Community Shootaround: Kyle Lowry And The Sixers

Kyle Lowry didn’t officially announce until this week that he would be turning down his 2017/18 player option in order to sign a new, longer-term – and more lucrative – contract. However, the decision had long been expected, and much of the speculation on Lowry’s potential destination in recent months has centered on the idea of a homecoming.

While the Raptors, who can offer more years and more dollars than any other suitor, are still considered the favorites to sign Lowry this summer, the Sixers will have plenty of cap room at their disposal and don’t necessarily have a long-term solution at point guard. Throw in the fact that Lowry is a Philadelphia native, and that the Sixers are being run by former Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, and it’s easy to connect the dots.

Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer made the case today for a union between the Sixers and Lowry, and Pompey’s report isn’t based entirely on speculation. The Inquirer reporter cited sources who have suggested that Lowry has been interested in playing for his hometown team “for some time.” Similarly, sources “have always said” that the Sixers intend to make Lowry a competitive contract offer this summer, according to Pompey.

While there’s a compelling case in favor of the Sixers seriously pursuing Lowry, there’s also plenty of reason to believe it won’t happen. Besides the fact that the Raptors head into free agency with the upper hand in negotiations, the Sixers and Lowry may not be looking for the same things this offseason, as Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Daily News argued this week.

While the Sixers haven’t found a long-term solution at point guard, they may have one on the roster already, as the team has announced its intentions to try No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons at that position this summer and fall. If Simmons can handle running the point and is better suited to that spot than a forward role, it may not make sense to bring in Lowry on a long-term deal.

Meanwhile, from Lowry’s perspective, the Sixers may be a little further from contention than he’d like. The All-Star point guard would certainly help Philadelphia become a legit playoff contender, particularly if Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Dario Saric are all healthy next season. But Lowry said in his exit interview this week that getting a championship ring is his top priority — Philadelphia still looks multiple years away from developing into a team of that caliber.

What do you think? If the Raptors and Lowry can’t work something out, would Philadelphia make sense as a landing spot, or is the fit not quite right? If not the Raptors or the Sixers, which team do you think signs Lowry this summer?

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7 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Kyle Lowry And The Sixers

  1. acarneglia

    I think he will either resign with the Raps, go West like he said he might to the Spurs(just gotta get rid of Pau), or go home to Philly

  2. SamThinkie

    I think the Sixers should pass on Lowry if they get a Top2 pick in the draft, as Lowry, Fultz/Ball and Simmons probably cannot all coexist profitably, especially since it will take $35m+ a year to sign Lowry in all likelihood which will restrict their moves in the future.

    If the Sixers miss out on a Top2 pick in the lottery then I think Lowry would be a good addition. His contract would certainly carry risk due to injuries as well as his age, but I think his ability and willingness to shoot 3s (51% 3PAr this year) make him an ideal pairing with Simmons because he can play off ball and space the floor while also being a more than capable ball handler.

    My preference for free agency would be to try to get Joe Ingles from the Jazz on a 3 year $45m deal, leveraging the need for them to resign Hayward as well as George Hill which would put them into the luxury tax. Ingles has a rapport with Brett Brown and Ben Simmons from the Australian National Team and would provide a good 3 and D presence for them on the wing.

    Getting Ingles still would allow the Sixers to retain some Salary Cap flexibility into next season when Embiid and Covington will likely have new, more expensive contracts so that they aren’t capped out, relying solely on trades and guys on rookie deals to push them over the top.

  3. cjelepis

    I have no idea if he will, but it would be amazing to have him in Philly.

  4. SD Speak For Myself

    Back to Philly cheesesteaks. Cola gels revenge play. Perfect.

  5. Please no to Kyle Lowry. Not worth the years at the AAV that he will command. I don’t want a broken down 36 year old dragging down the roster.


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