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Chris Bosh is more likely to attempt a comeback next season than he is this year, a source tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Bosh has not played at all this season because of blood clot issues and the Heat are apparently not expecting him to play for the team again.

“We are not working toward his return. We feel that, based on the last exam, that his Heat career is probably over, ” team president Pat Riley said back in September.

The Heat are expected to petition for a medical exclusion once they are eligible to do so on February 9, the one-year anniversary of Bosh’s last game. If granted, the team would waive Bosh and the exclusion would wipe the final two seasons of his contract off the team’s salary cap. However, if Bosh makes a comeback and plays more than 24 games over the course of his career, his salary would go back onto Miami’s books.

If Bosh intends to make a comeback next season rather than this year, Miami could ostensibly waive him, receive the exclusion and use the cap space to absorb salary in a trade before the February 23 deadline. Trading for a high priced star would be feasible in this scenario, though Jackson doubts that Miami could make a substantial move, as there is no available perimeter player whom would be considered an ideal fit.

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3 thoughts on “Latest On Chris Bosh

  1. JDSchneck

    I really hate that the heat are trying to use Boshes injury as a way to not have to pay him. I get that it’s pointless to pay him, but it almost feels like they wanted him to get injured. Hmm….. another NBA Conspiracy?

    • formerlyz

      They still have to pay him. That being said, they are clearly using this to get cap space and try and sign a FA or 2 in the offseason, even if they get hit with Bosh’s salary and end up in the tax for a couple of years afterwards. Still, part of their thought process is that they dont believe he’ll get cleared. I personally believe he will be cleared, and hopefully, will still have 4-5 years left in his career. This latest situation isnt an new clot. They just found something, that hadnt been seen, that was left over from the 1st incident. Bosh has had multiple tests, proving that he isnt susceptible to continued clotting. The 2nd clot happened b/c he obviously wasnt diligent enough in paying attention to what he was supposed to do. It wasnt b/c of any underlying condition. Even if this new situation was a 3rd clot, there are multiple athletes who have these issues, and continue to play under certain regimens of medication.

  2. Heat Nation

    JD are you that clueless? All NBA contract are guaranteed. The team is just trying to remove it from their salary cap. Bosh still gets his money but it won’t count against the cap. Do your research before you post nonsense.


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