No Paul George, Gordon Hayward On All-NBA Teams

The NBA has officially announced its All-NBA teams for the 2016/17 season, and neither Paul George nor Gordon Hayward is among the 15 players honored. That’s big news for both players and their teams, since they’ll be ineligible for the Designated Veteran Extension, reducing the amount of money the Pacers and Jazz – respectively – could offer their star forwards in contract extensions this offseason.

Here are this year’s All-NBA teams:

All-NBA First Team

All-NBA Second Team

All-NBA Third Team

Based on this year’s All-NBA voting results, Wall is now eligible to sign a Designated Veteran Extension this summer, while Leonard is eligible to sign one next summer. Harden, Westbrook, and Curry are also eligible to sign DVEs this summer, as Bobby Marks of The Vertical notes (via Twitter).

Those Designated Veteran Extensions – which are dependent on a player making an All-NBA team in the year before he signs an extension, or in two of the previous three years – apply to players finishing up their rookie scale extensions. They allow a player re-signing with his own team to earn up to 35% of the salary cap, rather than just 30%. So, if we assume a $101MM salary cap for 2017/18, a player like Curry could sign a new Warriors contract with a starting salary of $35.35MM, instead of $30.3MM.

The Pacers and Jazz will still be able to offer George and Hayward larger and longer contracts than any other team, but the advantage won’t be as significant as it would have been if those players had earned All-NBA spots. Teams can offer their own Bird-rights free agents up to five years (instead of four) and 8% raises (instead of 5%).

Hayward figures to opt out of his contract and become a free agent this summer, while George is expected to reach free agency in 2018. George could still become eligible for the DVE in ’18 if the Pacers hang onto him through next season and he earns All-NBA honors a year from now. However, there’s no guarantee that Indiana will be willing to take that risk.

As for the rest of the All-NBA votes, there weren’t any major surprises, particularly on the first two teams. Perhaps the biggest surprise, in a year which was dominated by four clear-cut MVP candidates, is that Harden was the only player who received 100 out of 100 possible First Team votes. Westbrook and James received 99 apiece, while Leonard received 96.

Note: Hoops Rumors readers voted last month on All-NBA teams, and our squads looked awfully close to the official ones, with a couple notable exceptions. You can check out the results of our voting right here.

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52 thoughts on “No Paul George, Gordon Hayward On All-NBA Teams

  1. MasonTerneus

    Good. Curry/LeBron can’t be discussed anymore. Lebron comes out on top

      • Grant

        LeBron doesn’t have Westbrook and Harden as competition for his spot on first team. Also he isn’t even the best forward…I would take Kawhi over him

      • liamsfg

        You can’t compare players with such drastic differences in position and game. Lebron is a more all-around capable player due to his size. I’d take Curry as my franchise player over Lebron anyday, I respect the humble guys not the big egos. Attracts a better supporting cast.

  2. PeeWeeHerron618

    NBA tryna get Big names in Big cities, idk how they both got left off of a All-NBA Team crazy

    • GuruGray

      Who should be left off in favor of George or Hayward? And it’s the media that votes for the All-NBA teams, not the league.

        • GuruGray

          I’d argue that Draymond had the better season. He outperformed George in every statistical category that isn’t usage based and is a top 3 defender in the game. George was a more efficient scorer, but if we are comparing all around performances then Green deserves the recognition.

  3. Supercollider

    Welcome to Boston, guys.
    Best hospitals, best public schools and best colleges in the country.
    Oh look, there’s Tom Brady. Let’s go over and I’ll introduce you.

  4. mcase7187

    I’d love to see a game for those players like 1 vs 2 and split team 3 to see who’s better and have ROY be the other player

  5. formerlyz

    James Harden shouldnt have got all nba 1st team this season. Derozan shouldn’t have made 3rd team. Couple of guys omitted due to injury is fair. Those are the 2 most egregious things I see

    • Compton

      Lol, Harden is a favorite for the MVP and he shouldn’t have made first team. Come on man use your brain.

      • formerlyz

        He’s a favorite due to perception, but I’m not the only one that has him 4th, 5th, or 6th on that list, and that’s only b/c of the injuries to KD and Kyle Lowry

        • halos101

          he’s guaranteed to get at least second in mvp.And your gonna put kyle lowry in the mvp discussion??

            • formerlyz

              …and you’re guaranteed to get 2nd doesn’t mean anything to m as I said, that has everything to do with perception. Also, I’ve heard multiple notable people claim they also had him 4th or 5tg the on their list, so there isnt anything wrong with what I’m saying. Harden had a really good offensive season. Good for him. Others were better overall. Not a slight, but I’ve said this all season. Crucify me if you want I guess lol

        • Z-A

          If you want to play the injuries game, Embiid should be 1st team. His per 36 stats put him in-line with or above Cousins and Davis.

        • liamsfg

          Favorite and most deserving are two totally different things..

