Kyrie Irving Requests Trade; LeBron Blindsided

10:52pm: The Knicks would consider a package involving Carmelo Anthony and future first-round picks, sources tell Ian Begley of ESPN.

4:24pm: Irving has provided a short list of four teams that he would like the Cavaliers to consider dealing with, Chris Haynes of ESPN tweets, although it’s worth noting that he doesn’t have a no trade clause. Those teams, Haynes says, are Knicks, Spurs, Heat and Timberwolves.

3:09pm: Kyrie Irving asked the Cavs to trade him during a meeting with owner Dan Gilbert last week, Brian Windhorst of reports. Irving no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James, as he prefers to be more of the focal point of his team, Windhorst adds.

Irving’s bombshell request just adds to a disjointed offseason for the three-time Eastern Conference champions.

Irving’s agent Jeff Wechsler would not confirm the request to Windhorst’s ESPN colleague Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Kyrie and I had a meeting with Cavs leadership where we discussed many different scenarios in reference to Kyrie and his future with the team,” Wechsler told Wojnarowski. “The basis of those discussions and what went on in those discussions are between the Cavs and us. We are respectfully going to keep those private.”

James was ‘blindsided and disappointed’ by the request, sources told Windhorst. Other members of the team became aware of Irving’s request, Windhorst adds.

Irving, who cannot become a free agent until the summer of 2019, had said in a recent interview that the franchise is “in a peculiar place.” It’s hard to imagine the Cavs dealing their second-best player, but it may not have a choice if the relationship between the team’s two best players is irreparably damaged.

Cleveland has been negotiating a one-year contract with a free agent point guard, Derrick Rose, and will meet with him in the coming days, according to Chris Haynes of ESPN (Twitter link).

Cleveland’s offseason got off to a bad start when Gilbert couldn’t come to an extension agreement with former GM David Griffin.

The Cavs also were unable to add another star like Jimmy Butler or Paul George via a trade this offseason, though they added a few minor reinforcements to their bench.

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251 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Requests Trade; LeBron Blindsided

      • Connorsoxfan

        But if it’s the Nets pick it’s fair value, it just doesn’t work cap wise.

        • Connorsoxfan

          But Boston doesn’t have a lot of non essential salary tied up. IT and Crowder only account for like 13 million. I don’t see Horford being moved at this point, Morris Brown and Tatum are all on cheap ish deals and the latter 2 won’t be moved anyways. Hayward isn’t going to be moved this year, even once he becomes eligible to, and the bottom of the roster is cheap guys like Nader, Zizic, and Yabusele. Horford is really the only option to move. Unless you trade IT, Crowder, Brown, Tatum and Morris, and I’m not sure that’s even enough salary. And it’s a ridiculous overpayment. I just don’t see the fit and I don’t think they want to move IT. Though Irving is the type of player to make you consider it.

  1. Lol and then in a couple of years we’ll hear reports that Kyrie is upset with his next team for not putting enough talent around him.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Sixers could trade Ben Simmons and all remaining ‘Assets’ that Hinkie acquired during his time

    Who in Sixer Land would not want to see a rotation of Fultz, Reddick, Irving

    If the late great Dave Zinkoff were still alive.

    Kyrie Irvvvvvvvinnnnnnngggg!

    • I give no fox

      I don’t know what “assets” you are referring to. I don’t see you mention saric or embiid in your rotation, I would hope they aren’t the assets to be traded. But if I am the sixers, I say no immediately. Simmons, embiid, fultz, and saric are young and cheap. They have no long term commitments. If they want a guy like kyrie they can get him in 2018 or 2019 free agency. Westbrook, wall, lebron, George, kyrie, etc. will all be free agents and sixers have enough cap space to offer max deals, possibly multiple depending on what happens with embiids next deal.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        2017-18 $18,868,625

        2018-19 $20,099,188

        2019-20 $21,329,750

        Sixers can afford this

        And when I speak of ‘Assets,’ I mean unattached draft picks. Some of the picks are jammed up with the Fultz trade.

        Either that trade Simmons and Okafor for Irving.
        I dunno, just make it work

      • RedSox2017

        Wall won’t be a free agent, he’s signing a 4yr/170mi contract after the 2018/19 season

  3. cardsfan1988

    Selfish. Wants to be more of the focal point. He shot a career high last year in shots per game. Sounds to me that LeBron isn’t the problem, it’s the other star that can’t put team in front of self. People can say all they want about LeBron and his ego, but when it comes down to it, he is one of, if not the best superstar at facilitating and getting his team good shots.

