Andrew Bogut Expected To Join Cavaliers

Andrew Bogut is expected to join the Cavaliers once he reaches a buyout agreement with the Sixers, sources tell Tim MacMahon of (Twitter link). Cleveland is expected to add Deron Williams on Monday and it currently has only one open roster spot, so the team will need to make a corresponding move should it plan to add both players.

Bogut was sent to Philadelphia as part of the Nerlens Noel trade, but he hasn’t reported to the team. He must be waived before Wednesday’s deadline in order to be eligible for postseason play, per league rules. He has spoken to Sixer coach Brett Brown, explaining his desire to play for a championship contender and a buyout agreement is considered likely.

Cleveland is among the five teams which reportedly reached out to Bogut’s representatives. The Spurs, Rockets, Celtics and Jazz were also interested in adding the Australian big man.

Bogut has battled injuries this season, but when he’s healthy, he remains one of the better interior defenders in the league. ESPN’s Real Defensive Plus/Minus ranks him as the second-best center in the league on defensive this season.

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58 thoughts on “Andrew Bogut Expected To Join Cavaliers

  1. Freddie Morales

    This whole releasing players after deadline and allowing them to go to contenders for absolutely nothing needs to come to an end!! No reason it costs more to acquire someone like KJ McDaniels than it does for Bogut or Deron Williams. To be just given 2 players that are starters on a decent amount of team and are getting paid a lot by teams who they aren’t playing for is really making me enjoy basketball less and less. Rather see teams go and trade assets for bench pieces like the rockets did.

    This is ruining the sport. The disparity is so large it is not even enjoyable.

      • liamsfg

        Bob Stoops:
        Contibute to the conversation like a mature adult and maybe you won’t sound like such an idiot.

        I fully agree that players signed after the trade deadline shouldn’t be eligible for the postseason like in the MLB.

        This why minor leagues and now the D-League exist. If you need late season help or a postseason roster spot filled you should have to reach into your own back pocket for the player.

        Right now this buyout market crap is just a loophole for big teams to pick up great players for nothing. As a fan of a big team, I even see it as unfair.

        Clubs should be forced to commit and build their team internally at this point in the season.

        • Formerlyz

          That’s not how it works in baseball…players can be added until august 31st and be eligible for the playoffs. There’s the non waivery trade dealing and the waiver trade deadline…

          Also, the d-league isn’t a ture minor league right now. Anyone can be signed from anyone’s affiliate. Players that are at those affiliates aren’t part of the organization. They aren’t signed to the parent club

    • Mo Vaughn

      So you’re saying teams shouldn’t be able release players and others teams shouldn’t be able to sign them?

      • Henry

        No they should be allowed to release players obviously but they shouldn’t be eligible to play the postseason for their new team the second the trade deadline hits. That would stop most of this.

    • yoyo137

      Well Bogut isn’t going to play for the 76ers, they need to give that playing time to Embiid and Okafor so it makes no sense for him to play for them. So what should he do? Just sit on the bench? He got traded from one team that didn’t need him to another team that didn’t need him, he deserves to pick his next team now that the trade deadline is over. Same with Deron Williams, instead of having him come off the bench for Yogi Ferrell on a lottery team, he actually gets a shot at a title. It also looks better on the organizations for releasing them to chase a ring rather than keeping them for no reason.

    • puma024

      All of these players have to go through waivers before anyone can just sign them. So other teams have a chance to claim them before they become free agents to sign with anyone.

      • sully00

        They do have to go through waivers. The problem is that you have to have the cap space to claim them. Nobody competing for a postseason spot is going to have the cap space to claim. I think there is a big difference between a guy who is in his late 30’s having a chance to help a contending for one more playoff run and guys who are essentially just between FA contracts.

    • Alex Presser

      How is it any different than a playing signing a minimum contract in the offseason? Should minimum contracts not be allowed?

  2. Formerlyz

    I don’t understand this for the Warriors…I know why they liked Briante, and I’ve seen him a lot, as a heat fan, in the last 2 years, and really like him as well. That being said, I understand the thought they could use him or another guard/wing. But Jose Calderon doesn’t fit, and makes no sense at all.

