Mavs Reluctant To Move Deron Williams?

In his “Monday Morning Tip” column, David Alridge of divulged an interesting tidbit from the Mavericks‘ front office. Explaining why Dallas isn’t in the market for Carmelo Anthony, Aldridge noted that Wesley Matthews is “off-limits,” as is Deron Williams. Signed to a one-year, $9MM pact, Williams also isn’t interested in a buyout.

It’s to be expected that Donnie Nelson would hesitate to include Matthews in trade talks; Matthews has kept Dallas’ offense afloat through much of the season and is under contract through 2018/19. What’s more surprising is Williams’ unavailable status. A 32-year-old veteran, Williams has posted solid numbers while remaining healthy, with the exception of an eight-game stretch in November. Once J.J. Barea returns from a calf injury, Dallas will have a loaded depth chart at the 1, making Williams expendable for a team without playoff aspirations.

Dallas News columnist Tim Cowlishaw had a different take when it came to Williams’ trade status, observing “I would certainly trade Deron Williams if there was any trade interest although I can’t imagine that would amount to much with his age and injury status.”

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14 thoughts on “Mavs Reluctant To Move Deron Williams?

  1. KCelts

    Yeah not really sure how D-Will isn’t available. Fairly decent contract and PG is a need for teams. Dallas could get a nice little return for him if they move him.

    • ottomatic

      But they’re only 4 games back of the 8th spot! They could win the right to get slaughtered and humiliated by the Warriors in the first round! I mean, seriously, that would be a nice accomplishment for the Nuggets, a young team trying to develop. But the Mavs? An over the hill team going nowhere fast? It makes no sense whatsoever to pursue a low seed playoff spot. But knowing their ownership, that is probably exactly what they will try to do.

  2. rxbrgr

    I know it takes three to tango here (2 teams Melissa) but at least from the Knicks’ standpoint a Melo deal could return an interesting package: Bogut as expiring salary ballast, Dwight Powell and Justin Anderson plus a pick or two.

  3. Kelly Lonewolf

    D-Will is a very good PG when healthy. This Mavs roster is good we just had some bad luck, and bad health. Give this team another year to gel and you will see the payoff. Go Mavs!

    • I don’t know about good, has an 8th seed ceiling next year too. Don’t understand why the Mavs aren’t taking. But I think most of the Mavs’ little success can be attributed to Rick Carslie (who’s prolly the second best coach in the NBA) and Dirk who’s on a constant decline.

  4. rangerfan23

    I say flip d-will for whatever you can get. A contender would love to have a pg, say like Cleveland ?

    • I’m sure Cleveland wouldn’t mind Williams, but they don’t have the cap space (or trade exceptions) to make it happen without sending significant salary back. If they wanted to make it work, they would have to send a rotation player to Dallas which would then open up another hole.

  5. smittybanton

    D Williams is worth more in ticket sales than he is on the trade market. Without him, Mavs are simply not competitive. This is a business. They need to re-sign him and draft for the future. Either trade their pick for a five. Or, draft a point guard for the future and overpay Cristiano Felicio.

  6. Coachguerry

    I’d like to see Mavs keep Dwill and hopefully draft a point guard. That way he could mentor and take the pressure off the rookie next year. I’m guessing he would take a nice hometown discount also. Harris is much more expendable for now and future. I think Dwill has a place with th franchise in the right role and price

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