Top 50 NBA Salaries For 2016/17

The unprecedented increase in the NBA’s salary cap this past offseason led to a frenzy of big money free agent deals. Quite a few players garnered contracts that would have been unheard of in the past, and with the cap set to jump to over $100MM next season, we’re likely to see even more agreements that will make us shake our heads in disbelief…and envy, if we are to be completely honest with ourselves. It’s a great time to be an NBA player, with the average salary in the league for the 2015/16 campaign currently sitting at $5,381,744.

Listed below is a rundown of the top 50 earners this season around the league. LeBron James tops the list with a fully guaranteed salary of $30,963,450, which also marks the first time in his career that King James is the highest paid player in the league. But it is Mike Conley of the Grizzlies who currently has the most guaranteed money set to come his way — $140,529,829 over the life of his current deal.

As you peruse the list below, make note of the player or players you believe to be the most overpaid, as well as those who you think are the best values for their salary. And for those wondering, the Warriors’ Stephen Curry didn’t even come close to cracking this list, landing at No. 82 overall with his salary of $12,112,359 for this season. Talk about getting value for your dollars, Golden State! Sound off in the comments section below with your picks for best/worst value based on the below list. We look forward to what you have to say.

  1. LeBron James [Cavaliers] —$30,963,450
  2. DeMar DeRozan [Raptors] —$26,540,100
  3. Russell Westbrook [Thunder] —$26,540,100
  4. Mike Conley [Grizzlies] —$26,540,100
  5. Kevin Durant [Warriors] —$26,540,100
  6. James Harden [Rockets] —$26,540,100
  7. Al Horford [Celtics] —$26,540,100
  8. Dirk Nowitzki [Mavericks] —$25,000,000
  9. Carmelo Anthony [Knicks] —$24,559,380
  10. Damian Lillard [Trail Blazers] —$24,328,425
  11. Chris Bosh [Heat] —$23,741,060
  12. Dwyane Wade [Bulls] —$23,200,000
  13. Dwight Howard [Hawks] —$23,180,275
  14. Chris Paul [Clippers] —$22,868,828
  15. Harrison Barnes [Mavericks] —$22,116,750
  16. Bradley Beal [Wizards] —$22,116,750
  17. Anthony Davis [Pelicans] —$22,116,750
  18. Andre Drummond [Pistons] —$22,116,750
  19. Chandler Parsons [Grizzlies] —$22,116,750
  20. Hassan Whiteside [Heat] —$22,116,750
  21. Derrick Rose [Knicks] —$21,323,250
  22. Marc Gasol [Grizzlies] —$21,165,675
  23. DeAndre Jordan [Clippers] —$21,165,675
  24. Brook Lopez [Nets] —$21,165,675
  25. Kevin Love [Cavaliers] —$21,165,675
  26. Nicolas Batum [Hornets] —$20,869,566
  27. LaMarcus Aldridge [Spurs] —$20,575,005
  28. Blake Griffin [Clippers] —$20,140,838
  29. Paul Millsap [Hawks] —$20,072,033
  30. Ryan Anderson [Rockets] —$18,735,364
  31. Allen Crabbe [Trail Blazers] —$18,500,000
  32. Paul George [Pacers] —$18,314,532
  33. Luol Deng [Lakers] —$18,000,000
  34. Kyrie Irving [Cavaliers] —$17,638,063
  35. Kawhi Leonard [Spurs] —$17,638,063
  36. Jimmy Butler [Bulls] —$17,552,209
  37. Tobias Harris [Pistons] —$17,200,000
  38. Enes Kanter [Thunder] —$17,145,838
  39. Wesley Matthews [Mavericks] —$17,100,000
  40. Greg Monroe [Bucks] —$17,100,000
  41. Bismack Biyombo [Magic] —$17,000,000
  42. Evan Fournier [Magic] —$17,000,000
  43. Joakim Noah [Knicks] —$17,000,000
  44. DeMarcus Cousins [Kings] —$16,957,900
  45. John Wall [Wizards] —$16,957,900
  46. Klay Thompson [Warriors] —$16,663,575
  47. Evan Turner [Trail Blazers] —$16,393,443
  48. Gordon Hayward [Jazz] —$16,073,140
  49. Timofey Mozgov [Lakers] —$16,000,000
  50. Ian Mahinmi [Wizards] —$15,944,154
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3 thoughts on “Top 50 NBA Salaries For 2016/17

  1. tomspy77

    I’d say the Bulls got value for what they paid for so far with Wade and Jimmy Butler.

  2. zack

    Worst value for me would be Deng for 18M . Crabbe Mahimi, mosgov, noah, and parsons are also up there for debate of value.
    Best value maybe clay Thompson?

  3. March

    I’d say best value is kawhi and Kyrie klay and then jimmy worst is Bosh cause of blood clots But we can’t assess fully cause they could be one year deals others are stretched over a few etc. if these were all one year deals that would be my order. Nice post Zack.


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