    Still, its so obvious that they should sign Bogut, now that they can. I’d literally get rid of Zaza or Looney for him as well, to be honest. Zaza would probably be salty, but who cares? And though he still has some potential and is still young, I don’t see anyone signing Looney. He’d likely end up in the d-league, where he needs more time b/c of his injuries and position change. We’re talking about trying to win a championship right now. Only thing I’d be wary of is Bogut staying healthy, but that’s why they have the better depth there now…I think GS still needs another big, and Bogut is too obvious not to sign him.

    Other interesting options for Bogut are obviously Boston, Houston, the Cavs, and Milwaukee, but GS needs to get on that when he gets bought out. You especially can’t let him end up with Cleveland.

    Bogut isn’t the athletic pick and roll defender/rim protector/catch and finish guy the Cavs need, but he does fit their need for a defensive minded big that can protect the rim. He can also operate offensively out of the high post, and gives them an added element when you put him out there with their shooters. I personally feel that they could use another guard/wing defender, but they went with Deron Williams, so we’ll see how that fits. I assume this is the end for Derrick Williams

    • Sliktracee

      Bye, bye Jordan McRae. At least he’ll be paid in full by Cavs. DWill isn’t going anywhere.

      • Nicktone

        You think it will be McCrae? Not saying I disagree with this. Once Smith gets back there will be no room for him with Korver and Shump already in the rotation. I was thinking they might let Williams walk after his 2nd 10 day ends. I hope not though.

        • Jonathan Thomas

          No way they would let Williams go. He gives them another athletic guy who can play defense and score driving to the basket.

          You put Bogut in middle James and Williams, JR, and Shumpert.
          That is a big defensive team.

    • Jonathan Thomas

      Nope… Derrick Williams will be part of this team for next season.
      Jordan McRae will get cut.

      • Bryan

        No they don’t. The NBA ruled he can sign with the Warriors since the Mavs were the last team to trade him (not the Warriors)

        • Steve Kerr has spoken to the media about it and stated that they don’t need a bigman at the moment and aren’t interested in signing him.

      • Formerlyz

        He said he’d have dumped him for Durant and had no ill feelings towards them. If anything, maybe he’s salty at Dallas for trading him after saying they wouldn’t

  3. Jonathan Thomas

    Derrick Williams will reportedly sign a second 10-day contract with the Cavs on Wednesday.
    All indications are the Cavs intend to sign Williams for the rest of the season once that second 10-day contract expires, and while he’ll provide Cleveland with some solid depth at the power forward spot.

    link to

    • Formerlyz

      He was god awful for the heat. He looked lost on both ends of the floor since the preseason, and has looked just as lost defensively with the Cavs. He has benefitted from some easy baskets on broken plays, and he can take guys off the dribble, but you can get more on both ends of the floor from someone else.

      • Jonathan Thomas

        Wrong again… He is playing great with Cavs. LeBron will have him playing at All – Star level. Look how Dion is playing with Miami?

        One season with LeBron he will improve greatly.

        • Formerlyz

          Do you even watch the games? Derrick Williams put up that monster -23 line the other night. Lol he’s playing great

          • Cavsfan40

            Williams has played great for the Cavs. You cherry pick the one game he played without Lebron, which happened to be a blowout loss, mention his plus/minus, and you think that speaks to how he’s been overall?

            • Formerlyz

              Was just an example, but he gets beat on defense every possession. Look, I hope he can tun things around, and being with lebron helps him, but I don’t think it has or will. Dude looks totally lost. Definitely has so much athelticism. He can take guys off the dribble at that 4 spot. But he can’t do anything else, especially play defense.

        • Jonathan Thomas

          Have you seen JR,Shumpert and Fyre play? He has the chance to play way better than those guys.

  4. wellington igunbor

    Oh GSW better watch out now I don’t know if they should cut felder or mcrae leaning toward felder because he played like trash against the bulls and this is the guy dan gilbert see’s a lot of potential in……………………smh

    • Pihc123

      Felder has good potential. He had a rough game against the bullls as he tried to do to too much in O. Like any other rookie. Usually those lanes open up when you have James, JR and Live playing along side you which he had none of them Saturday night. He’ll be alright.

    • Dave R

      Gonna be McRea. Dan G loves Felder. He is there point guard project. This should allow him lots of Canton time.

  5. wellington igunbor

    Oh shit I didn’t know zaza had the 6th best plus/mines in terms of defense that’s pretty good

  6. DarkGhost

    It’s funny how the tables have turned this year. Last year the warriors were the team with all the depth and Cleveland had the star power. Now the warriors have the Big 4 and Cleveland has the depth.

