Cavaliers Notes: James, Anthony, Cousins, Wade

Don’t expect a firm answer from LeBron James tomorrow when Media Day questions turn to his future, writes Joe Vardon of Monday will mark the first time the Cavaliers star has spoken to reporters since Game 5 of the NBA Finals and the first time since rumors emerged that he has plans to join the Lakers as a free agent next July. LeBron will probably tell the media that he hasn’t made up his mind, which Vardon believes is true.

The talk about LeBron’s next decision will overshadow other issues surrounding the team heading into training camp, such as the condition of Isaiah Thomas‘ hip, the new personnel on hand, the chances of Dwyane Wade coming aboard after a buyout from the Bulls and whether the organization plans to keep or trade the unprotected first-rounder it got from Brooklyn. But Cavaliers fans had better get used to it because LeBron’s future is going to eclipse everything all season.

There’s more news out of Cleveland:

  • The Knicks were demanding a first-round pick from the Cavaliers in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, Vardon writes in a separate story. Anthony included Cleveland among the three teams he was willing to waive his no-trade clause to join, but the Cavs felt the price was too high.
  • The Cavaliers are listening to offers for the Brooklyn pick, but it’s unlikely a deal will involve either of the Pelicans’ big men, according to Sam Amico of Amicohoops. Rumors have been circulating about DeMarcus Cousins, who will be a free agent next summer, but Amico says the teams haven’t discussed a Cousins trade and the Cavs may not even be interested. Also, Amico hears that New Orleans won’t trade Anthony Davis under any circumstances.
  • Amico believes Wade is headed to Cleveland, possibly before the season begins. He and the Bulls are ready to part ways, and Amico sees no reason why the buyout should be a lengthy process. He passes along a few other roster details in the same piece, stating that it’s unlikely that Kay Felder or Edy Tavares earns a spot, although both could wind up with the team’s G League affiliate in Canton; most scouts like Ante Zizic, who was acquired in the Kyrie Irving trade, more than Cedi Osman; and the Cavs and Rockets “were at the one-yard line, ready to punch it in” on an Iman Shumpert trade this summer.
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7 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: James, Anthony, Cousins, Wade

  1. trollymctrollerson

    Right, because why would anyone want to hear about how great LeBron’s team is this year? Let’s just talk about where he’s going to play next year. Westbrook too. It’s all about trade rumors and player movement. Keep clicking, we need the ad revenue. Got it.

    • nelsoncruz23

      This site isn’t about actual games. It is about rumors and player transaction news. It is called Hoops RUMORS after all.

  2. x%sure

    Writer it matters WHICH firstround pick you’re talking about. Vardon said the Cavs did not want to part with either pick.

    I sure would like to know more about the Shumpert trade but that’s on Amico. Interesting link. Portland is a possibility because they’re unbalanced and KLove would really work there. If Nurkic injures something doing too much with his 270 lbs. look for talks to happen.

    • Z-A

      Why would you trade Love this year? That would be a step in the wrong direction.

      • x%sure

        This would ne happening at mid-season after Love has re-established his value with Thomas’ 2-man games as opposed to watching Irving from the corner.
        Teams will be asking about Love… and Portland’s cap situation will be rough next year with Nurkic’s re-signing coming up. Love won’t just be a throw-in with the Bklyn pick!
        Altman will probably make a trade that seems to equalize the Cavs with GSW.

  3. Z-A

    IF they keep the pick, you gotta hope for Porter or Bags. That’s your replacement for KLove who you then try to trade and get a guard back in a 2 or 3 team deal.

    If they trade it, I wouldn’t give it up for a 1 year rental like Boogie. His game, while individually is good, doesn’t look like one that puts you over the top against GSW. Dominates the East, but GSW is so fast paced, really only a baller SG makes sense. Those aren’t readily available. So look for D Wade to get BO and join the banana boat. Might as well bring Bosh in as a special assistant.

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