Suns Will Not Include Josh Jackson In Kyrie Irving Offer

The Suns will not include Josh Jackson in any trade for Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, reports John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 (Twitter link).

Ramona Shelburne of ESPN (Twitter link) adds that the team has reassured Jackson of this as well.

Phoenix has been rumored to be interested in the disgruntled Cleveland point guard, but it will not be entertaining offers that include its top 2017 draft pick. Jackson was selected fourth overall by the Suns as a forward out of the University of Kansas. The Suns clearly view Jackson as a critical part of their future if they are not willing to discuss trading him for a star of Irving’s caliber.

In Jackson’s lone season at Kansas, he averaged 16.3 PPG and 7.4 RPG, while shooting 51.3% from the field. Last season for the Cavs, the 25-year-old Irving scored 25.2 PPG and dished out 5.8 APG, while boasting an extremely impressive slash line of .473/.401/.905. Irving’s career playoff figures are even more impressive, as he has averaged 23.9 PPG, 4.7 APG, and 1.5 SPG in 52 career playoff games with a slash line of .465/.415/.876. Irving’s numbers in the past two playoffs are much higher still.

Since the Cavaliers do not need to trade Irving any time soon, although one could argue it would be awkward if they didn’t before training camp, it appears less likely that the Suns could nab him without agreeing to part with Jackson. Still, the Cavaliers may have interest in Eric Bledsoe as the centerpiece of a potential Irving trade.

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61 thoughts on “Suns Will Not Include Josh Jackson In Kyrie Irving Offer

  1. hopper15

    Wise decision. I don’t think the Cavs are going to trade Kyrie. The asking price will be too high.

        • Martin Chan

          Could still happen as a sign and trade. I don’t think len would not want to play for a championship this early to his career. But assuming he doesn’t sign I think Bledsoe, Warren and Miami’s Pick should suffice.

          • rxbrgr

            Can’t do a sign and trade for a team over the tax apron, as is Cleveland

          • shawnybig

            That isn’t enough, Bledsoe , the Miami Pick, Chriss or Bender and a future #1 might do it. The Celts could send Isaiah T , Crowder, and the Memphis and or. Clippers #1 pick.

    • Dionis

      You are delusional if you think Kyrie and Lebron are playing together October.

      • It’s a little late in the trading free agents season to pull off something like Kyrie Irving trade.

        Might have to get it done at the deadline. The Cavs are not simply going to give him away… he’s too incredible for that.

        Tell him he’s sticking around for now… he’s under contract ….put on the jersey and play.

      • sameichel

        Kyrie is following Kobe’s footsteps from 2007, when Kobe asked for a trade to the bulls but once the lakers asked for luel dang in return Kobe didn’t want a trade anymore and they went on to get pau gasol and back to back titles

  2. showty

    dumb decision… he’s ah rookie how can he be ah big party of ur future!!!!???? Kyrie is 25yrs old… he will be ur future if can get him… rookie hasn’t proven anything…. Suns future is not bright is they don’t get this trade…. have u seen the Western conference!!!! SMH… and these are NBA GMs …

    • DarkGhost

      And when he leaves in 2 years what part of the future will he be then.

    • Manish

      If it was a one for one trade then you make it but Jackson would be part of a package that would most likely include Bledsoe and picks.

      • shawnybig

        The Suns could pull this off without Jackson which is a good move on their part Jackson has incredible upside. Would Cleveland take Bledsoe , Chriss, and either Bender or two #1 , then build around Kyrie and Jackson

        • shawnybig

          And Booker, build around Booker, Kyrie and Jackson , Phoenix is a desirable location to resign Irving

    • Connorsoxfan

      Because the future isn’t next week. They’re taking a few years down the line. Jackson should be a big part of the team then. You do understand how the NBA works right? Kyrie would likely bolt in 2 years, and that’s not Phoenix’s competition window.

  3. Rational starting point, but if they really won’t, then (like a lot of commentators) they don’t get how good Irving is. This is another Harden situation; they don’t come along often. Bledsoe is overrated (a low IQ non-distributor) and injury prone, but he’s a good fit with LeBron, though not close to enough. They need to add Booker or Jackson to make it work. I could see selling high on Booker here, and consolidate him and Bledsoe into Irving. Swap some toxic waste along the way (Chandler and Shumpert).

      • OK, they’ll get another lottery pick this year too with that mindset. And, honestly, they may be better off that way. But Bledsoe isn’t a guy you’re winning much of anything with as a starting PG. Booker can’t defend his position (he’ll get better, but his athletic limitations won’t disappear). In two years, they’ll both be seeking max contracts, and they’re currently the starting backcourt for the 3rd worst team in the league. That said, I’d try to get Irving and retain both as well, but I don’t see how. Cleveland won’t want bigs (other than maybe a 2-way C in his prime) or draft picks as primary consideration, so it would take a third team.

