And-Ones: Fredette, Marbury, O. Johnson

Multiple teams offered Jimmer Fredette a 10-day deal after his season in the Chinese Basketball Association concluded, but he turned those deals down to stay home with his wife and newborn daughter, Ken Tingley of the Post Star reports. The guard played this season with the Shanghai Sharks and the team wants him back next season, though he has not made a decision on where he wants to play. Beijing has also made Fredette a contract offer for 2017/18, per Tingley.

As a result of his noteworthy college career and his year in the CBA, Fredette has become extremely popular in China. Tingley adds that the Communist government, which does not allow the free flow of information, previously contacted Fredette to make sure he wouldn’t use his social media popularity to share political views. Fredette told them that he was not political and that simply playing basketball was the goal.

Fredette showcased his scoring ability in his lone season in China, averaging 37.6 points per game on 47.4% shooting. He had a 73 point game and he won the league’s MVP award. He’s still eligible to play in the NBA’s postseason should a playoff team sign him.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Stephon Marbury will play one more season in the CBA before becoming a coach in the league, Steve Popper of relays. The scribe adds that Marbury would like to eventually return to the NBA as a head coach .
  • Marbury said he admires the way Carmelo Anthony has handled the constant adversity with the Knicks, Popper adds in the same piece. “I think he’s handled it great,” the point guard said. “He understands. He knows. This is the biggest market in the world as far as in the NBA playing basketball. He understands if he wins what it will be like here. Sometimes you’ve got to go through the tough times and all of the dark times in order to get to the light.”
  • Orlando Johnson has signed with the Lebanese Basketball club Riyadi, according to E. Carchia of Sportando. Johnson was the No. 36 overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft.
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6 thoughts on “And-Ones: Fredette, Marbury, O. Johnson

  1. madjib33

    Marbury commenting on Anthony ? and the topic is ‘ Winning ?’ that’s just too funny!!!!

  2. D-NBA

    I remember my Knicks got Marbury and we got destroyed by the Nets in the first round. Melo’s career in New York is severely overrated the dude has had some regular season success but nothing significant has been accomplished there, the Knicks haven’t been interesting since the Jeremy Lin saga. If Melo is staying I am fine with it but for the love of god please keep Rose far away from the Knicks and let’s draft Malik Monk because he is the next Ray Allen.

  3. Greg Dizon

    I think the Knick’s problem is they didn’t have good head coaches during. Melo’s tenure with them. So Memo isn’t the problem.

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