    • stretch123

      Yeah but he’s gotta deal with LeBron and play second fiddle day in and day out… LeBron is clearly all about himself and that’s where I think that’s where a lot of Kyries displeasure comes in.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        I’m more of a Cavs fan than a LBJ fan. Kyrie is also my favorite Cav player. That being said, how is LBJ “all about himself” when you consider how he drug the Cavs out of being a last place team to 3 Finals? And guess what? If LBJ leaves after this year then the team is his and maybe he’s now more capable of being a team leader under the tutelage of LBJ?

        • formerlyz

          Ya kyrie is a much more “Me” guy. Bad defense, ball stopper, iso iso iso, dribble dribble dribble. He’s essentially a better Harden with less rebounding. I was super high on him after his 1st year in the league (I thought he could maybe be the next Chris Paul, but with more scoring mentality), and by his 3rd year, he just went the opposite way of where I thought he could go. I thought he was starting to turn the corner back in the right direction during the regular season, but by the playoffs, it was back to “Me” basketball for him…

          With that being said, most of the ego stuff with him seems to be behind the scenes, as it was before LeBron came back there. You never really see it in public, so at least there is that. But reports of how he is behind closed doors have always been there

          • KnicksCavsFan

            If Kobe is his idol then yeah,

            Here’s a very, very valid point about MJ and Kobe. People SLAY LBJ by saying he’s not anything like the other two. The other two won championships but they did so by being selfish players. No one can say that either of those two MADE their teammates better. They made the TEAM better in terms of wins. Neither has a rep for being great teammates. Both are legit all-time greats and champs but the MO was give me the ball, let me score and you tag along. Rebound the ball, pass it to me and get me a towel and a cup of gatorade while I’m on the bench. MJ had Pippen but Pip is more of a docile guy. It’s not in his DNA to be an alpha dog so it was never really an issue. Kobe had issues with Shaq. Shaq has almost always co-existed with another great player (Penny, Kobe and Wade). Of course he had an ego and wanted the ball but I think Shaq fed into the team concept more.

            Kyrie seems to want to win so long as it’s with him being the leader doing so. Not a smart move. I think Kobe learned that and I’m shocked that as his mentor Kyrie isn’t following suit. Ride along with LBJ and grow into the leadership role. LBJ even said, one day he will take a back seat to Kyrie. I love Kyrie but I don’t see leadership charachter in him.

            Say what you want, and I’m no LBJ nut-hugger, but LBJ has always made his team better. He does it all like no other player has. His assists carry much more value than that of Westbrook for instance. I always felt there’s a difference between a “deliberate” assist and one done as a result of not having your own shot. LBJ is the perfect companion to Kyrie because Kyrie doesn’t play like a conventional PG.

            • formerlyz

              I would only disagree with the part about MJ. People forget that he did pass the ball. But back then, iso was way more viable b/c the game was slowed down, and those teams were elite defensively. Teams trying that over the last like 7-10 years haven’t been able to get over the hump, with the exception of 2016 Cavs, but they played a different way in the finals, especially after Draymond was suspended, AI was injured, Bogut was injured. Before they played a better, inside-out game, they were down 3-1. LeBron is so amazing that he could get you to that point with that your turn-my turn stuff. If guys make contested jumpshots, you can get away with the iso, but it’s just not efficient, and makes it difficult on you, especially in today’s game where the best teams play with a free flowing offense. LeBron kind of alluded to that throughout his 1st year back in Cleveland.

          • Grant

            I think the term you were looking for is poor mans harden. He has a better handle and that’s it. Harden is a better: scorer, passer, rebounder, leader, shooter, and defender (they both suck at defense but Harden is 6’5″ so he atleast can try better than a 6’2″ Irving)

            • formerlyz

              I don’t consider Harden the better scorer or shooter, and while I know Harden is a better defender, since we saw it in OKC, he literally doesn’t play defense, which is worse than being awful. I’ve talked about it before. Harden gets phantom calls by throwing his arms into defenders. He isn’t even trying to score. He and Derozan sit together in the offseason, trying to figure out new ways to trick the refs, as they’ve said. Great FT shooter, and that brings his efficiency up. Getting to the line is a skill, but not the way he does it.. as for leadership, I thought that’s what the team lacked before last year, and Patrick Beverly and Trevor Ariza did a good job of it. This year, they have Chris Paul. Kyrie has been worse in that regard, so I will give that one to Harden

      • xiiMaine

        funny how u think LeBron is about himself when he makes his teammates better on the court. I’ll see if he was playing with a ball hog or something . sounds like to me kyrie is trying to be the next James Harden.

  4. ThePriceWasRight

    must suck for LeBron to see a star player leave Cleveland. maybe now he feels like all his teammates did during the decision.


    • cardsfan1988

      Well except for the fact there was no star player in Cleveland then so it’s not like he was leaving a great situation. Completely different situation imo. Kyrie is complaining with LeBron and Love on the team and a team that has been to multiple final appearances.

    • Z-A

      The guys he left behind were scrubs. He didn’t do a KD and leave a future HOF player holding the bag.

