Wolves Interested In Acquiring Frontcourt Help

Even after a solid road win in Chicago on Tuesday night, the Timberwolves are just 7-18 this season, a half-game away from tying for the NBA’s worst overall record. Nonetheless, Tom Thibodeau‘s club isn’t giving up on 2016/17 yet, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who says that the team is looking to improve its roster and “trying to crawl off the mat.”

According to Windhorst, who was discussing the Wolves with Tom Haberstroh and Rachel Nichols during Tuesday’s episode of ESPN’s TrueHoop podcast, there are rumblings that the team is “starting to call around and looking to trade for frontcourt help” (hat tip to RealGM.com).

As Windhorst points out, the Wolves signed Jordan Hill and Cole Aldrich in the offseason to attempt to fortify its frontcourt rotation, but neither player is seeing all that much action early in the season. Aldrich has averaged 13.2 minutes per game, about in line with his career marks, while Hill has only appeared in three games, playing just 16 total minutes.

Minnesota has some other options off the bench, including Nemanja Bjelica and Adreian Payne, but the team’s lack of effective depth has put added pressure on starters Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng to play big minutes. Still, while adding a reliable veteran big man to their rotation would likely improve the Wolves’ frontcourt play, it’s hard to imagine the team doing anything drastic to upgrade its roster in the short term, given the results of its first 25 games.

If the Wolves do pursue a move sooner rather than later, they’ll have a few more options after today. As of December 15, offseason signees – including Hill, Aldrich, Brandon Rush, and John Lucas III – are eligible to be dealt.

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21 thoughts on “Wolves Interested In Acquiring Frontcourt Help

  1. smittybanton

    Kris Dunn Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor.

    Wolves have no one who can protect the rim like Nerlens, nor do they have an inside scoring threat like Okafor.

    Sixers were reportedly hot for Kris Dunn before the draft.

    Wolves are wasting Tyus Jones.

    To sweeten the deal if necessary, Sixers havefuture firsts and a metric ton of second round picks.

    • Daniel

      Wolves would off Rubio or Jones 1st, Dunn is their future PG they won’t trade him. Noel takes defensive pressure of KAT , Okafor allows KAT to expand offensive game further out to the perimeter because Okafor is an old school down on the block center. Just have to see who is more available and what 76ers ask for in return.

  2. PeeWeeHerron618

    Yeah we wanted Dunn around the 2016 draft why would we go after him now, have you seen the 2017 PGs umm we don’t need Dunn now nor do we want him, I’ll pass on him especially for a crazy trade

  3. Coach B

    Sixers better not trade for Dunn when they could end up with a guy like Fultz or Ball in the draft.


    MINN. sends K.Dunn plus 2 future 1st rdc to wash for J.Wall proob. add others to offset salary #2 minn sends 2nd rdc to Suns for T.Ulis #3 Rubio to Sixers for N.Noel and Staukas

    • Trust the process... lol

      The sixers do not want Rubio at all. He’s the exact opposite type of player they want. They traded MCW BC he was a pg who can’t shoot. Simmons will be back within month- he’s playing PG (and can’t shoot)- sixers are looking for a guard who can play 1 and 2, and shoot.

      Zach Lavine would be perfect for the Sixers but idk what Minn would want in return. Does Noel plus Lakers pick and a throw in get that done? (Lakers pick projected to land 4-6)

    • Why would we give up a future first? Both players have low trade value right now. Especially Noel.

  5. Giovanni Pagan

    Very unlikely but I would offer ibaka for lavine straight up (though it prob. won’t work because he’s a FA next summer). Add some picks and/or players and it could work. People say don’t break up the young core, but beyond their great individual stats, it’s not translating to enough wins. This adds veteran leadership and great defense.

    • Bradley Smith

      Amen brother! I’ve been saying that for months. Ideal “Thibs guy”.

  6. Reece

    If Minny wanted to trade dunn they would of pulled the trigger on the Jimmy Butler deal.

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