Community Shootaround: Coach Of The Year

Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy sang the praises of his Jazz counterpart, Quin Snyder, prior to their teams’ game on Wednesday.

“There’s always a lot of good coaching jobs done in this league but you’d have to put him in the top three or four in what’s he’s done with that team and bringing them [up] from last year,” Van Gundy said.

Certainly, Snyder would have to be on anyone’s short list for the NBA Coach of the Year award. The Jazz are cruising along at 18 games over .500 and have moved into fourth place in the Western Conference, ahead of the much-more heralded Clippers and Thunder. Utah suffered through numerous injuries last season and finished two games under .500, just missing the playoffs.

There are a few other coaches who have emerged as candidates for the honor as the regular season winds down. Certainly, the Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni has re-asserted himself as a major force in his profession. Following failed stints with the Knicks and Lakers, D’Antoni seemed to be at the end of his head coaching career.

D’Antoni got another chance in Houston and found the perfect situation because of its commitment to a high-powered offense and the 3-point shot. His decision to make James Harden the primary ballhandler has turned the Rockets into one of the league’s most feared teams, one year removed from a dysfunctional and disappointing season in which the Rockets finished with a .500 record.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is often taken for granted but he’s got his team in position to snatch away the top seed from the Warriors. San Antonio hasn’t missed a beat despite the retirement of Tim Duncan and a backcourt with only one player (Patty Mills) whose PER is above the league average of 15.0.

Over in the Eastern Conference, Wizards coach Scott Brooks has his team within striking distance of the top seed after it finished .500 last season. The Wizards have dealt with chemistry and locker-room issues in recent years but Brooks has them playing harmoniously.
Brad Stevens has continued to keep the Celtics on an upward trajectory, as they currently sit in the No. 2 spot.

The Heat’s stunning turnaround has moved Erik Spoelstra in the conversation. Left for dead at the midway point with an 11-30 record, the Heat have surged into playoff contention despite injuries to several rotation players.

That brings us to our question of the day: Who do you feel is most deserving of the Coach of the Year award and why?

Please take to the comments section to voice your opinion. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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15 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Coach Of The Year

  1. cba93

    Just rename it the popovich award and give it to the second best coach

  2. MatthewBaltimore23

    Brooks- Sorted out Wall/Beal feud, raised into playoffs from .500 last year, currently 3 seed. Other worth mentioning, Kerr, Lue, Stevens, D’Antoni

  3. Spurskid

    I think D’Antoni should win it this year just what he brings to the table with that fast pace high tempo offense anf they record they have shows how much he has the team believing they can compete with any team..not to mention being in the westcoast conference he deserves it…if not him my runner up hands down is greg pop seems like ecery year the spurs plug it key players the play the right way and make names for themselfs which in my opinion deserves greg pop credit that they bring the best when callef upon so pop is right there behind D’Antoni

  4. angrycardcollector

    Billy Donovan all the way. Thunder were left for dead after Duran’s departure.

  5. hill

    1. Spoelstra
    2. Pop
    3. D’Antoni
    4. Snyder
    5. Brooks

  6. mikey

    Honestly Pop should win it, but like Lebron choosing the same person multiple times is not as fun. That’s why I think they both have very small chances in the Coach of the year and MVP respectively. But damn D’Antoni is a great choice considering the turnaround he had with the rockets. Same could go for Brooks. My choice is Pop, but D’Antoni is a great choice.

  7. BayAreaSportsFan

    Please. Popavich is the most overrated coach in all of professional sports. His team’s are stacked with talented athletes who have a low key personality. His interactions with reporters used to be hilarious and now he has this I’m better than you attitude and half the time his veiled insults are completely uncalled for. It’s not like he has some special system that makes players better. Popavich is a clown, and outside of bars nobody respects him.

  8. PopRulz

    If this isn’t a joke, you’re the most uninformed and incorrect basketball fan on the face of the planet.

  9. MiggyCabby24

    Spoelstra or Brooks get my vote. Both teams got off to horrendous starts. Wizards are hovering arond the 2nd or 3rd best team in the East, and Miami is tied with Detroit for the 8 seed currently.

  10. Jeremy

    If the Heat make the playoffs (and they should) and Erk Spolstra doesn’t get the award.. the NBA should be ashamed of itself. Turning an 11-30, injury destroyed team, and taking them to the best record in the NBA post January 17th…. compounded by the greatest player in franchise history ditching you weeks before the season started…. that’s story book stuff. I actually think the Heat could be very dangerous in the playoffs.. no matter who they play.


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