Sixers Will Try Again To Trade Jahlil Okafor

The Sixers plan to call around the league again to see what they can get in exchange for third-year center Jahlil Okafor, tweets Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Coach Brett Brown confirmed that the team will see what sort of return might be available.

The third player taken in the 2015 draft, Okafor hasn’t lived up to expectations in two seasons in Philadelphia. Injuries and off-court issues have gotten in the way as Okafor has played just 103 games over two years.

There are also financial considerations, as the Sixers have yet to make a decision on Okafor’s $6.3MM option for 2018/19. The team may be reluctant to tie up that much cap space with a banner crop of free agents due to hit the market next summer.

Okafor is stuck behind Joel Embiid in the Sixers’ rotation and may never be a full-time starter if he remains in Philadelphia. The team also signed Amir Johnson over the summer and got a promising second season out of Richaun Holmes, so there may not be many minutes left for Okafor if he stys.

The Sixers were reportedly engaged in Okafor trade talks with the Pelicans and Bulls before the February deadline to clear up their logjam at center. However, those deals fell through and they wound up sending Nerlens Noel to the Mavericks instead.

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26 thoughts on “Sixers Will Try Again To Trade Jahlil Okafor

  1. Z-A

    So I get that it’s hard to play him and Embiid together. Need both to be healthy though am I wrong? I wouldn’t dump Jah until JoJo proves he can play. They have him for at least 2 more years, what’s the difference between 60 cents and 50 cents on the dollar return. He’s more valuable as insurance for 1 more season. I’d focus on working on his defense and rebounding, bc he can score better than most 4s or 5s in the league already.

    • Philly Fan

      Richaun Holmes has already shown that he can start should Embiid have injury problems. Holmes is a very active defender and rebounder and he can stretch out to the 3. He’s a way better fit than Jah. Sixers need to trade Okafor immediately

      • thughand

        Totally agree with this. The only thing that worries me about Holmes is his size against big 5’s in the league. But the dude is a grinder and proved he should be out there last year. Way more of an alpha than that toilet paper soft player Jah is.

  2. hiflew

    I could see a rebuilding team like the Bulls or the Hawks taking a chance on him. For his upside, I doubt the cost will be that high to pick him up.

  3. Luckylefty2

    Sixers purposely didn’t play him so he couldn’t live up to his expectations. If I were the lakers I would trade for this guy he was in discussion for that #2 pick 2 years ago and he is way better than zubac.

    • Philly Fan

      They didn’t play him because he’s a terrible defender and lacks versatility. Embiid and Holmes are far better options for the Sixers. Okafor can still have a Greg Monroe/Enes Kanter role on a team but that team just isn’t in Philly

    • imindless

      What would we have to give up for him though? I think zubac gets delt along with deng. Bryant looks good and younger

      • Philly Fan

        Deng is an obvious deal breaker. No need to take on that contract. And Zubac doesn’t make sense. Sixers have Embiid, Holmes, and the Latvian draft and stash whose name I won’t try to spell.

  4. hill

    They should trade him to the 1992 Bucks who need a good low post option following Jack Sikma’s retirement.

    • The last thing the Cavs need is a big who clogs up space and doesn’t rebound or defend. At least Thompson rebounds at a decent rate and isn’t a complete mismatch against smaller and more athletic guards/wings. Thompson fits in nicely for what the Cavs want (it would be a perfect fit if he could stretch the floor).

  5. rxbrgr

    CHI gets Okafor, Bayless and Anderson.
    PHI gets Pondexter and one, maybe two 2nd rounders since CHI tosses those around so freely.
    This could free up significantly more 2018 cap space for PHI while it gives CHI two former first-rounders for cheap.

  6. x%sure

    If nothing else he is basically an expiring. But I didn’t even like him at Duke.
    Now. About Richard Holmes BGSU…

  7. Armaday

    Too Bad Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t consider Philadelphia. That would work very nicely

    • That would work horribly. Okafor would be coming off the bench behind KP and Hernangomez and would likely be a terrible fit next to either of them. Carmelo would take away minutes from Simmons/Saric (neither Simmons, Saric, or Melo are athletic enough to cover two guards, plus, it would be stupid to make Reddick take a reduced bench role considering he was signed to help spread the floor for their starting unit). I don’t see how either side comes out of the trade as a “winner” except for maybe Philly getting exceptional value for Okafor but at the cost of taking minutes (and possessions) away from their young core.

  8. sckoul

    Phoenix needs to trade Len and a future pick for okafor. Right now play behind chandler while he get prepped to be suns starting 5.

  9. Ethan Anderson

    Okafor will show the beast he is when he goes somewhere else. It’s a joke the way the Sixers treated him from the start. All you doubters mark my words!

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