Cavaliers Sign Dwyane Wade

SEPTEMBER 27, 4:09pm: After clearing waivers, Wade has signed his new contract with the Cavs and will report to the team’s evening practice session tonight, says Wojnarowski. Assuming Wade’s signing is official, that means the Cavs have also waived JaCorey Williams, as reported earlier today.Dwyane Wade vertical

SEPTEMBER 26, 4:37pm: Dwyane Wade plans to sign with Cleveland once he clears waivers, sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski of (Twitter link). Wade agreed to a buyout with the Bulls earlier this week and he’ll be free to sign with any club on Wednesday. Cleveland currently has 20 players under contract–the maximum allowed for training–so an immediate corresponding move will be needed to make the transaction official.

It was reported earlier today that Wade had “no intention of going anywhere” else besides Cleveland and that the two sides were nearing an agreement. The Thunder, Heat, Lakers, Warriors, and Spurs were all linked to the 35-year-old, though it appears Wade simply wants to compete for a championship alongside his good friend LeBron James.

Wade’s deal with the Cavaliers will be for one season at the minimum salary, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link). The Chicago native is entering his 15th season in the league, meaning his minimum salary will come in at approximately $2.33MM.

Wade was scheduled to make $23.8MM in Chicago this season, but the team’s offseason plans forced him to consider a buyout agreement. The Bulls traded away Jimmy Butler and appear to be in a full rebuild, something that didn’t appeal to Wade. After seemingly amicable negotiations with Chicago’s front office, Wade ended up forfeiting roughly $8MM for the right to be a free agent.

With Wade in the fold, the Cavs could roll at as many as three new starters on opening night, just four months after representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. The team traded away Kyrie Irving this summer, netting Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder along with Ante Zizic and a pair of future picks, and many speculate that the team could slide Kevin Love to the five in order to make room for Crowder in the first unit.

Wade played a career-low 29.9 minutes per contest in Chicago last season and it would be surprising if he tops that mark with Cleveland this year. In 60 games with the Bulls in 2016/17, he averaged 18.3 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists while posting a player efficiency rating of 18.5.

Photo courtesy of USA Today.

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41 thoughts on “Cavaliers Sign Dwyane Wade

  1. stretch123

    Good luck in Cleveland DWade… Hope you consider Miami in the offseason… We still miss you down here.

    • formerlyz

      Next year, he’ll come home. If this was midseason, it would have been more plausible

      • stretch123

        Hopefully we make the playoffs this year as a #4 seed at least. I think that’ll entice him to come back.

        • formerlyz

          I personally dont buy the recently reported idea about contender or not…cavs were offering a guaranteed starting spot. Heat probably weren’t guaranteeing that now, although I would disagree with not doing that, b/c they just paid Waiters for 4 years.

            • stretch123

              Doesn’t make sense for him to start in Cleveland… But I saw a report saying he’s been promised to start. Prob to start at PG in IT’s absence.

                • formerlyz

                  Wade will start. They said Rose was starting before they had Wade. They could go with Calderon as the starter until IT comes back to create some floor balance, or even go without a traditional PG in the starting lineup for a while, and let Rose get used to his role…i can see a few different iterations of the starting lineup. I personally would be very, very surprised if both Wade and Crowder aren’t starters

            • Knox Christopher

              He’s always been a 2 guard. It’s gonna be rose at the 1 and him at the 2

  2. nikumistry

    Do we know the exact figure of how much money Wade got bought out for in Chicago?

    • stretch123

      He gave up 8 mil and was scheduled to make 23.8 mil I think so he’s getting 15.8 mil from Chicago plus 2.3 mil from cavs so he’ll be getting 18.3 mil combined this year.

    • Luke Adams

      Just that $8MM approximation so far. I don’t think the official number will be known until he actually clears waivers.

    • acarneglia

      I think they would’ve had to pay the difference from his 23.8 salary and the 8 million he gave back to the Bulls. So a claiming team would’ve got him at like 15 I think. I might be wrong idk

      • joemoes

        Usually have to take on the whole salary. And do you really want a guy who doesn’t want to play for you on 23million a year.

    • Luke Adams

      A team would need to have $23.8MM in cap room to place a claim on him, which no one currently does. Even if a team had that much space, I think they’d hesitate to claim him against his will, since it could burn a bridge with an agent.

    • Pihc123

      Ewwww. Keep that pick and Shump. Drummond is a beast if you play for the 1991 Pistons.

      • x%sure

        Two have to go if another is coming in… Drummond is not worth that pick… DJ who?

        • Knox Christopher

          Deandre Jordan. They need a defensive center who can block shots and also be somewhat dominant down low. They have enough scoring now. Need to worry about defense

  3. DarkGhost

    Now get on the phone and use the nets pick with Fry and shumps salary to get one more big peace.

  4. CubsRule08

    In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet. Everyone knew this was going to happen once the Bulls bought him out.

    • If you’ve been reading this forum, nobody knew. Me and maybe one other guy said cavs for sure.

      Everyone else was up in the air Spurs Heat whatever. To most this was not a given.

      • x%sure

        It’s been widely predicted for some time by many including writers on this site. Lets all post in saying “Yeppers, Luke!”
        “Maybe one other guy”?
        There were some disappointed Heat fans but they weren’t surprised.

  5. beany_boy

    Wade will wear No. 9, as he did in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

    • formerlyz

      That’s stupid. It makes more sense if LeBron goes back to his Olympic number, which is 6, but why should both Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Thomas have to change their numbers, so Iman Shumpert can wear #4? That’s so ridiculous. I understand you have to wait a year to change numbers if you’re on the same team, but the league should make an exception here. Make Shumpert change. Chalmers changed for LeBron…whatever

  6. There will one new starter, whoever they put at PG (Rose or JC). This team still won the East, and did 12-1 going into the finals. TT and JR aren’t consistent, but that’s all the reason you leave them in the current roles where they’ve been effective (and just reduce their minutes). I doubt Wade cares whether he starts or not, as he knows he’s been better when he played fewer minutes for awhile now.

  7. Djones246890

    Way to “take care” of your home city, you bum. I hope you get beaned in the head with a basketball.

    I’d say you’re “taking your talents” to Cleveland, but you were overrated to begin with, and you have no talent left.

    Just an overrated bum. Cleveland just paying for a used up name.

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