Rockets Remain Top Choice For Carmelo Anthony

Kyrie Irving‘s trade request hasn’t affected Carmelo Anthony‘s desire to join the Rockets, according to Frank Isola of The New York Daily News.

The Knicks are among four teams that Irving told Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert he would like to be traded to, and there is speculation that New York will offer Anthony and a collection of draft picks in exchange for the All-Star guard. However, a source tells Isola that Anthony remains “focused on getting a deal done with Houston.”

Anthony has a no-trade clause in his contract and can block any deal that he doesn’t like. He has reportedly told Knicks management that he would waive the clause to join the Cavaliers or the Rockets, but he might change his mind about Cleveland if Irving is no longer there.

The Knicks and Rockets tried unsuccessfully to work out a deal involving Anthony earlier this month. Houston needs to unload Ryan Anderson, whom New York doesn’t want, so there was a search for a third — and possibly fourth — team to help make it work. The Knicks put a hold on trade talks after hiring Scott Perry as their new GM last week.

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25 thoughts on “Rockets Remain Top Choice For Carmelo Anthony

  1. munlou

    Ok if he now doesn’t want to go to Cleveland and the Knicks can’t make a deal with Houston then just keep him until the trade deadline and see what ‘s out there

  2. Dionis

    Melo must see something in Paul and Harden that we don’t that makes him think he could beat the Warriors. He would without a doubt have the best supporting cast of his career with Paul and Harden but Lebron would get Melo the ball constantly and let him be Melo.

    • Dretorade

      you said melo, Paul and harden would beat the warriors a week ago, what’s changed???

      • Dionis

        Its possible they could pull off an upset but the Rockets have the defenders to play with Golden State, they just got Bhah-Moute and Tucker to throw at KD.

        • Dretorade

          everyone but you seemed to know that, did you just realize it or what changed your opinion so drastically in a week?

          • Dionis

            I don’t think so, from what I’ve heard and seen everyone thinks the Rockets have no chance since Paul and Melo are not as athletic as they once were and can’t keep up with GS in a series but they would sure be able to score with them. They have defense in Capela,Ariza,Tucker,Bhah-Moute, and Nene but if they trade for Anthony I imagine Ariza is gone.

        • bdpecore

          Harden and Melo still have to defend somebody which gives the advantage back to GS.

          • Byoung505

            But they have other defensive weapons in CP3,Trever Ariza,Clint,and T.J so they still have a chance for sure

    • RAM813

      In 2k17 I placed Anthony on the Rockets and the current team with Paul & Harden and released Anderson. Just saying they went to the finals against my Magic team. Haha

    • rgrny1

      I agree. Melo would be so much better off in Cleveland with LBJ. I can’t see him on the same team as Harden, it may actually be funny. Either way Melo needs to go and that’s it. He would benefit with LBJ and consider himself lucky. I’m just sick of hearing about him!! If I’m the NYK they have to try and swing a deal for Irving.

  3. chrisco

    So work out a 3 team trade;Rockets get Melo,Cavs get Anderson and Knicks get Irving.They can throw in whatever picks and end of bench pieces they need to to make salaries work.

  4. Melo wants Houston over Cleveland for two reasons.

    1) He is closer with CP3 than he is with LBJ.

    2) Melo knows LBJ is likely to leave Cleveland next year, which would mean Melo would have to opt out of his player option at $28M to leave the sinking Cleveland ship and sign for considerably less somewhere else. In Houston, it’s much more likely that Paul stays, Harden is there, and Melo excersise his player options.

    • Dionis

      Melo better hope Kyrie doesn’t land in Minnesota or else we’ll be watching Kyrie and the Wolves vs Golden State. Teague and Wiggins for Kyrie and Shump and the Warriors are in trouble.


  5. rgrny1

    Teague just signed and can’t be traded until December 15th, so that’s not gonna work. Knicks need a 4th team to even get this done. Either way Melo needs to go!!

    • Connorsoxfan

      They would just wait to finalize it until then in all likelihood. Unless can they renegotiate and extend Wiggins to a max deal now and get the current season cap hit up too? Otherwise they’d have to include Teague for salary.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Because he’s a good player. And if they move Anderson and picks for him it’s a really nice upgrade. It’s not like they’re locked into him for 5 years or anything, it’s 2 seasons, possibly 1. It would actually open up future flexibility as well since his deal is shorter than Andersons. Plus they could compete with GS. It’s a perfect fit.

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