    • Keith

      That’s what I was thinking too, cut williams bring in jones, although williams has been playing very well, i would rather have Terrace Jones

  7. Andrew

    It’s the rules in the CBA,why shouldn’t good players be able to choose the team they go to. I believe they should get rid of the waiver period and players should be able to sign immediately following release from a team.

  8. Isaiah Leung

    The NBA is rigged. How the heck do they let the cavs get all these pieces for nothing. DAN gilbert, Adam silver and David stern, Joe lacob are all ruining the nba. My Lakers had a trade deal in place to get Chris Paul from the hornets. Yet it gets vetoed by the hypocritical nba because Dan gilbert and mark Cuban and their fellow bs owners say it’s unfair and then gilbert goes and builds his super team and golden state gets Durant for nothing. How on earth is that fair??
    This league is rigged in favored of golden state and Cleveland
    So bs

    • Raptors Rampage
      Rampaging Raptors

      Calm your tits man…….
      1. Once teams execute the buyouts players are free to choose to sign with whomever they want. The league cannot tell players who they are allowed to sign with if they are a free agent……only salary cap restrictions play a part in that decision.

      2. The ONLY reason David Stern vetoed the deal was because the league actually owned the hornets at that time….if the hornets actually had a competent owner and the league wasn’t responsible for the hornets chris paul might have wound up a laker. But, since the league owned the hornets they couldn’t really say ok we will trade paul to the lakers without owners crying foul over favoritism. Trading Paul to the Clippers didn’t open the door to favoritism, like youre complaining about now.

      3. Lebron chose cleveland and drafted irving and the warriors drafted well with curry and thompson and green……again, the league is not allowed to tell people where theyre allowed to sign other then through salary cap and penalties for exceeding it.

    • Formerlyz

      It was vetoed b/c the nba owned the hornets (pelicans) at the time. Stern was acting as the hornets defacto owner while trying to sell the team. They were trying to do right by the franchise in that regard, and that trade was agreed to by someone that didn’t have that authority. You’re just crying b/c you’re an entitled lakers fan. The Dan Gilbert stuff is legit though. That dude is a massive hypocrite

      • Cavsfan40

        That’s classic, a Lakers fan complaining that the league is rigged for Cleveland and GS. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time. From a fan of a team that got Shaq for nothing, Kareem, Kobe who demanded he play there, Pau Gasol, etc etc. It’s not the leagues fault the Lakers are trash now. still laughing, thanks for that.

        • Formerlyz

          You’re referring to the dude I responded to, obviously? I agree. The Gasol trade still bothers me to this day. The fact Marc Gasol turned out great for Memphis was just pure luck. He was a throw in. He weighed like 450 pounds at the time, and was considered to not even be an NBA prospect. I’m sick of hearing complaints about that CP3 situation from entitled lakers fans

    • Jonathan Thomas

      @Isaiah …This was the time LA teams were always getting the best players…. small markets wanted a chance to win.
      It worked, Dallas and now Cleveland won a championship these gives other teams hope.

      I love it!

  9. JamesW26

    If I were the owner of the 76ers, and Bogut didn’t want to honor his contract and wanted to go play for a contender instead, I’d test his mettle and see how much money that’s worth to him. Would he give up 75% of his remaining salary this season to not have to report?

  10. Andrew

    The NBA has always been filled with super teams going way back to the 70’s with the Celtics and Lakers,the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz in the 80’s,so now it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. It sucks for the smaller teams but it has always been this way.

  11. It’s almost s given who is going to playoffs who the best teams are. Bogut isn’t changing anything. Personally for entertainment I think this very cool. Let these teams stock up let guys try and get a ring. Soccer lets players be borrowed. Think about how much more interesting baseball would be if someone out of it could rent their star player to another team for a draft pick prospect or money.

    Bogut isn’t going to play and his contract is expiring so was William. And these guys went through waivers too. Bogut isn’t that good you guys give him way to much credit. Deron is pretty good but the mavs were going in a different direction.

  12. Reggie Green

    Should keep him til wednesday.teams didnt wanna give us something to get him,he dont wanna report,than we shouldnt do anyone any favors.

    And how are teams already contacting him if hes still under our is that not tampering?

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