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As the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors heat up in New York, Sean Deveney of The Sporting News offers a reminder that Knicks president Phil Jackson never wanted to sign him to a long-term deal.

Shortly after Jackson took the job in 2014, he urged Anthony to opt in for the final year of his contract. That would have given the organization more cap flexibility and provided time for Jackson to evaluate whether the team should be built around Anthony.

Anthony opted out and re-signed with New York at $124MM over five years, but Deveney says some Knicks officials believe Jackson would have preferred to see him leave. Jackson reportedly believes Anthony will never adapt to fit the triangle offense and sees his value declining as he gets older. Anthony, 32, still has two seasons and more than $54MM left on his contract. Jackson has reached out to several teams and is not getting the type of offers he had hoped for, according to Deveney.

There’s more this morning regarding a possible Anthony deal:

  • The Celtics have informed the Knicks that they have no interest in trading for Anthony, according to a report on The teams had “exploratory talks” about Anthony last season.
  • Jackson could put Anthony in a position where he has to decide between winning or enjoying the New York lifestyle, writes Frank Isola of The New York Daily News. Anthony still gets criticism for choosing the unstable Knicks over the Bulls two seasons ago, Isola notes, adding that if he blocks a trade to a contender now, it will raise more questions about his commitment to be part of a successful team.
  • Al Harrington, Anthony’s longtime friend and a former teammate with the Nuggets, doesn’t believe the Knicks star will waive his no-trade clause, relays Marc Berman of The New York Post“The fact he loves New York so much, I think he probably stays for the rest of his contract,’’ Harrington said. “I know he doesn’t want to leave.’’ Harrington was with Anthony when he forced his way out of Denver and added, “I know what New York means to him and I don’t see him giving up on it.’’
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20 thoughts on “Latest On Carmelo Anthony

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    “I know what New York means to him and I don’t see him giving up on it.’’
    Well, if it means so much to him, why does he play so poorly? Or like he does not care? While his bank account is full, where’s the ‘rings’ on his fingers? Phil Jackson has plenty of Championship Bling, Anthony does not.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Yes, poorly
        TJ McConnell got the best of him the last time the 76er played.
        A lot of times, he is just cranking up the shots and missing, when it’s crunch time.
        As for ‘Soap Operas’ never watch, strictly an old school Law & Order fan and sports.


        • alberto

          Keep shaking your head buddy. Anyone can point at one example and use that as an argument to benefit themselves. Melo’ is a great player. Great players don’t always win championships, some don’t even play on good teams.

          Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Shawn Kemp all come to mind. Anthony Bennett doesn’t. He’s a crap player.

          I hate the Knicks too.

          • CrushCity

            Certainly a melo Stan tho. He WAS a great player. he is mediocre at best now.

  2. TDKnies

    Phil’s gotta give up the damn triangle at some point. Clearly championships have been won running different offenses, and every year he continues to run it with guys WHO CAN’T ACTUALLY RUN IT is another year wasted.

    Now, do I think they’d win by running a different offense that they built specifically based on the talent they actually have (and not the talent they wished they had)? No not really. Not a championship anyway. But I’m damn tired of watching Phil try to jam these square pegs into round holes and then blaming the pegs for not being the right shape.

    • Agreed. While I’m not a fan of the triangle and acknowledge that it was effective in the past, Phil has to make a decision on the triangle. Either make yourself the head coach and run the triangle or let your head coach do whatever system he wants. Don’t sit in your little office and expect your head coach to be a “Yes Man” and to run the system you want because your too damn lazy/tired/old to be the coach. You don’t see Pat Riley telling Spoelstra what system to run. Or Donnie Nelson telling Rick Carlisle what system to run. Outside of Van Gundy and Doc Rivers (who are both coach and president/GM), there is no other situation where the president/GM is telling the coach what system he should run.

    • Yumyumcha

      So true TDKnies. I’m not a fan of the triangle but the only person who could run it was Tex Winters. Everyone else just teaches a poor derivative of it.

  3. Reflect

    So if Phil didn’t want to sign him then why did he? He just skates right over that important detail. No one forced him to offer that deal.

    I bet he never wanted to sign Joakim Noah either. What nonsense.

  4. Amit dhar

    This is the answer? Where are the defenders on the team. It’s never been Melos game. Phil knows that coming in. Name a perimeter shooter with great D? Steph? klay? Was Allan Houston a great defender? But he worked on that team. This does not address perimeter or lack of team defense. No Melo this year and you would have lost 10 more games. Agreed his value is in decline and he certainly has lost a step . By Noah is gonna stink it up for the next few years way more. Any deal must include him.

    • Klay Thompson is a good on-ball defender. He doesn’t get the counting numbers (steals or blocks), but his size and effort on that end allows him to defend both guard positions and the SF if needed.

    • Cindy

      All Phil has done is make Ny better for first time in years, look at his draft picks. Ny finally building for long term with great young talent. He still has more rings than any other coach including pop. He knows the game. He is right Anthony must go for good of team. Selfish ball wins for no one these days. Time to start the young guns. beginning of year they played unselfish ball-they have the talent and should be either 3rd or 4th seed. Carmelo has done this everywhere he has played, Jackson would have been fired if he did not resign him. His play gets more and more erratic this year. Time to quit blaming management and place the problem on the problem child.

  5. Melo fans are learning what many of us have been saying since he was acquired. While everyone can have their own definition of superstar, few NBA teams have ever (even in 2011) valued him that way. He’s a ball stopper in a league that continues to move towards ball movement. He could never defend his 3 spot (and often doesn’t even do his best), but with age, and more teams moving the ball to the open guy, it’s almost impossible to play him without conceding you’ll be a poor defensive team. In some ways, the 4 spot is worse, as he can’t contribute to rim or paint protection (and doesn’t even try at times). Even offensively, he’s an inefficient, low IQ player. He’s a “power” 3 who, in his best seasons, can’t get over 45%?

  6. YoyoYayYo

    If he is staying here for business then surely he realises his ‘brand’ will take a beating if he stays and restricts NY from a rebuild around players like KP. Better to cut and run, then the blame will be forced onto the Knicks for their sh*t decisions.

  7. ozzie soderstrom

    Take every dime. You didn’t falt, ownership did. Where’s the team they said they were going to build around Anthony? After 16 yrs he’s still adv. well over 20 PPG. He never once said, trade me. I would have I want a ring like the cry babies, James, Wade etc…… It’s your money, you earned it for all the BS you take and that includes Jack.

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