  5. Dretorade

    should cavs consider trading LeBron? if he’s leaving next summer again or you think he may why not, he’d be 33/34

  6. canajay12

    Wow. It’s actually hard to envision a fair trade for a player as talented and controllable as Irving.

    There’s little to no chance of it but the very first thing that came to mind was him to the Pelicans for one of their bigs.

    The Suns might have a shot to land him with Booker as the focal piece which would sure be neat to see.

    Obviously would love to see my Raptors get him but we have nothing that would interest the Cavs.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      I immediately thought Pelicans but he publicly said he wants to go somewhere that he will be the focal point of the team. The Pelican’s have Davis. That’s not happening.

      • canajay12

        Davis would be the face but from the small amount I’ve watched the Pelicans Davis would have an easier time playing off Kyrie. He can catch and shoot as well as do any number of things off of screens with Kyrie where as Lebron often times needs to be in possession of the ball to make his magic happen.

      • Casey

        He may want to be the focal point, but he does not have a no-trade clause so he cannot decide where he goes.

        • KnicksCavsFan

          I think it’s “cute” that he gave them a wish-list of teams he wants to go to. I’m a Kyrie fan but if I were the GM I would be tempted to send him to any sub .500 team not named the Knicks, Bulls or T-Wolves.

    • kylewait89

      The only way that could happen is if they had a subsequent trade of Love for someone. Possibly Melo? But that doesn’t make sense. I doubt anything happens and they make another Finals regardless of feelings.

  7. halos101

    This is actually shocking. First thing is that this has to pretty much confirm lebrons gone. Idk why he would stay. Also if kyrie wants to play in san antonio, he wouldn’t be the first option either so idk if i buy that excuse

    • Pihc123

      I’m in he belief there’s something wrong between James. Kyrie is just using that as an excuse

    • triumph13

      I don’t blame Kyrie here. All signs look like next year is Lebrons last in Cleveland – he’s said nothing to dispute the rumors of his interest in LA or joining with friends elsewhere.
      That being said, I think Cleveland elects NOT to trade him- for the very same reason. After next year, he WILL be the focal point of a team.

  8. cmd85

    Bought Celtics half season tickets today, then immediately read this headline. I’m happy with my investment.

  9. Thatoneguy

    Kyrie to the lakers for Clarkson, and Ingram. Kyrie instantly becomes the focus of the offense, Zo can play the 2. Doubt Cavs would take Randle instead of Ingram but this is a better offer than most teams maybe also a draft pick

    • Michael Chaney

      You can do more than doubt that the Cavs would take Randle over Ingram, you can write it in pen. Randle doesn’t have much value.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      That is a horrible trade for the Cavs. Ingram is a project. He may well turn into a star but as of now they have no immediate need for a SG/SF who shot 40% from the floor and 29% from 3 pt land.

    • imindless

      Literally makes no sense and takes us out of the running from getting lebron. Not trading randle for a one-dimensional scorer who can’t play defense. Better version of dlo, we already have caldwell pope on top of it all. Knicks or Spurs are best spot for him.

  10. Thronson5

    Now I really think Lebron will leave next year. They are going to quickly fall apart I think. Sucks, not a Cavs fan but I was happy to see them get to the finals and win one finally and things seem like they are going to bad for them again. Maybe they’ll be able to keep it together, I hope they do but I doubt it.

      • Thronson5

        No thanks? And why is that?? Blows my mind anyone would say they do not want this guy on their team when he is one of the best players in the league and he’s pretty clutch with the game on the line

            • formerlyz

              I’d probably do it for Dragic, McGruder, Ellington, and Bam if that works out money wise, but it would be tough to lose McGruder, if that’s the deal, and I’m cool with sticking it out with For an for now….

              I would prefer Olynyk, Ellington, McGruder, Bam, and something else, but that’s not going to happen lol…

              Kyrie doesn’t fit this team, on my opinion, and he and Dion hate each other

  11. joemoes

    This is a blessing in disguise. Kyrie wants to be a Westbrook. Be the man he’s a scorer doesn’t get assists and doesn’t play defense. The Cavs can now unload Tristan, Shumpert, and frye in any deal with Kyrie. Cavs can clear out over 50 million in pay roll Lebron has the flexibility to build another team in Cleveland how he wants

    • rustyshackleford

      They wouldn’t be able to compete if they traded everyone away and went into rebuild mode. That would basically make them throw in the towel on the upcoming season and would push Lebron out even harder.

      • joemoes

        Not if Lebron knows he has complete control next season. They could get Melo as a place holder to figure out what to do.

  12. stug14

    Celts offer IT, Lakers pick and Jae Crowder for him. Who hangs up first?

