Nerlens Noel Hires Rich Paul As His Agent

AUGUST 21, 7:24pm: Noel has hired Rich Paul of Klutch Sports as his agent, Michael Scotto of Basketball Insiders tweets. Paul is the agent for LeBron James and John Wall, among many other NBA players.

AUGUST 21, 9:11am: According to Mike Fisher of (Twitter link), Noel is considering an agent change from Walters, despite hiring him just a few months ago. However, Fegan is not involved in this process — if Noel makes a change, he’s expected to look elsewhere.

AUGUST 20, 8:41pm: Scruggs’ report appears to be operating off of dated information, as Noel’s agency change occurred during the 2016/17 season. Initially reported to be leaning toward Fegan, Noel went in another direction, as Fegan was fired by his agency and became embroiled in legal drama. Noel – previously with Andy Miller at ASM – is currently represented by Happy Walters, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks confirms to Hoops Rumors.

AUGUST 20, 4:57pm: Nerlens Noel, who remains a restricted free agent, is still searching for a max contract on the market. In an effort to find that deal, he has switched agents, leaving ASM Sports and hiring Dan Fegan, according to Newy Scruggs of

Noel hasn’t received an offer from any rival suitor, Scruggs adds, which prompted the change. Should he still not find a long-term deal to his liking, he has the option to play for Dallas under his qualifying offer, which is worth $4,187,598.

Scruggs pegs Noel’s market value in the $12-13MM range, though it’s merely speculation. The scribe cites Noel’s injury history as a major reason why the big man will likely have to settle for less than the max.

The center has played 193 games since being selected with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2013 draft. He’s scored 10.0 rebounds and brought in 7.5 rebounds per game over his career while making 51.1% of his shots from the field.

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42 thoughts on “Nerlens Noel Hires Rich Paul As His Agent

    • Chris

      An offensively-limited center is worth the max? Idk about that. But I would sign the QO if I were him. Give myself the ability to prove myself as a full season as a starter

      • GuruGray

        In addition to the fact that he has been injured frequently and had minor character/effort concerns in Philly

    • mazzith

      You don’t give max deals to injury prone unproven players. That’s why no one offered him a max deal even with his potential.

    • dharrison23

      No he’s not even close and injury prone, decent back up big nothing more. You must have not watched him much…

      • x%sure

        And he still didn’t say what money either.
        If writer Scruggs got the agent wrong maybe he got the “max” part wrong too… if true than Noel has an intelligence issue

        • David Kerr

          I think you intended to use *then* instead of “than” when pointing out other peoples intelligence issues

  1. Philly Fan

    First of all, no team has max money this late in free agency. Second, he’s not worth the max at all. He’s an offensively limited center whose best attribute is athleticism but he’s also had multiple knee injuries. Lastly, he’s a head case and gets into off the court problems. I have no idea how he thinks he can get 15 million per year at this point, nevermind the max

    • Chris

      In a world where Bazemore Oladipo and Hardaway Jr. are making ~$17 million a year I think Noel is worth at least $15. But I don’t think this is a year to try to win the lotto

      • GuruGray

        Chris all the contracts you mentioned were signed in 2016. The climate is different now and the money just isn’t there. Just look at how the rest of this off season went for guys like KCP

    • CursedRangers

      He will be lucky to pull in over $10M a year. Bigs are being unvalued in the NBA these days. As others have pointed out, very few teams have any cap space. Most of those that do, don’t have a pressing need for a center. He’s been injured a ton. But the biggest thing working against him is the fact that there are 4-5 other bigs that also remain unsigned with similar numbers. It’s a game of musical chairs, and there just aren’t enough seats left for him to get a massive deal.

      • Chris

        Whiteside just got paid last year as did Dwight and Mozgov of all people. If Noel just signs his QO, teams like the Lakers will have cap room, need a center, and may bid for his services AFTER he proves himself as a capable NBA starter.

        • CursedRangers

          I agree that it would be smart if him to sign his QO. He has a chance to be the starter for an entire year under a very good coach. If the stars align, he could reap the big pay day he is looking for next offseason. This offseason he needs to accept the reality that he’s not going to get the crazy money he is looking for.

  2. imindless

    Defensively he is stud, offensively he is still very raw. None the less his defense is a huge plus and any team would be lucky to have a 23 year who hasn’t reached his ceiling (gobert, whiteside) come to mind. If the lakers hadn’t traded for Lopez I’d hope they would sign him.

  3. mcase7187

    Dude is not worth the max he’s may not even be worth half he’s a one dimensional player that’s it

  4. Hen1CHC

    4yrs/60 i would consider a worthwhile investment. Young player, modern NBA center and lots of room to grow

    • Modern NBA centers can hit the three.

      If you’re going to be a non-offensive center you better be De Andre Jordan, who blocks a lot of shots, and rebounds the heck out of the ball. Noel doesn’t rebound.

      If you can’t shoot the three you better be a low-post scoring machine or at least a threat.

  5. Grant

    He is a elite defender. Not saying he is a max player but all these people saying he is a backup scrub have never watched him play. He could very easily develop into a DeAndre Jordan caliber center especially with Carlisle’s coaching and consistent PT.

  6. He is not gonna get the max, period. So he should just sign with the Warriors for the minimum and win a chip and try the market again next year. And if he doesnt get what he wants then he should sign with the Warriors again and win another chip.

    • They have a better player at the minimum in JaVale McGee.

      McGee blocks shots, runs the floor, catches the lob, is a great teammate, and won’t worry about there being too many centers on the team (Noel in Philly) Zaza, West, or wanting to get paid (Noel in Dallas) or who knows what’ll be next. Some kind of pouting.

    • Of course there’s a reason. …. it hasn’t happened yet, so there’s a reason.

      Say something about what the reason is… tell why ?

      We all know “there’s a reason.”

    • taquinas16

      Yeah, because no team has close to max cap space. He’s worth 16+ per year, but a lot of teams killed their cap space signing trash like Noah and Mozgov in previous years.

  7. Max is a joke, but $12-$13M a year should not be out of the question.

    The issue now is, who has cap space left that could force the Mavs to match a deal of that size. Bulls, Suns and Sixers, who you can eliminate as they dealt him last year. Bulls already have an offensively limited center in Lopez, so I don’t see them adding another one. Suns may be too busy trying to add Irving. There really is not a suitor out there that will offer a tonne to Noel, which gives the Mavs all the cards.

  8. canajay12

    Is any center not named Davis or maybe cousins really worth the max? I think it’s been proven that right now a dominant center just isn’t as valuable as it used to be. Literally all of the top teams in basketball right now have their resources tied up in guards and athletic wings.

    Cle, Bos, Tor and GS, SA, Hou. Top 3 in each conference and none of them play with a prototypical C as a focal point max money type player. Noel would be a nice player for sure and he has the speed to keep up with the game but in theory your max money guys should keep up with the other max money guys and he’s not close to Lebron, Kyrie, Steph, Hayward, Derozan, Kawhi etc etc.

        • canajay12

          Yeah I thought about him too after I wrote it… He has the best chance of being on a great team this year between him and Gobert. Fact remains that the dominant teams the past few years have shifted away from having a set “5” position on the court.

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