Eric Bledsoe Seeking Trade?

An eventful year on NBA Twitter continued on Sunday, as Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe posted a tweet this afternoon that simply read, “I don’t wanna be here.” Bledsoe’s tweet comes in the wake of an awful to start the season for Phoenix, with the club losing its first three games by an average margin of 30.7 points per contest.

While Bledsoe’s tweet lacks context, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 helps provide that context, tweeting that the veteran guard wants to be moved, and will be moved at some point. Gambadoro adds that he spoke to Bledsoe earlier today and isn’t surprised that the 27-year-old has made his dissatisfaction public. Gambadoro also hears that Suns owner Robert Sarver will meet with head coach Earl Watson later today (Twitter link).

Bledsoe, who began his career with the Clippers, has been with the Suns since the 2013/14 campaign. The team had a great year in his first season in Phoenix, winning 48 games, but fell shy of the postseason that spring and has seen its win total crater since then. The Suns explored the possibility of adding an impact veteran in the offseason, but ultimately opted to remain patient with their rebuild, drafting Josh Jackson and making only modest investments in free agency.

Entering the year with the NBA’s youngest roster, Phoenix has lost multiple games by more than 40 points in the season’s first week, so it would hardly be a surprise if Bledsoe is indeed seeking a trade. The point guard was the subject of trade rumors earlier this year, with his name coming up frequently when the Suns were said to be exploring a possible trade for Kyrie Irving, but he stayed put through the offseason.

As Bobby Marks of ESPN notes (Twitter links), the NBA has the ability to fine a player for a “public statement detrimental to the NBA,” and fined Markieff Morris $10K two years ago when Morris publicly demanded a trade. Bledsoe’s tweet leaves some room for interpretation, so it will be interesting to see if the NBA responds.

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25 thoughts on “Eric Bledsoe Seeking Trade?

  1. formerlyz

    They’ve kind of taken the ball out of his hands, and I noticed them staggering his minutes when I watched their game the other night…

    • formerlyz

      …phoenix can’t play defense to save their lives, besides Bledsoe and Jackson…Denver, Orlando, Milwaukee probably make the most sense off the top of my head

    • hiflew

      Kyrie makes the Suns a 24 win team instead of an 18 win team. In other words, what is the point?

    • formerlyz

      To make sure to cement themselves as by far the worst defensive team of all time, or to give up extra high valued assets for no reason?

      • Solo Beard

        They also won’t get anyone near as good as kyrie. And based on previous trades this summer, (except the kyrie trade, maybe) it doesn’t look like they will get back the quality for him.

        • formerlyz

          If they’re bad enough, which they will be b/c they cant defend, and they are treating Devin Booker like the 1st coming of god himself, they might be able to get an actual big in the draft, which they badly need. Kyrie is not that much better than Bledsoe anyway. For that team, it would have been laughable. And then you want to give away Jackson? That’s a really bad idea. They need defensive wings. Right now, Jackson is more of a 4, until the jump shot improves. They need other wings. Can’t give him away…losing Williams and Reed hurt them defensively as well

          • Solo Beard

            I wish they would have signed tony Allen. Can’t shoot but maybe, maybe, they wouldn’t be losing by 40 points.

          • x%sure

            @form – Nice analysis. Does Josh J look like he grew to 6-11? He’s listed 6-8, 207 so might be a tweener.
            They should get something for Bledsoe still, but the problem with turning down Irving was the message it sent to the team– you’re not good enough for good things.
            A long season coming up for them.

            • formerlyz

              If that’s the case, someone should have come out and told them that Kyrie isn’t that good

  2. Philly Fan

    Mudiay and Faried for Bledsoe? Denver was rumored to be in talks for him and Faried wants to start somewhere

    • I think that would actually be a good trade for both sides. Faried would probably end up hating Phoenix too, but he would still get his PT.

      Iā€™d like to see Bledsoe for Gorgui Dieng. Wolves have a lot of bigs and Bledsoe or Teague off the bench would be wild.

  3. H.Henderson

    I am hoping the Knicks are exploring a possible trade for Bledsoe. A package of:

    Hardaway Jr and Sessions plus a second rounder.
    Kanter and Sessions plus a second rounder.
    Baker and Sessions plus a second rounder.

    I’d prefer the first deal because freeing up minutes for Dotson, and Ntilikina should be the top of Hornacecks list. Also, trading away a big in order to free up minutes for Hernangomez should be the organizations priority.

  4. dmalla6

    How about Bledsoe for Marcus Smart and either the injured player exception or a sign and trade with the exception? They could save $8.4m this year and get a decent young guard in Smart

    • Boston2AZ

      OMG! Please NO!!! I’ve had to watch this guy for the past couple of years and that’s MORE than enough. As a life-long Celtics fan, PLEASE don’t send him to Boston!

  5. dmalla6

    How about Bledsoe for Marcus Smart and the $8.4m injured player exception (or a sign and trade player using the exception). It could save Phoenix $8.4 million this year and give them a decent young guard. Thoughts?

    • Philly Fan

      The injured player exception can only be used on a player who has one year left on their contract and trade exceptions can’t be combined with a player to match salaries. Plus, Bledsoe on Boston makes little sense since they have Kyrie and Smart is a better off ball player than Bled

  6. Kurt_ac25

    Maybe the Spurs somehow work something out to get him?? Parker is getting old and will retire soon anyways, and who knows how he’ll be after recovering from his injury. But I think Denver can maybe finally pull something out and get their guy

  7. dust44

    Cavs for IT and Cedi Osman. IT has 1 year on his deal left and Osman is a developmental wing who is billed as a defender

    • x%sure

      Osman can’t be dealt until Dec.15 and, not enough salary going to Phx. It would have to be Thomas and Frye or more. Thomas and Shump are both under 28 but even Irving at 25 was said to be too old for them. That was a funny reason and they’re finding out what happens with a baby team– though of course as a tanker, bad is good.

      • Luke Adams

        Osman is actually trade-eligible now (he was a draft-and-stash signing rather than a free agent signing), but you’re right about the salary matching.

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