    • canajay12

      To Knicks:
      Marcus Smart
      Tristan Thompson
      Jae Crowder

      To Celtics:
      Kyrie Irving
      Knicks 1st rounder

      To Cavs:
      Lakers pick
      Isaiah Thomas
      Carmelo Anthony

      These three would never deal together but a fun thought. I didn’t look up salaries for exact matching just went off memory of roughly what guys make. Also draft picks could alter a bit to get it done.

        • canajay12

          He’s not an ideal fit but he could play beside either Noah or Porz. He’s still young and plays with intensity and loves to rebound. You could do a lot worse in any Anthony trade and they have to take back salary somewhere even if he’s flipped later on.

      • stug14

        Don’t see knicks giving up 1st.

        Although if Derrick Rose signs with Cavs it’ll make it a little easier/likely for them to deal.

      • nelsoncruz23

        It works on espn trade finder, but i was scared it would not be fair tk the celtics losing role players like crowder and smart to just upgrade pg a little bit, so i tried to give them o quinn but they had to give up rozier, which he probably will barely play for them. Draft picks can get moved around to adjust for unfairness.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Ummm no. Stop mentioning Randle as if he’s a star. Plus the Lakers are clearly looking to brand the Lakers/Ball together. Irving is a FA in 2 years. Who knows if he’ll want to stay.

  13. acarneglia

    If Kyrie wants to go to San Antonio then Pop and Kawhi would have no problem letting him be the #1 option.

    I think a trade that could work for both sides would be:

    Spurs: Kyrie
    Cavs: Danny Green, Kyle Anderson, Dejounte Murray, future 1st and 2nd

    • joemoes

      Danny green and Kyle Anderson are trash. Kyrie would be a much bigger haul.

    • You mean a trade that works out for the Spurs. Kyle Anderson is barely valuable. Danny Green holds barely more value than Anderson (3-and-D guy, but provides no value to the Cavs post trade).

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Horrible for the Cavs. Also, I don’t think Pop would want a player like Kyrie who now seems to be a bit of a selfish me, me, me player. The GSW have shown how playing as a team that passes is the right way to play the game.

    • nelsoncruz23

      Terrible for cavs danny green is ok but not great and kyle andersen s meh. The cavs are trying to win now, so they need another impact player back, not alot of role players with potential to be better role players.

  14. joemoes

    Idk how anyone thinks this confirms Lebron is leaving if Kyrie had a problem playing by Lebron and knew he was leaving why wouldn’t he just stick it out a year and wait for him to leave and not cause drama

      • Grant

        I could see a package of Bledsoe plus assets could land Irving. Irving, Booker, Jackson would be the future with possible Chriss/Bender if not included in trade. Bledsoe isn’t Irving but he is close enough in tier that he could intrest the Cavs and I personally think he fits better in their system next to Lebron. Pluse he is cheaper

        • Michael Chaney

          If the Suns wouldn’t start an offer with at least Booker and/or Jackson, I’d hang up immediately

          • underdoglefty

            Sorry Michael, but that phone call would never happen. Suns WILL NOT give up Booker or Jackson.

  15. Jayphils

    Celtics fans have to happy about this they are closer to the top of the east now

  16. Reflect

    Crazy. I wonder what the real reason is. There has to be more to this story.

    • formerlyz

      I heard last year that Kyrie hates Cleveland, and I remember hearing that before he signed his extension, before LeBron came back too

      • KnicksCavsFan

        Kyrie hates Cleveland but he still signs an extension? I don’t buy that at all.

        • formerlyz

          Money? They had all the leverage back then, unless he wanted to take the Qulaifying offer when he became a restricted free agent. The idea was to get the money then, and go elsewhere when the deal was up…and then LeBron came back. Just what I remember from back then and have seen periodically since. There have been some signs he’d want out, but I figured he’d wait until LeBron leaves after the year

          • formerlyz

            Also, kyrie was injury prone back then, so the money had even more incentive behind it

    • Grant

      What’s possible is Kyrie plus bad contract of Frye/Shump for Teague, Jones, future 1st when Teague is eligible to be traded

  17. dust44

    They can’t afford to ship him out. LeBron is definitely leaving after this year. That org is dysfunctional.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Please stop saying they are dysfunctional. The ONLY examples of that would be issues relating to LBJ. The letter and the whole blow up over letting Griffin walk.

        • KnicksCavsFan

          The organization is far from dysfunctional. So what he fired Griffin. You know what Griffin was before he was the GM? He was the assistant GM. I’m not saying it was poor timing but ppl were acting as if there wasn’t anyone handling Griffs responsibilities during the transition.

          As for the “letter” it was stupid and emotional. However, most of the turbulence around the Cavs has revolved around things LBJ has said publicly and about whether he stays or goes. I’m a “player first” kind of guy but I think Gilbert gets a bad rap.

