Nikola Mirotic Hospitalized After Altercation With Bobby Portis

6:43pm: The Bulls are evaluating disciplinary options for Portis, per Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic (Twitter link). Mayberry adds that the league office is also involved while Johnson tweets that the power forward will likely be suspended.

6:23pm: Nikola Mirotic was sent to the hospital after engaging in a physical altercation with teammate Bobby Portis during practice earlier today, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical. Shams adds that at the conclusion of the shoving match, Portis took an alleged “cheap shot” at Mirotic’s face, which resulted in the emergency care.

Mirotic suffered a concussion and multiple fractures in his face, Nick Friedell of tweets. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune (via Twitter) hears that the power forward will be out “a few weeks.”

Bobby Marks of the Vertical (Twitter link) notes that league contracts contain a clause that allows a team to terminate a deal if a violent act is committed. I’d speculate that Portis faces some sort of discipline for the action, though no word of a suspension, fine or release has yet to trickle out.

Assuming Portis remains in Chicago, the team may need him to play extended minutes with his backup currently ailing. No. 7 overall pick Lauri Markkanen is also a candidate to see additional court time.

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18 thoughts on “Nikola Mirotic Hospitalized After Altercation With Bobby Portis

  1. ChiSoxCity

    If there’s a history of issues with Portis, I could see cutting him. Otherwise, fine him, bench him for a few weeks and get him mandatory counseling.

    • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

      He’s a first round pick who is known for his incredible work ethic… so there is no way they cut him. In its current form he is one of the better players on the bulls roster

  2. Way to punch your way into the starting lineup Bobby.

    Super start to a super Bulls season boys!

  3. formerlyz

    TO THE FACE!! Lol…to be honest, Mirotic is soft, is kind of a b!+@#, and makes no sense with Markannen. Portis is a 5 in todays game. Needs to still improve defensively, and be more consistent with that improved jumpshot, especially if he is going to see time at the 4. Portis has been kind of screwed around with in Chicago, not to mention the fact that situation probably sucks regardless. I also wouldnt be surprised if Mirotic is completely at fault/deserved it, b/c his mouth has been over inflated the last 2 years, in my opinion, and him getting paid that much by the bulls at the end of the off-season made no sense.

    Obviously, this is very bad for Portis…hopefully it doesn’t end his career. I still think he has a lot of upside in the right environment.would be interesting if someone gets him essentially for free

      • formerlyz

        You didn’t understand the context…Mirotic has had an inflated ego. He just got paid and took his playing time, again, when it made no sense for them to bring him back. Mirotic is from Europe. I guarantee that he did something to escalate the altercation/started the shoving, and didnt expect Portis to do anything about it, as he is on a rookie contract. But he forgot that this is America. There are no safe spaces. If you want to trigger someone, you’re going to get hit in the face in Chicago, and personally, i wouldnt have messed with Bobby Portis. I felt that vibe when he was in college lol…i feel bad he got a concussion and broke his jaw, but that doesn’t mean he probably didn’t deserve it. Again, not enough info, but based on previous info about them, that is my assumption when I hear this story

        • TheZink

          Your analysis reminds me of a great movie quote:

          “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          • formerlyz

            Obviously that moment is still amazing and hilarious, but there is zero conjunction with anything I said. Nothing I said is irrational. Like I said, the fact Mirotic gas a concussion and broke his jaw isn’t funny. Thankfully, he’ll be ok, and be back, in a few weeks. That doesnt mean he didn’t do something to put himself in that situation

  4. ARKScout

    if this transpired the way it’s described, forget the team taking disciplinary action, why wouldn’t he face legal ramifications. This sounds like assault.

  5. Tramore

    I feel bad for the bulls. Not only do they have a team of bad players, now all those players are fighting each other.

  6. Luckylefty2

    Can somebody explain Bobby Portis past because I have seen a lot of comments saying he is a headcase etc.

  7. Djones246890

    What a fall from grace. I know they’re “rebuilding” (even tough they never would have if they had a competent front office), but this team has turned into the laughing stock of the NBA. I really miss the Rose, Noah, Thibodeau, Hinrich, Deng, Gibson era. The good ol’ days.

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