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Although the Celtics have stated that they’re not interested in dealing for Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks haven’t given up on them as a trade partner, writes Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe. New York had a scout at Saturday’s Celtics game and the organization is “intrigued” by several of Boston’s players.

A source told Washburn that Knicks president Phil Jackson has issued orders to move Anthony, who has indicated that the Celtics are one of the teams he would consider waiving his no-trade clause to join. Another source says Brad Stevens would love to coach Anthony, but president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has rejected the Knicks’ overtures. Washburn adds that Boston could serve as a third team to help send Anthony to the Clippers.

There’s more this morning on the Anthony trade front:

  • The Celtics present the only realistic trade destination for Anthony, according to Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports. In a video posted on CSNNE, Mannix says Ainge is in a “great position” to present the Knicks with a lowball offer and dare them to keep Anthony past the February 23rd deadline. Mannix speculates that any deal wouldn’t involve the Nets’ first-rounders that Boston owns for the next two seasons, but may include other Celtics draft picks. He also dismissed recent rumors of a Knicks-Clippers deal, saying it won’t happen unless New York is willing to accept a “garbage package” involving Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford and others.
  • Anthony admits the trade rumors can be a distraction, relays Ohm Youngmisuk of“You’ve got to deal with that, even though I try not to read it,” he told reporters. “And everywhere you go, even if you don’t hear about it, somebody is telling you about it, somebody is saying something. It can be mentally draining, mentally fatiguing.”
  • If the Knicks trade Anthony, they should also get rid of Derrick Rose and some of the other veterans they added over the offseason, suggests Newsday’s Al Iannazzone. Rose is a defensive liability and has already deserted the team once, Iannazzone notes, adding that he doesn’t appear to be part of the team’s “long-term solution.” He also writes that free agent additions Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings didn’t come to New York to play for a team without Anthony, and believes the organization should commit to rebuilding if Anthony is traded.
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22 thoughts on “Latest On Carmelo Anthony

  1. Godgiftsjoejr

    smh melo don’t need to go nowhere it’s not him at all.. i keep it real i think Phil Jackson need to go asap n the knicks owner need to make it happen in stop sitting back saying nothing at all.. like how you not back the player you gave up everything to get him to come to the knicks smh i just don’t get it at all

    • Reflect

      Exactly. Phil built this team. So if he thinks it sucks he needs to look in the mirror. No one forced him to give crazy money to Anthony and Noah.

    • Phil needs to go man. Along with rose and Noah. This idiot brought chicagos scraps in here and now wants to blame melo and trade him away for garbage after we spent the last 6 years recovering assets from the melo trade because we got raped by that Uriji fella

  2. Reflect

    Derrick Rose didn’t desert the team lmao why are sports writers so incredibly stupid? Yes Rose handled the situation very poorly but he had a legitimate emergency.

    • Brendan

      Okay I disagree. When you get paid millions, now stay with me on this, MILLIONS of dollars. MILLIONS. To play basketball. When you’re also a starter and arguably the teams top 3 player…regardless of what the situation is, even if you don’t want to explain it, either you or someone on your behalf needs to reach out to that organization and say “hey something came up, I won’t be there tonight” I’m all in agreement that players need to be treated like humans instead of chess pieces but when something happens like that, someone should’ve said something. Rose was wrong for that

      • Reflect

        I agree with that. Like I said, he handled the situation poorly. But failing to communicate ahead of time is not the same thing as deserting the team. Iannazzone makes it sound like Rose just quit for no reason or something.

  3. Godgiftsjoejr

    Phil Jackson just need to go n bring in someone thats know what they doing in bring basketball life but to NY ASAP please

  4. Yankee4Life27

    I hope Carmelo doesn’t go anywhere and if he does i hope the Knicks don’t win another game…

    • Element3

      I agree and hope the Knicks don’t give Mel up for all that trash they keep talking about, besides they gave up a whole team for him and now they just keep blaming him for losing, Mel is not the problem, the real problem is Hornacek, he has all these players on the bench that could help w/scouring like a Willy Hernangomez which should be starting in Noah’s place, but he’s so stupid that he thinks that he could win with that slow as starting lineup, that’s always down by 10 or more in every game, we will keep losing games as longs as they keep that lineup and you could see a difference in game tempo when the young guy are mix in, Mel’s game become easier when he’s in with a younger and faster team.

  5. I’d love to read people’s valid opinions on this topic, but the butchering of the English language is such a heavy price to pay.
    “Phil Jackson just need to go n bring in someone thats know what they doing in bring basketball life but no NY adapt please”

  6. This is sad if Dolan allows phil to trade melo away. If melo gets traded we need to boycott MSG and let Dolan know he needs to go. He sold optimum , praying he sells my knicks to a better owner. Close to 20 years of garbage basketball in NYC . That’s on Dolan and nobody else. Phil needs to go

  7. icedog7229

    It will be a great day in NY Knicks history when they get rid of melo

  8. Apart from the fans, the one whom I feel most sorry for is Porzingis. Phil’s trading skills and his insisting on the triangle might well just leave him on a Nets-level squad. If he doesn’t get traded as well that is.

  9. ChiSoxCity

    Knicks will never win a championship, and the fans are ok with that. The fact that Melo is still popular with Knicks fans at this point tells you everything you need to know about that fanbase. Phil Jackson should trade Melo, Rose and Noah, then resign on the spot. There might be a better job opening up in L.A. real soon for him.

  10. tvwthree

    If the Celtics can get him cheap that would be amazing. Keeping the Nets picks and just getting rid of some of the many young guys that don’t get enough playing time already. Thomas, Melo, Horford, and Bradly makes the Celts a lot more of a real contender.

  11. Connorsoxfan

    I think I’m for the Celtics getting in if they don’t have to trade any core players or nets picks. That’s highly unlikely, but if the price drops to Smart, a couple young fringe rotation guys, some picks and the rights to Zizic or Yabusele, I’m in on it. I don’t expect this to happen, but if they trade minimal value for Anthony, I’d be ok with the cap space that takes up.

    • The only way Phil trades in division is if they get the Nets #1 in 2018. No way he faces Carmelo that many times a year without a chance to rebuild. As a Knicks fan, I am happy with Phil and know he won’t panic sell. No reason to. Keep Carmelo and slowly fad him out in minutes and roles.

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