          • liamsfg

            Next you’re going to say the Knicks aren’t dysfunctional either.

            Allowing LeBron to have as much power and voice as he does is where they don’t function properly. Its hardly a debate.

            • dust44

              I’m not sure how anyone can disagree that they r dysfunctional. They r a bottom 10 front office and owner. Just happens that they have one of the top 10 players ever to play in the NBA.

              • KnicksCavsFan

                How is Gilbert a bottom ten owner? How does one even figure that out? Stop regurgitating what you hear and offer facts. Ppl make way too much of what Griffin did. The NBA is perhaps the easiest sport to be a GM.

                We’ve had 4 years to see what the Cavs were w/o LBJ and it’s hard to say Gilbert was a bad owner if you factor in they were left with a bloated roster when LBJ and were clearly rebuilding. To fault him for that is unfair IMO.

            • KnicksCavsFan

              No…Knicks are VERY dysfunctional.

              What’s the benefit of allowing LBJ as much say in the team? 3 finals and 1 chip?

              What’s the benefit of allowing Phil Jackson to run the team, signing Melo to a bad contract w/ a no-trade and not having cohesiveness at all? Not making the playoffs in over a decade.

              • Grant

                It hasn’t been over a decade since they made the playoffs just that long since they won a playoff series

  18. Reflect

    I don’t know who this guy thinks he is, with his list of teams he demands to be traded to. He has no leverage at all.

  19. Connorsoxfan

    If they trade him for younger assets we can just send Boston to the Finals now lol

  20. beantownfan

    Kyrie will get double/triple teamed without lebron,lebron makes everyone better obviously so good luck anywhere else besides the warriors lol. Celts fan btw

    • Kyrie got double/triple teamed when with LeBron so that’s not going to change.

  21. wright0525

    I say, ignore him. He’s under contract, he can’t go anywhere. They won’t be able to get full value for him, so just hold him. He’s a selfish punk. Let him lead a team to 20 wins a year, but score 35 points a night.

  22. shaunm

    kyrie, shumpert, and Frye to to Charlotte for kemba walker, nick batum, Kaminsky and future picks

  23. Nick76ers

    Kyrie didn’t even know what a playoff game is till LeBron came back to the Cavs. Cleveland would be better off without him I’m sure they will get a bunch of assets back

    • At first when I read this I thought that’s not enough. However, IMHO a lot better than Melo and a pick. Cavs could actually get back to the finals with those pieces. With Melo and a pick, I don’t think they do.

  24. KnicksCavsFan

    I’m hugely disappointed in Kyrie. He’s my favorite player. The fact that he would rather leave the Cavs and go to teams like the Knicks or Heat make me really question his desire to win vs personal accolades. Keep in mind that I assume Carmelo and picks or Whiteside and picks would be the prerequisite for a trade to either of those teams.

    • ThePriceWasRight

      makes you question? the report says he wants out because he wants to be the guy. he has a ring now wants to try and make himself look like RW. a guy who can score a d pass and carry a team. pretty focused on personal accolades of you ask me

      • joemoes

        What’s wrong with the trade? Dump salary get a star give up a lesser star. Both don’t like the Knicks.

        • ThePriceWasRight

          Yeah because I’m sure porzingis wants to be overshadowed by LeBron And melo

          • KnicksCavsFan

            From what I heard Porzingis isn’t that kind of guy who needs the world to revolve around him. Furthermore, I heard he liked Melo a lot and one of the reasons why he was upset was because of how Melo was being treated.

            Btw, you’re a wack player if you would rather be the best player on a bad team vs the 2nd best player, who btw is getting to play in perhaps the brightest light in the NBA, on a Finals team.

  25. Dave4585

    Wolves can’t trade Teague yet I believe it has to be over 30 days after season starts right?

    Melo and either Hernangomez or Frank Nkitilina(#8 pick in the draft) from the Knicks I can see it happening.

  26. Corleone

    Bledsoe and Chandler and Miami pick 2018 for Irving perfect !!!!



    And the bank

    Jackson Ulis Bender Williams a Dream

        • Grant

          This is one of the few times where its not that far fetched of a deal (obviously replace chandler with an actual asset like Chriss/Bender). But say Irving is a tier 2 PG behind Westbrook, Curry, Paul, Harden etc and bledsoe is just outside of the all star tier as a top 15 PG how does multiple picks not cover the difference. They are both injury prone and if Lebron leaves next year its a rebuild anyways

  27. formerlyz

    That Korver trade looking even worse right now lol. Atlanta licking their chops with that 2019 1st round pick

  28. Corleone

    Best fit for booth teams !!!!

    Suns: Bledsoe Chandler and Miami pick 2018

    Cleveland: Irving

    Best for booth side !!!!!

