Divac: Kings Had Better Cousins Offer Two Days Ago

Speaking to reporters today after the DeMarcus Cousins trade was formally announced, Kings general manager Vlade Divac said that he had a better offer on the table two days ago for Cousins, according to Tim Cato of SBNation.com and Sean Cunningham of ABC10 in Sacramento (Twitter links). “I don’t want to discuss in details about the process,” said Divac, who indicated that the Pelicans’ package was the next-best offer after the one that fell through.

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Whether or not Divac’s statement is true – and there’s no reason to think it’s not – it’s unclear why he felt motivated to share that with the media today. For Kings fans upset about the team’s return for Cousins, the admission will likely just be another signal that the franchise mishandled the trade process. It’s also not exactly a vote of confidence for Buddy Hield and the other new Kings, who are essentially being told that they weren’t the club’s first choice.

Despite his mention of that other offer, Divac insisted that now was the best time to complete a Cousins deal, and that the Pelicans’ proposal was the best one still on the table for the team, tweets Aaron Bruski of Hoop-Ball.com. According to Divac, the decision to trade Cousins was made recently, but the team entered All-Star weekend knowing that the star center would likely be moved — Cousins’ value would’ve been reduced further if Sacramento had waited until the offseason, in the view of the Kings’ GM (all Twitter links via Bruski).

Although Tyreke Evans and Langston Galloway were seemingly included in the trade as salary-matching pieces, the Kings have no immediate plans to waive either player, Divac said today (Twitter link via Cunningham).

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