. For each selection, we make a note of which team is sending and receiving it, the protection on the pick, and what will happen if the protection language prevents the pick from being conveyed. For instance, the Bulls are on track to receive the Kings’ first-round pick, but only if it falls outside the top 10. If Sacramento’s pick is a top-10 selection, the Bulls will instead receive the Kings’ second-rounder.

Here’s a breakdown of the traded first-round picks for 2017:

Traded first-round picks:

Brooklyn Nets

  • From: Washington Wizards
  • Protection: 1-14
  • If not conveyed: Nets will have chance to get Wizards’ 2018 first-rounder (protected 1-14).

Chicago Bulls

  • From: Sacramento Kings
  • Protection: 1-10
  • If not conveyed: Bulls will instead receive Kings’ second-round pick (protected 56-60).

Los Angeles Lakers

  • From: Houston Rockets
  • Protection: None

Orlando Magic

  • From: Los Angeles Clippers or Toronto Raptors (less favorable)
  • Protection: 1-14 (Clippers pick)
  • If not conveyed: In the unlikely event that the Clippers’ pick gets protected and the Magic receive Toronto’s pick, the Raptors would have a chance to get the Clippers’ 2018 first-rounder (protected 1-14).

Philadelphia 76ers

  • From: Dallas Mavericks
  • Protection: 1-18
  • If not conveyed: Sixers will instead Mavericks’ 2017 second-rounder (protected 56-60) and Mavericks’ 2018 second-rounder (protected 56-60).

Philadelphia 76ers

  • From: Los Angeles Lakers
  • Protection: 1-3
  • If not conveyed: Sixers will get Lakers’ 2018 first-rounder (unprotected).

Portland Trail Blazers

  • From: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Protection: None

Portland Trail Blazers

  • From: Memphis Grizzlies
  • Protection: 1-5
  • If not conveyed: Trail Blazers will have chance to get Grizzlies’ 2018 first-rounder (protected 1-5).

Sacramento Kings

  • From: New Orleans Pelicans
  • Protection: 1-3
  • If not conveyed: Kings will have chance to get Pelicans’ 2018 first-rounder (protected only for No. 1 pick).

Utah Jazz

  • From: Golden State Warriors
  • Protection: None

Pick swaps are rarer than simple pick trades, but they’re often included in deals to get around the fact that teams can’t trade consecutive future first-round picks. For instance, in the Nets/Celtics blockbuster that saw Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett land in Brooklyn, Boston received the Nets’ 2014, 2016, and 2018 first-rounders, plus first-round swap rights in 2017. The Nets couldn’t leave themselves without first-round picks in back-to-back future seasons, so giving the Celtics the right to swap selections ensured that the Nets would still have a 2017 first-rounder — either their own or Boston’s.

That pick swap is one of two that could be in play this season. Here they are:

Potential first-round pick swaps:

Boston Celtics

  • Can swap with: Brooklyn Nets
  • Protection: None
  • If Celtics choose to swap, they’d owe Nets their second-round pick (protected 31-45).

Philadelphia 76ers

  • Can swap with: Sacramento Kings
  • Protection: 11-30 (can only swap if Kings’ pick falls in top 10)
  • If Kings’ pick falls between 11-30, their obligation to Sixers is extinguished.

RealGM’s database of future traded pick details was used in the creation of this post.

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  1. Grant Weddle

    So basically the kings lose their first rounder to either the 76ers or Bulls unless its a top 10 and the 76ers have the better pick?


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