  29. Casey

    Kyrie to Sacramento out of spite. Get fox and some picks, unload a contract or two. That 4 team list is cute, but he has absolutely no say in the matter.

  30. imindless

    I ultimately think there are 3 packages that would work for kyrie.

    New York knicks receive :
    Kyrie Irving
    Iman shumpert/jr smith (salary dump)

    Cavs receive:
    Carmelo Anthony
    Frank niltikina
    2018 1st round pick not sure if they own theirs if not 2019

    Spurs receive:
    Kyrie Irving

    Cavs receive:
    Lamarcus aldridge
    Dejounte murray
    Danny green
    Future 1st

    Miami heat receive:
    Kyrie Irving
    Kevin love

    Cavs receive:
    Hassan whiteside
    Goran dragic
    Justice Winslow

    I’m not sure how a deal gets done to timber wolves.

    • formerlyz

      As a Heat fan, no thanks to Kyrie, and although I’m more than fine moving Whiteside, I’d prefer to keep Dragic for now, and obviously Winslow

  31. ChiSoxCity

    You can’t blame Kyrie for wanted to be traded. If he doesn’t look out for himself, who will?

    LeBron is loyal to no one and committed to no one but himself. The one year contracts, constantly throwing teammates under the bus, all that takes on toll on people around LeBron. Reports of LeBron going to Houston or LA next year is the straw that probably broke the camel’s back.

    Why should Kyrie bust his behind for LeBron for one more season when he knows LeBron plans to leave? What will that roster look like in 2018, and how will that effect his career?

    • ThePriceWasRight

      this makes sense and would be a LeBron MO.

      Hey kyrie I’m leaving, demand a trade out now so you can showcase. then next year I’m gone and can blame the team not surrounding me with enough talent.

  32. padam

    Interesting. Melo wants to go to the Cavs, and Irving wants the Knicks as one of his options. Knicks make the deal and sweeten it with their rookie PG they just drafted and take a contract back. LeBron stays happy in Cleveland and the Cavs sign Rose for now if they can convince him to take a low salary exception.

  33. Dee Stroya

    The Knicks CAN NOT give ntilikina or any first round picks until at least 2020. Melo, KO, anyone not named porzingus frank or hernangomez and whichever second round pick didn’t go to the kings, and take back contracts. I’m looking at this as a suffering Knicks fan, but that’s not far off I don’t think

  34. Z-A

    This one’s for Corleone:

    Cavs get: Eric Bledsoe, Tyson Chandler, and Josh Jackson
    Suns get: Kyrie Irving & JR Smith

    If they’re going to trade Kyrie, might as well try to dump JR Smith/Shumpert in the same deal.

    • underdoglefty

      That would be pretty stupid if the Suns gave all of that up for Irving. They need Jackson for defense as he’s one of the few on the Suns now w/ + defensive skills.
      Now Bledsoe (Lil LeBron) + Chandler + Miami pick would work for me and Cleveland & LeBron might like that since he & Bledsoe are good friends. Who knows, might be interest LeBron enough to stay in Cleveland longer too.

  35. irhene

    When Lebron left Cleveland, he regretted the way he did it. I think Kyrie will regret this. You don’t throw your teammates under the bus. That’s why I like Kevin Durant.

  36. KnicksCavsFan

    Here are deals I think are fair to both sides.

    Cavs-Melo + 2018 1st rnd pick

    Knicks- Kyrie and Shumpert

    **Cavs try and sign D. Rose on a 1 or 2 year deal.

    Cavs- D. Cousins

    Pelicans- Irving + 2nd pick

    **Cavs talk to Cousins agent about contract extension.

    Cavs-Whiteside, Dragic

    Heat-Irving, Thompson, Shumpert

    **Cavs try and sign D. Rose.

    Has to be done in 2 different trades.

    Cavs-Zack Lavine
    Bulls-Eddie Taveras and Kay Felder

    Cavs-D Wade and Lopez
    Bulls- Irving, Shump and Smith

    Cavs-Russell, Lin and Booker
    Nets-Irving and Shump

    • formerlyz

      With the exception of the Heat deal, these are all not good for Cleveland, unless you think his value dies b/c everyone knows he wants out. Doesn’t he still have 2 years left on his deal? He isn’t as good as Butler, but he is younger and a better scorer. I’d have to think he goes for more than Butler did. The Bulls combo deal is probably the next best one for Cleveland of the bunch, but I still don’t think it’s a good one…

      • KnicksCavsFan

        I think the Cousins one is the best if done with the addition of D.Rose on a 1 year deal. Certainly a lot of egos and personalities to work with but COusins to me is a top 5-10 player in the NBA. If he’s willing to sign an extension then even better.

        The more I think of this I’m even more disappointed in Kyrie. What a selfish move. And to be willing to go to a worse situation (Knicks) just to be “the guy”?

