DeMarcus Cousins Talks Vlade, Ranadive, Pelicans

During his introductory press conference as a Pelican on Wednesday, DeMarcus Cousins told reporters that the toughest part about the way he was traded by the Kings was Sacramento’s “dishonesty.” As has been widely reported, the Kings publicly and privately insisted Cousins wouldn’t be traded in the weeks and months leading up to the moment that they agreed to send him to the Pelicans.

In an interview with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Cousins went a step further, suggesting that he views Kings GM Vlade Divac and owner Vivek Ranadive “cowards,” according to Spears. Here are a few of the highlights from Cousins’ candid conversation on the deal and his move from Sacramento to New Orleans:

On whether he wants to talk to Divac or Ranadive:

“Nah. For what? It was a coward move, so I’m pretty sure I will get a coward response. For what? And I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve been there through all same types … I was there with [coach] Mike Malone’s [firing]. I’ve seen how they operate. I know what kind of answer I will get anyway. So, what is the point?”

On when the Kings last told him that he wouldn’t be traded:

“A week before the trade. The sick part about it is that Vlade came in my house with my agent [Jarinn Akana]. We sat in my theater and just talked. That was maybe three weeks ago. We sat there and [he] told me what moves he wanted to make. All of that. I just didn’t understand. … I got a text from the owner right before I went to All-Star. He was asking me about a player, how I felt about him and making a move. The owner! When it happened, I was just in shock. I didn’t understand.”

On whether it will be hard to trust a GM or owner again:

“I’ve always had that issue. I’ve had personal conversations with my agent about that and the whole situation anyway. He tried to steer me in their direction. And I’m like, ‘Nah, I can see through that s—t.’ I’ve always had my doubts. When it comes to that, I’m usually 90%. I knew it. But it was just told to me [no trade] so much.”

On why he still loves Sacramento:

“It’s bigger than basketball. It’s bigger than the Kings organization. It’s bigger than that. The relationships I built out there, I’m more hurt by that. Being away from those relationships and the community, I’m more hurt by that because of the dishonesty and all that s—t with the organization.”

On whether the Pelicans will have a legit shot to keep him for the long term:

“Yeah. I said in the press conference, ‘I’m all in.’ I’m not here to B.S. or waste time. I’m here to win. Whatever the system is, I’m dialed in. I’m all in. I’m not here to waste time.”

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4 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Talks Vlade, Ranadive, Pelicans

  1. Reggie Green

    It would be funny if it came out that the player the owner asked him about was Heild.

    What do ya think of Heild,oh you like him.good you’re traded for him.


    After watching the pelicans last night I realized cousins is a AAU type player(doesn’t no how to play real basketball). He doesn’t space the floor well, he doesn’t play defense and doesn’t do the little things that could help a team win. once he realizs that he’s doesn’t have to touch the ball every possession and play great defense he will become a top 5 player in the NBA.

  3. StillMadAboutGame6

    For all the crap Cousins gets for his on and off court behavior, isn’t what he’s been/is irritated with the Kings about the exact same things we’ve slammed the franchise for?

    • jmgara

      Eeh. I think the Kings finally realized that they were about to give $40M/yr for five years to a guy who still couldn’t control himself. Now if they can the other guy who can’t control himself to back off, maybe they’d get somewhere. Hard to get an owner to do that though.

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