Cavs Exploring Trade Market For Shumpert, Frye

In an effort to upgrade their roster, the Cavaliers have been exploring the trade market for Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye, sources tell Sam Amico of

It’s no surprise that the Cavs are looking into possible deals involving Shumpert and Frye, though I wouldn’t expect the team to find much of value on the trade market. Shumpert will earn $10.34MM in 2017/18, while Frye will make $7.42MM, and neither veteran plays a huge role in Cleveland — teams interested in adding role players could probably find similar players for comparable prices – or less – on the free agent market.

While Shumpert and Frye may not bring a huge return to Cleveland, they do make some sense as trade chips, since both players could be on expiring deals next season. Frye will be eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2018, while Shumpert has a player option for 2018/19. That might make them more viable trade candidates than someone like J.R. Smith, who has multiple guaranteed years left on his contract. Ultimately though, the Cavs aren’t likely to land a true impact player on the trade market unless they’re willing to discuss Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love.

As the Cavs explore potential deals, general manager David Griffin continues to field calls and make decisions for the franchise, despite the fact that his contract will expire at the end of the month, writes Dave McMenamin of It has been a week since Cleveland was eliminated from the postseason, and there was an expectation that there might be some resolution on Griffin’s situation by now, but with no new agreement in place, the situation is starting to “cause some unrest” in the Cavs’ front office, per McMenamin.

One source who spoke to McMenamin describes it as “insanity,” while a source tells Amico it’s “going to be a hairy few days” in Cleveland as Griffin continues to focus on the Cavs’ future while his own future remains up in the air.

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18 thoughts on “Cavs Exploring Trade Market For Shumpert, Frye

  1. formerlyz

    They need to get rid of Tristan Thompson somehow, and Channing Frye. Next is Shumpert and JR, even though they’re needed right now. Sending out their money somehow is the only way they can really make any changes b/c of the money they have locked up

      • formerlyz

        That’s a position of need with him there. Its obviously still a position of need. It’s hard to day specofic guys until they have the ability to actually make moves. One of their best options is probably trading money for money, and then they have their MLE to add to their roster

  2. Z-A

    ‘salary dump’ pure and simple. finding a two way player on the cheap will be the harder task.

  3. CAVS0223

    Dude. So tired of the Kyrie rumors. He isn’t going anywhere so long as LeBron wants him there and he clearly does. Everyone else is expendable.

    • Z-A

      You could say the same about Thompson. I think, he got his boy paid, now move him on to another team – if they can. Thompson isn’t a factor in a series vs GSW with KD too exposed.

      Go sign a guy like Mo’Buckets to play some Center.

    • Luke Adams

      No Kyrie rumors here. Just saying that he or Love would need to be included if the Cavs hope to do something big. Obviously I believe Love is the more likely trade candidate of the two.

      • CAVS0223

        Unless Westbrook and LeBron became besties over night even bringing Kyrie’s name up as a trade candidate no matter how moot it may be is ludicrous. He is be future of the team. Even LBJ has made that clear. Next to Wade, LBJ’s closest friend in the league is Kyrie. Not Melo or CP3. That boy ain’t going no where.

  4. Z-A

    If you played Frye and a guy like Mo’Buckets at the 5 and you were able to move Thompson and Shumpert’s contracts you’d be in a better position.

    Frye & Speights would be an ideal combo stretch 5 if you can get them to play 18 to 20 mins each and have an end of the bench guy in Jeff Withey picking up 8-10 minutes. There’s your center position for under 11M.

  5. Wolves612

    Lebron will throw a hissy fit over the roster and they’ll figure it out

  6. Sheldon Bowen

    In today’s NBA LeBron can play center or love. Either way that’s what they will do against the warriors and no team in the east is a threat with going big. So either way Tristan Kardashian isn’t going on get them a championship against the warriors. They can probably get bogut on a veteran minimum. Bogut can help you as much as Thompson can. They need melo and Wade. Wade can sign mle and melo in a trade for Thompson, shumpert and Frye. Don’t give me the Knicks would never go for it. Phil killed his value and holds no leverage. Melo can dictate where he goes and the Knicks get what they get.

    • CAVS0223

      Not true. If you watched the first Finals between CLE and GS he was a great defender and made some good shot all through those playoffs. He got paid that summer and was just ok the second finals and really struggled last year.

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