        • formerlyz

          I don’t like the combo of Love and Cousins, and then you’re still stuck with TT. Also, I think you’d need more than Cousins, even if you get him to stay. Maybe you can get rid of a contract in the deal, but I’d want a more dynamic, 2 way guard back and probably a wing, and a pick as well

      • maxplastic

        I don’t get your deal man. You were running around this site how bad is Ollynyk deal, now you’re “more than fine with moving Whiteside” and maybe even Dragic, don’t like Kyrie….I know that not everyone is suited to any team, but with you need someone to play and not trade your most important players when you signed them for 20 mil.

        • formerlyz

          Well, I don’t know if I’d move Whiteside now, but I was hoping to last year. Now, it would likely have to be some sort of deal to open up money to get someone like LeBron. Dragic is on a good contract, so I’d obviously keep him for now, and likely until his contract is up, unless something unforseen happens…as for Kyrie, he doesn’t fit the Heat for several reasons, including the fact that he and Waiters hate each other

          I just don’t like the Olynyk deal, which is more than fair. I’ve given my reasons. That doesn’t need to be explained again, and it has nothing to do with this

    • Just a heads up, Cavs wouldn’t want Deng back for anything. They already put up with him for a half a year.

  37. Dannylakers

    lonzo ball julius randle jordan clarkson for kyrie or lonzo ball julius randle jordan clarkson luol deng for kyrie

  38. Bulls4life

    If this is story is true well done Kyrie!!! At last someone with the pride to stick it to mr “its all about me” LBJ. No loyalty no commitment from the face of the NBA for the past 7-8 years = well deserved.
    I know its a bit bitter guys but still…

  39. GabeOfThrones

    Carmelo, Nkilitina and a heavily protected 1st rounder in 2019. Replaces the scoring for the Cavs, gives them a high-upside eventual replacement at PG, then they can sign Rose for this year. Knicks get a second star to pair with Porzingis, and have another couple cracks to add players via lottery next year or two.

    • GabeOfThrones

      Both teams would probably still be well short of competing with the Celtics, but still suits both teams needs.

      • I don’t think the Celtics are a shoe in. They got weaker after trading away their best defender and IT is going to have hip replacement surgery. However, if the Cavs settle on Melo and a pick, Celtics, along with Raps have a chance.

  40. Scott

    Out of Kyrie’s desired locations, I only see Miami as likely choice to make a deal unless there is a 3 or 4 year deal. Here is a possible deal between the Heat and Cavs that at least works money wise.
    Miami gets: Irving
    Cleveland gets: Dragic, Winslow, protected 1st rd pick

  41. Scott

    I’m curious how the Rose situation could play into a potential deal. Likely the Cavs want to deal Kyrie for another top end PG. Would the Cavs look to get back someone at another position and then sign Rose to replace Irving on the short term?

  42. dust44

    Send him Brooklyn.
    Ronde Hollis-Jefferson, Caris LaVert, and Isaiah Whitehead.
    Then flip those 3 for Melo and Courtney Lee.
    Kyrie gets to b the face of a team that sucks and LeBron gets to play with his boy.

  43. JD396

    You have no idea what it means for Wolves fans to see that someone wants to be traded to the Wolves.

  44. Scott

    If this came out weeks ago, Cleveland could have made a deal with the Clippers for Chris Paul. Just a shocking decision by Kyrie, and I’m a team, I stay far away.

  45. padam

    Here’s a deal that works money wise…

    Knicks: Whiteside, Shumpert
    Miami: Irving, O’Quinn
    Cleveland: Anthony

    Cleveland reduces their cap number by 3 million and keep LeBron happy by getting Anthony, Miami gets Wade 2.0, and the Knicks have C and PF covered for the next few years and can concentrate on getting a SF.

    • padam

      And the extra cash Cleveland gains can be used to sign Rose. Forgot that part.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Horrible. No way should it be a straight up Irving for Anthony deal. Cavs need at least some unprotected picks.

  46. Pihc123

    I think a lot of people are forgetting who is who in this drama. I don’t like how it’s being played out in the media, but a lot of people forget, if James wanted Griffin to stay, he would have said something and Griffin was Kyrie’s guy. Remember? Kyrie signed his contract, not playing any games by dragging things out, a month prior to James coming back. Jimmy Butler would be a Cavalier today if James would’ve made one call. Kyrie is sick of James drama and ego.

