Rockets GM Unsure Of Trade Deadline Activity

Rockets GM Daryl Morey is non-committal toward his team’s activity in this year’s trade deadline, according to a report from Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. Morey was unable to give a concrete answer regarding his outlook as February 23rd approaches, claiming to be comfortable with the team’s current structure.

“In some ways being good as we think we are makes it harder to do trades,” Morey said. “We have a rotation that has played very well. It’s hard to add anything that would into create a weakness somewhere else. If you feel the defense needs to improve, you can try to add a defensive player, but that potentially would hurt the offense unless it’s a top, top-level player. Those usually aren’t available.”

The Rockets currently occupy the third seed in the Western Conference, four games behind the Spurs. As Feigen noted, Houston possesses commodities if they choose to pursue a “top-level” player; namely, a first round pick and a pair of second round picks. Aside from an injury to Nene, the Rockets core has remained healthy in 2016/17. Should an injury arise, however, Morey claimed a willingness to stock up on depth.

“It’s hard to judge because it takes two. It’s hard to know. I don’t know if it makes it more or less likely, but the kinds of things you do are different. We are more likely to shore up a spot in case we take an injury. Anything we would do is more likely for depth.”

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3 thoughts on “Rockets GM Unsure Of Trade Deadline Activity

  1. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    can a pair of second round picks even land you an nba player alone?

    • Crzycjunx76

      If your name is Daryl Morey a stick of chewed gum gets a NBA rotation player… Two second rounders is a bonus.

  2. ottomatic

    Rockets starters and key reserves have seen heavy minutes this year. D’Antoni has often left them in even at the end of blowouts, almost inexplicably at times. They’re worn out right now. A reinforcement or two at the deadline would be smart


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