Community Shootaround: Best Jersey Patches

For the first time in league history NBA teams have been approved to sell real estate on their in-game jerseys to the highest-bidding brands.

Although the move yielded its fair share of criticism, the extra revenue stream does have one big benefit: fans now have one more thing to rank during the dog days of the offseason.

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In the past few months, especially lately with the revelation of countless redesigned Nike kits, we’ve gotten a good look at what some of our favorite jerseys will look like during the 2017/18 season.

Over at Ball Don’t Lie, Henry Bushnell has collected all of the new jerseys that have been unveiled so far this summer, many of which are sporting their sponsor’s branding, so be sure to hop over and flip through their collection of images.

Our question, for this latest Community Shootaround, is what jersey patch you think looks the best. Some, like Utah’s 5 For The Fight, may earn favor by having a good story attached to them while others, like Charlotte’s affiliation with Jordan Brand are just downright cool.

Of all the jersey patches revealed so far, however, which do you think looks the nicest? Use whatever metric you prefer, just be sure to explain why in the comments below.

Does the classic look and feel of Milwaukee’s Harley Davidson patch suit your fancy? Maybe you’re more apt to rock a new Pistons or Nets jersey considering how seamlessly their respective sponsor patches mesh with the existing team colors.

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5 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Best Jersey Patches

  1. Philly Fan

    For me, Cleveland is the best and Orlando is the worst in terms of design and fit on the jersey. I’m not counting Charlotte cause I see it as basically the Nike logo and not an ad placement

  2. x%sure

    They mostly look the same, except for Portland, which the writer said was boring, but not so! At least those unis are doing something. Most everyone else is boring.
    Congrats to Phoenix for getting their purple back. Sacramento’s shows that purple works best when not stuck with yellow or white like usual.
    Goodyear’s wingfoot works for a fast sport and it was originally a local business, still is to some extent.
    Too bad for Denver, more common and WUssified. There should be strict aesthetic rules about the advertising patches that would prevent what happened there.
    I have never liked the ubiquitous nike swooshes or adidas tristrips everywhere. Get rid of them instead– These unique logos are potentially an improvement over that.


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