  47. mcase7187

    Send him to New York so he can see how good he used to have it only thing he would in NY is KP

  48. suburbanwarren

    This move is a game changer! D. Gilbert ready to dismantle the team! 40 million lost, but a championship in 2016! Dan is satisfied with 3 eastern finals and 1 championships! Dan is from Detroit. This team is way over the Cap! He wants to make some money! Lebron will not forgive him for 2010! No discount from Lebron K Durant gave the Warriors. D Gibert is pushing Lebron out the door and K. Irving wants 200+millions to stay in Cleveland! But not if Lebron stays. Follow the money! 2017-18 is the last opportunity for a Cleveland championship! K. Irving has no power! Dan and Lebron will make the final call! By February 2018 we will know the outcome! Dan Gilbert openly denied the G.M. D. Griffins an extension on the contract put into motion what we have now! Follow the money! We the fans have no say on this outcome! Only business! This is my take!

    • Pihc123

      You’re probably. It too far from the truth. I honestly believe Kyrie is sick of James’ ego and drama. I’ve heard Kyrie wanted out after 2016 due to James crap. The constant “cryptic” tweets about his own teammates. The constant holding the team hostage with his contracts. Constantly telling who he wants and who he doesn’t want on the team. Etc. Kyrie stands to lose out on the super max in 2020 if he gets traded He wants out bc of James.

    • joemoes

      KD only saved the owner tax money let’s not make him out to be this awesome dude for that. He helped out a billionaire owner. Livingston and Iggy were their own free agents.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Lebron already forgave him for 2010. Exactly how is Gilbert pushing LBJ out the door and exactly why would he do that when he has a roster full of players on contract that are there soley because LBJ wanted them there?

      Look…move personal bias aside and make points that make sense and are based on logic.

      I’m so tired of ppl acting like the Cavs Dan Gilbert hasn’t given LBJ exactly everything he has wanted EXCEPT a new contract for Griffin. Honestly, I don’t know why he didn’t bring him back but that’s the last thing he should harp over.

  49. tsc32

    – Knicks get:

    – Cavs get:

    – Cavs then sign Rose.

    Am drunk tho. Yolo.

    • Pihc123

      Then the cavs simply become the Knicks from last year and don’t make the playoffs.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        You think a team of LBJ, Melo, Porzingis and Rose wouldn’t make the Finals? Your kidding right?

  50. Knicks would consider Melo and picks for Kyrie??? I’m pretty sure the conversation between Altman and Perry goes:

    Altman – Hi Steve, I wanted to see if you were…

    Perry – YES, YES, YES!

    Altman – But I didn’t fini…

    Perry – Stop, YES!

  51. joemoes

    Any deal with the Knicks involves Porzingas. Melo was on the verge of being bought out and the Knicks don’t want him there. So why would the Cavs trade Kyrie for Melo

  52. Z-A


    Cavs get: Melo, Ntilikina, Chandler, Josh Jackson, Eric Bledsoe

    Knicks Get: Love, Shumpert/JR Smith, Felder

    Suns Get: Irving, Shumpert/JR Smith

    • underdoglefty

      No way the Suns give up Jackson and Bledsoe for Irving. Hell, I’m not sure I would trade Bledsoe by himself for Irving!

      • KnicksCavsFan

        The Cavs would laugh at the Suns if they offered Bledsoe straight up. Kyrie is a top 10 player in the NBA. Bledsoe is barely a top 10 player at the PG position.

  53. 3 team trade:
    Knicks get Kyrie
    Lakers get Love and Iman Shumpert
    Cavs get Melo, Deng, Clarkson and Corey Brewer.
    Cavs then sign Rose and maybe flip Deng for DWade.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      So Cavs move Love and Irie and get Melo and a bunch of role players? No thank you. Neither Love nor Irving are on bad contracts and they both played at an all-star level last year. No.

  54. Nicholas Curcio

    I personally don’t think this has as much to do with playing second fiddle to LeBron as it does to going to a team that he thinks that can actually contend with the warriors. Hence why he picked the T-wolves and the spurs as his favorites. I am not a fan of kyries game as I like a true pass first point guard but if anyone is gonna get him to buy into thst fact it’s POP. Arguably the greatest coach in the modern NBA if not of all time. If the spurs can package something around maybe gasol Danny green and some picks or something it could work. But again I really find it hard to believe that it’s because he’s tired of being LeBron little brother when his shots per game were higher then LeBron. I could be wrong but hey I could also be right.

  55. Knicks Fan

    Kyrie won’t get traded for a while if he does get traded on his current contract

  56. dust44

    I hate trade speculation. But here goes my shot….
    Nets: Kyrie and Shumpert
    Cavs: LaVert, Whitehead, Hollis-Jefferson, And 2 1sts
    Knicks: LaVert and Whitehead
    Cavs: Melo and Lee
    Bulls: Hollis-Jefferson and a 2nd rounder
    Cavs: DWade and Lopez
    That would give the Cavs a group that will b back at a 2 seed and keep LeBron happy
    Rose, DWade, Melo, LeBron, Thompson.
    Calderon, Korver, Smith, Frye, Jefferson, Lopez as ur main contributors off the bench.

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