          Kawhi deserves to win, Westbrook will probably win. I’d put Lebron second. How much “value” did players hold this season is the question you should be asking yourself.

    • Jobinho

      Derozan not on the 3rd team? He finished 5th in scoring, and his team finished 3rd. It’s funny how you see Butler, and he gets a pass after all the term oil he helped contribute to his team AND his team just barely made the 8th seed in the east. I’d say drop butler, and add Hayward, he deserves to be on the list.

      • formerlyz

        Derozan is bad defensively, and his real plus minus is like 6th in the league partly b/c of that. He is a ball stopper that can’t shoot the 3, and most of his points come from his own admission of tricking the refs into calling fouls, not from actual contact, similarly to James Harden, although not as egregious as him. There are multiple guards that deserve in over him.

        As for Heyward/Butler, that’s probably a fair argument. I’m too lazy to look at the numbers entirely, but both had really good individual seasons.

        • formerlyz

          That rpm on Derozan should have said like 65th. I just noticed lol. If he was 6th, my argument would seem really dumb lol

    • Jadyn3054

      yeah harden sould be on there and he is. he had a special season, but Westbrook’s going home with MVP, because his season was historic. not to mention his crappy team.

      • formerlyz

        If westbrook didn’t get 6th or higher in the West, which he did, I would have had Kawhi, LeBron, Westbrook 1-3 in that order for MVP this year. He was unreal this year, and he had zero help offensively. Again, that doesn’t mean Harden wasn’t good offensively. I just have multiple people above him, in terms of MVP and all NBA teams

        • liamsfg

          This is exactly my top 3 for mvp. I would then take KD 4th above Harden since he likes to turn the ball over and pout when criticized.

          • formerlyz

            I had KD 4th before his injury. Honestly, of he didn’t get hurt, KD had the best year of anyone, if you look in terms of numbers, but obviously his surroundings lower him on the spectrum a little, and as great as he was, you look at what Kawhi and LeBron did with what’s around them, and you can’t ignore that

    • I know one part of the selection process is having enough minutes at a certain position to qualify there. Boogie might not have had enough minutes at center to qualify which is why he might’ve been left off.

      • formerlyz

        The league personifies certain players as multi positional, and the voters are allowed to vote for them for either position

        • Isn’t there a minimum amount of minutes that they technically have to play at that position to count? I remember Brian Windhorst making some remark that Anthony Davis met the minimum to qualify as a center and was thus able to be put there as opposed to forward.

          • formerlyz

            I’m not sure. All I am aware of is that the league designates certain players that have multi positional versatility, and those guys can be voted at either position

  6. Z-A

    These 200M contracts are going to cripple the NBA. Baseball is handing out 200M or 300M contracts but they are over 10 years, not 5. Every player that is halfway decent somehow is a max player, doesn’t make business sense.

  7. I think the funny part is how Draymond thought Klay Thompson should’ve been on one of these teams. Don’t get me wrong Thompson had a great season, but I don’t see who you take off from this list (amongst guards/forwards) to make room for Thompson. I mean I’ll assume Green isn’t calling out the guards and forwards from the First and Second Teams, so now you’re looking at the Third Team. So Wall, DeRozan, Butler, and himself (Green). Who are you taking out? Unless Green is willing to volunteer himself off the team, I just don’t see the argument for why Thompson should be on the team over any of those other 3 or even Paul George.

    • formerlyz

      Paul george was complete garbage until late February. He also lacked leadership, again, all season, as you should probably well know as a Pacers fan

      • Oh I agree he lacked leadership and he was garbage most of the season (which is one reason why some writers didn’t give it to George) but if you’re taking it from a raw numbers stance (which I’m sure plenty of the media do) his numbers are on par with Thompson’s. Granted Thompson should get some points/love for his defense, I’d say he should also lose some points/love considering his offensive responsibilities are to basically shoot and occasionally make the extra pass. Paul George, in comparison, has slightly more offensive responsibilities as he is basically the Pacers offense while also having similar defensive responsibilities to Thompson.

        • And to be clear, I’m not saying George should’ve made an All-NBA team. As a Pacers fan I obviously would’ve preferred he did, but I can’t be mad with who got in over him. All of the guards/forwards were better on a consistent basis throughout the season than George.

          • formerlyz

            Paul george just doesn’t seem like the type of guy that wants to be the leader, which is fine. But, he does need to do a better job of taking responsibility, amd as you mentioned he didn’t do that. You are correct that the Pacers rely on him for a lot, but for a guy of his ability, they should

    • liamsfg

      Draymond is an advocate for his teammates of course.

      Klay isn’t a statistical guy but outside of his great shooting skills he is a glue-like defender and makes some of the smoothest off-ball play I’ve ever seen. The way he sets secondary screens to get teammates open for swings and cuts is amazing.

      I would take him over DeRozan but I’m not arguing with the way it ended up at all. He totally deserves to get 3rd team, its a toss up with a few layers who didn’t make the cut.

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