Cavaliers Notes: Varejao, Love, Anthony, Shumpert

Anderson Varejao was waived Friday by the Warriors, but he won’t be coming back to Cleveland, at least not for a while, writes Joe Vardon of The long-time Cavalier was traded to Portland on February 18th of last season, and league rules prevent him from rejoining the Cavs for a full year. Also, Vardon expects someone to claim him 0ff waivers. The Timberwolves, Jazz, Nuggets, 76ers and Nets are all below the salary floor and could benefit from adding the rest of Varejao’s $1.55MM contract. In addition, the Cavaliers prefer to keep their open roster spot through the February 23rd trade deadline to provide flexibility. The 34-year-old Varejao spent his first 12 NBA seasons with Cleveland.

There’s more news this morning about the defending champs:

  • If Kevin Love was trying to impress Knicks president Phil Jackson Saturday night, his 23-point, 16-rebound performance should have done it, notes Anthony Rieber of Newsday. Jackson reportedly asked for Love in a possible deal for Carmelo Anthony. The Cleveland forward said after the game that he is trying to ignore trade talk. “I don’t think about it,” he told reporters. “I don’t really pay attention. I do look at my phone, but it’s not like that’s really crossing my mind or is on top of my mind at all.”
  • If the Cavs are pondering a Love-for-Anthony deal, their only consideration should be who gives them the best shot at defending their title, writes Jason Lloyd of The Akron Beacon Journal. Both can score, but Anthony is a better playmaker and Love is a better rebounder. He adds that the teams discussed a similar deal last season.
  • The Superior Court in Fayette County, Ga., will hear motions next week to throw out elements of Iman Shumpert‘s DUI case from August, according to a separate piece from Vardon. His attorney wants the court to disregard Shumpert’s refusal to take a blood test and the result of his field test, saying they are designed to check for alcohol consumption, not marijuana, which Shumpert admitted to using before being pulled over. He could face a possible suspension, depending on the outcome of the case.
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6 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Varejao, Love, Anthony, Shumpert

  1. Tyler Affeld

    I still think Melo could still go to Cleveland for like Iman Shumpert and another piece

    • rxbrgr

      It’d have to be JR or Thompson to get close to make the salary-matching work.

  2. Why would Love need to impress Phil? Phil already tried to trade for him and got turned down.

  3. padam

    Yes. The Knicks would love to trade back for two contracts they originally got rid of, not to mention Smith being a head case. Yeah, I don’t see Melo going to the Cavs…unless the Cavs change their mind about Love, which is doubtful.

  4. Connorsoxfan

    I could see Melo for Thompson, Shumpert, one of the Cavs prospects, and a pick. But that’s only if Phil is desperate enough to get ride of Melo and no one else will take him. Otherwise, it would take Love, which doesn’t make much sense.

  5. ReasonableBB

    I’d take Melo for love if the Knicks included Willie Hernangomez Love and JR for Melo and Willie

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