Sixers, Nerlens Noel Not Discussing Extension

Among the players eligible for rookie-scale extension until October 31, Nerlens Noel is one of the more interesting candidates. The 22-year-old is a promising rebounder and defender whose offensive game still needs some work, and he also plays for a team whose frontcourt is loaded with young talent. Given the uncertainty surrounding Noel, it makes sense that he and the Sixers have yet to engage in extension negotiations, as Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“It’s not really something that we’ve discussed, given some of the concerns that I think Nerlens has had, right now,” Sixers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo said. “There’s been very little – if any – discussion with his agents about any extension scenarios.”

Noel’s “concerns” that Colangelo mentions likely refer to the comments the big man made at the start of training camp about the Sixers’ logjam at center. Noel called the situation “silly” and expressed surprise that Philadelphia hadn’t made a trade. Presumably, while he’d like to secure a payday, Noel will be reluctant to sign long-term with the Sixers unless he gets a clearer sense of how the team plans to resolve that situation.

If Noel receives certain assurances from the Sixers about the team’s future, perhaps he and the team will open extension negotiations sometime within the next couple weeks. It’s also possible – albeit not particularly likely – that Philadelphia trades him before the October 31 extension deadline, allowing to ink an extension with a new team. That sort of move is rare, but not unprecedented. For instance, the Rockets signed James Harden to a max extension in October 2012, just days after acquiring him from the Thunder.

For now though, it seems as if the most likely scenario for Noel and the Sixers is for Halloween’s extension deadline to pass without a deal, putting Noel on track to become a restricted free agent in 2017, either with Philadelphia or another club.

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9 thoughts on “Sixers, Nerlens Noel Not Discussing Extension

  1. Tom K @fishkzor

    Seems like the likeliest scenario is that:
    a)Embiid and Okafor gel better together and Philly ends up trading Noel for backcourt prospects/or picks to a team that would consider re-signing Noel this summer to a lucrative contract.


    b) An Embiid injury causes Philly to reconsider their bigman plans, and see if they can’t resign him this summer to smaller than max deal.

    I think a trade for anything is most likely. A team like Dallas or Charlotte makes sense as a landing spot as both teams would like to lockup a young center for the foreseeable future, and haven’t had the best of luck luring free agents lately ( not including Harrison Barnes)

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    Seems like Noel is likely to get dealt just because he’s more desirable than Okafor. Embiid is completely out of both of their leagues, head and shoulders above them in just talent alone.

    Noel and Okafor will probably both be dealt. No sense in keeping two recent and high draft picks as backups to Embiid.

    • Chris Christie's Belt

      Embiid looks good, but he is likely to get hurt again.
      If he makes it a year then you might start making plans around him, to early to risk that though.

  3. Mano Blue

    1. Noel for Rubio

    2. Lakers take unprotected off their first and a second round pick and Lou Williams

    3. Jrue Holiday for Noel a second time

    4. Monta Ellis for Noel

    5. Marcus Smart for Noel

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