Derek Fisher Eager To Return To Coaching

The Knicks fired Derek Fisher as their head coach a little over 13 months ago, and the former NBA point guard has found a new role as an analyst for TNT. However, as Brian Mahoney of The Associated Press details, Fisher is eager for another shot to coach an NBA team, suggesting that “there’s no question” he’ll return to it at some point.

“I’ve always been most at home, most comfortable when I’m trying to figure out how to help my team win and those were thoughts I had as a player and those were the thoughts I had as a coach,” Fisher said in a phone interview with Mahoney. “So when and if that opportunity presents itself again, I’ll definitely be ready for it. I’m looking forward to it and I think the biggest thing would be what and where and when. I think that applies for everybody that is kind of waiting for and looking for that next great opportunity.”

Fisher’s stint as the Knicks’ head coach was short-lived. After leading the team to a 17-65 record in 2014/15, Fisher got off to a 23-31 start last season before being replaced by Kurt Rambis and – eventually – Jeff Hornacek. New York hasn’t exactly turned things around since Fisher’s dismissal though, having compiled a 36-60 record since then.

No NBA team has fired its coach during the 2016/17 season so far, which is extremely rare — SBNation’s Tom Ziller suggested back in November that it hasn’t happened for at least 35 seasons. Still, it’s unlikely that all 30 NBA teams get through the offseason without some turnover in the coaching ranks, so perhaps at that point Fisher will receive some attention as a candidate.

Although Fisher’s 40-96 record with the Knicks likely won’t make him the most sought-after option available for teams seeking a new head coach, New York’s underwhelming play and Phil Jackson‘s involvement over the last year may retroactively cast Fisher’s performance in a more favorable light.

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6 thoughts on “Derek Fisher Eager To Return To Coaching

  1. Dean Gant

    It’s not just Fisher’s record that is an impediment, but the incident with Matt Barnes and other rumors of him involved with his players girlfriends.

    • CobiEven

      This. I don’t see any player wanting this guy as a head coach nor do I see owner wanting him to lead men. Stay at TNT. You can chase tail there.

  2. Branden

    I think the reality TV route would better suit his ambitions – with a litany of alternatives to choose from, I see no reason for this lame to get another shot. I suppose I can’t be too harsh on his character, being as he’s about as famous as Vlade was for flopping during his career.

  3. Cleveland - City of Losers

    All teams eager to tell him “LOL, are you serious? We don’t believe you. Really? What makes you think we would hire you?!?!?”

  4. Reflect

    “You have to penetrate through the middle then crash the restricted area. Keep pressure on the perimeter and you’ll have no problem scoring. Now let me talk about basketball”

    – Derek Fisher

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