  4. stretch123

    Smart move by Phoneix. I get the feeling Cleveland won’t be able to trade Kyrie since everyone knows he wants out. The Cavs want a young star, a decent veteran, and picks all for him which I don’t think any team will end up surrendering because there clearly is a lack of teams willing to give up 3 solid assets WHILE needing guy like Kyrie. I also think he ends up staying in Cleveland at least into this season.

    Would love my heat to get him though. I think a package of Dragic, Winslow, Richardson and maybe Bam should be something Cleveland would consider. Cavs get a decent PG who I think would help take some of the ballhandling load off of LeBron, and now Drose, a solid young defender in Winslow, who I think is going to eventually develop his offensive craft (showed signs last season before he got injured), and JRich, who could give them another wing capable of knocking the 3. And Bam who could be better than Tristan Thompson I think… Essentially a depth trade for Cleveland while putting “blue chip” guys around LBJ. Not to mention it looks like LBJ is leaving again anyways, so why not give it a shot. For Miami we get a guy to pair with Whiteside, JJ, and Waiters as the core of the team. I think this trade would be good for both sides.

      • stretch123

        I think that’s what it’ll take and it’s an offer that’ll top other offers. I mean we’d have Whiteside, Olynk, Ellington, Waiters, Irving as our starting 5, Tyler Johnson, James Johnson, McGruder, Haslem off the bench. Maybe get someone on the mid level to fill another spot. Winslow was injured last year, Irving would replace Dragic and Bam and JRich would be the two tough losses for the team. I know we lose our depth overall, but Irving can take the Heat from good to great.

        • kylewait89

          The issue with it is that the Miami FO likes Bam. I doubt you’re getting him after giving up dragic, Richardson and Winslow. A pick might trade hands but they aren’t just handing Bam after they drafted him. Kyrie alone doesn’t make Miami light years better. Especially considering they have to work out the Waiters/Kyrie dynamic.

          • stretch123

            I doubt the Waiters/Irving dynamic would be tough in Miami as it was in Cleveland. I get that Miami likes Bam, but I believe his ceiling is lower than Kyries. Dude is 25 and is just entering his prime. Dragon is a good pg, Winslow is solid, and Richardson is a legit guard imo, but I think this move would be bigger than just being a playoff team year after year. To win in the modern day NBA, you need stars, and a Kyrie/Whiteside duo, with JJ and TJ off the bench easily makes Miami the 3rd seed in the East. Obviously the Heat would prefer not to trade Bam, especially Bam, but I don’t think Cleveland will trade Kyrie for anything less then the package I described above. Miami has NO picks. As a Heat fan, I think he’s the type of player we need to take us to the next level right now. With all due respect to Dragic, he’d be a huge upgrade.

            • kylewait89

              I liken this to what NY did to get Carmelo. You take a deep, talented team and kill your depth for a star. That’s great until a guy like Kyrie goes down and you have no depth behind him. I get it, you need stars to win. But even with Kyrie, they aren’t passing Cleveland or GS up. Probably not even Boston. If they are trading the depth they have in hopes of competing, it better be for a guy better than Kyrie.

              • formerlyz

                As a Heat fan, I’m glad reports are the Heat aren’t interested in him. That’s what I said anyway

    • xiiMaine

      I doubt LeBron is leaving. No one is in the East to stop him so why should he.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Boston is a legitimate threat. It’s not like they should be the favorites but Boston and Toronto are both teams to consider and Washington could be a threat as well if Porter takes a step forward and their much improved bench works.

    • kylewait89

      So gut the roster for Kyrie? Yeah, I think Miami is smarter than that.

  5. Makes sense, but they might as well say they aren’t trading for Kyrie period. Bender and Chriss’ value has nosedived since last year, and I can’t possibly imagine Cleveland being interested in that sort of asset right now. Picks would be helpful, but only in addition to landing two Finals crunch time capable players.

    If I’m Cleveland, I want Bledsoe, Jackson, and a couple of firsts that I can use to grab Melo. It’s a lot, but they’re worse otherwise, and they need at least one future asset if they move Kyrie

    • SuperSinker

      I don’t see how Chriss’ value has nosedived. He was always going to be a project. That said he’s shown he more than belongs.

      • formerlyz

        Ya, I don’t know what he is talking about. If I’m Phoenix, no way I move Jackson or Chriss

      • kylewait89

        I think the looking out of shape two months after the season thing threw people off. In two months he went from athletic to looking sluggish. Lebron wouldn’t tolerate that in Cleveland but I don’t his upside lands him in the trade.

