Nets Lower Asking Price For Brook Lopez

The Nets have lowered their asking price for Brook Lopez, reports ESPN’s Marc Stein (via Twitter). Previously, Brooklyn was said to be seeking two first-round picks in any offer for Lopez, but the club is now open to accepting a first-rounder and a second-rounder, according to Stein.

This week’s DeMarcus Cousins deal likely cooled the market for any teams shopping an impact player. Cousins was viewed as perhaps the most talented trade candidate on the market, but the Kings only received one future first-round pick in that deal, along with a young player (Buddy Hield) and a second-round pick. As Ramona Shelburne of tweets, that deal has “depressed the market for everyone.”

Still, the Nets have Lopez under contract through the 2017/18 season, and have long insisted that there’s no rush to move him, so it’s unlikely that the franchise abruptly changed course in the wake of the Cousins trade. If the club is willing to lower its asking price now, it’s probably because no team was willing to meet that price even before the Cousins deal.

Prior to acquiring Cousins, the Pelicans were linked to Lopez, having reportedly offered Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, Tim Frazier, and a protected 2018 first-round pick for the Nets center. New Orleans is certainly out of the running now, however, so Brooklyn will have to look elsewhere for a trade partner. One possibility is Indiana, as the Pacers are said to be dangling a first-round pick in search of an immediate upgrade on the wing or in the frontcourt.

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5 thoughts on “Nets Lower Asking Price For Brook Lopez

  1. Connorsoxfan

    How do salary matching rules work for a team that is under the cap before a trade, but over it afterward? For example, could Boston take Lopez in for just picks and a roster spot since they have like 1-2 mil in cap space, and then trade for Butler and send out Amir, Bradley, etc. to match salaries plus picks?

    • Luke Adams

      If a team is over the cap after completing a trade, they need to meet salary-matching rules for that trade. So Celtics couldn’t acquire Lopez for nothing unless they cleared a lot more room first.

  2. bennyg

    Lakers newly aquired 1st rounder plus a second rounder will do.
    Lopez would look good in LA

  3. Nicholas Curcio

    Sorry nets fans but a 1st rounder isn’t gonna happen for a few reasons.
    First and foremost, teams know they’re desperate. No reason to give them exactly what they want when they have zero,leverage.
    Second. He’s not worth it. Look at the successful teams over the last few years. They had a big who could REBOUND. Brook is with out a doubt The worst rebounding big in the game and he’s a 7fter. He just out of,no where got a decent 3 but has zero,track record of this continuing.
    Third. He’s not the most reliable with health. You never want to hear it a big having trouble with lower body health and that is exactly what Lopez has. Bad feet.
    Lastly. Boogie screwed it up for everyone trying to move a big. You have argueably the most talented offensive big in the game being traded for for what the nets are asking,for brook. Its not gonna happen. You’re crazy to think that brook Lopez is worth half as much as cousins.


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