  6. DarkGhost

    The cavs can say they want Jackson in a trade all they want to but the reality is the Suns are going to include him.

    And let’s be honest if the suns told the cavs we’ll give you Bledsoe, bender, chandler, Warren, both Miami picks and let’s say the suns 2020 first round pick unprotected for Irving and let’s say Tristan Thompson. Unless the cavs a better offer from another team like Boston they would be fools to turn that down.

    While not nearly as good Bledsoe fills the hole that Irving is leaving, Chandler is a good rim protector and rebounder, Warren would be good offense of the bench, Bender is the future asset that can maybe develop and the Miami picks plus suns pick can be used to get melo.

    The cavs would line up

    The suns line up
    Williams or Len

    • SuperSinker

      That’s a ton to give up for Phoenix. They’re in a really good position for the next few years. They’ve had a painful rebuild, I’d hate to see them try to take a shortcut and end up a 38 win team.

    • kylewait89

      I don’t know that they trade any of their own picks but I agree that if offered that, the Cavs would be dumb to not take it. Phoenix won’t win, even with Kyrie. Kyrie is maybe a more dynamic offensive player than Bledsoe but I don’t think he helps the, win much. The Suns have to hold on to their own picks but I do see the Miami picks included. Also, if they could they should sub Warren for Chriss. Chriss is already out of shape and their season has been for a couple months. Bad look for him.

      • Andrewc62

        I think you mean one of the best young teams in the NBA, athletic and full of shooters. Devin Booker will be better then Klay.

        • Z-A

          One of the best young Lottery teams in the NBA. You know they’ll be in the lottery next year.

  7. imindless

    Not getting kyrie without josh Jackson so thanks for looking. No one else on suns has value, all projects.

    Marquesse chriss

    Kyrie Irving

    Would get it done

    • kylewait89

      Teams trade for projects all the time. Especially when a player doesn’t want to be there. Bledsoe, Chandler, Chriss and one or both Miami picks is plenty of value for a player who doesn’t want to be there.

  8. Connorsoxfan

    Chandler and Bledsoe best deal for booth teams !! @Corleone. There. Now you don’t even have to waste time typing that. But it’s still a ridiculous proposal.

    • Andrewc62

      Why would the Cavs want Tyson chandler?? Tristan Thompson is significantly better and way younger.

  9. Corleone

    No No No Bledsoe is very good PG when Kyrie play in the west coast I thinking he would be not better than Bledsoe and in a trade package with Chandler is that perfectly.

    Warren is to good for that trade.

    • Connorsoxfan

      But you can’t just assume Irving plays worse in the west. That doesn’t decrease his trade value to Cleveland. If all the western teams knock down their offers and say he won’t be as good, Cleveland would just drum up a bidding war in the east. TJ Warren is definitely not “to good” for an Irving package. Chandler has negative value, and Irving is better than Bledsoe. Bledsoe is a fringe top 15 PG and Irving is top 5. That’s not a giant drop off, and Bledsoe is still pretty good, but combining a worse point guard and a big with negative trade value for a young perennial all star candidate with 2 or 3 years of cost control (2/3 of max) doesn’t make sense.

  10. sameichel

    If anything I would trade him for Bledsoe, and Booker, or Bledsoe, Jackson, and three top draft picks

  11. Andrewc62

    Cavs won’t trade Kyrie, he’ll realize what a mistake it was to even ask for a trade. He’s playing with the greatest player in the league on a team that’s made three straight NBA finals. He needs to stop bitching about being “robin”. We didn’t hear D-Wade or Scottie complaining in being the second superstar, so grow up and stop bitching.

  12. azentropy

    Good. Personally I think Irving is a bit over-rated. Saw his stats on another website when James isn’t on the floor with him and they were not nearly as impressive. I also think Bledsoe is a bit under-rated. Other than ppg and shooting percentages, Bledsoe has better number than Irving in most other main categories (assists, steals, blocks). I’d of course take Irving over Bledsoe as numbers can be skewed multiple ways, but it isn’t as big of difference as most people think. Difference not worth the cost of Jackson, Warren and a 1st round pick too (and some thing they would have to include Bender or Chriss) That is just too much and wouldn’t really improve the Suns. If the Cavs would take Bledsoe, Warren and a future 1st I’d say ok, but don’t think the Cavs would.

  13. beany_boy

    Wow. With all these talented players the Suns have you think they were 58-24 instead of the other way around. All these rag tag players will be called journeymen in a few years.

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