Suns Explore Trading Chandler With Bledsoe

As they continue to seek out a viable trade involving disgruntled point guard Eric Bledsoe, the Suns are exploring ways to include Tyson Chandler in the same deal, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times (via Twitter).

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders first reported earlier this week that the Suns appeared to be looking for deals involving Chandler. Kyler, who noted that both Chandler and Bledsoe were favorites of former head coach Earl Watson, wrote in his report that the “ideal scenario” for Phoenix would be to move the duo in the same trade.

Taking into account the stage the Suns are at in their rebuilding phase, it certainly makes sense to explore trading Chandler — at 35 years old, he seems unlikely to be part of the next contending team in Phoenix.

Still, it may be tricky for the Suns to attach Chandler to Bledsoe in a single trade. The two players are earning a combined $27.5MM this season, and most of Phoenix’s potential trade partners will have little interest in taking on extra money in a deal. That would mean finding a Bledsoe suitor with at least $27.5MM in salaries of their own to trade back to the Suns.

The Bucks, frequently cited as a team with interest in Bledsoe, may be the most logical match for a deal involving both players. Possible trade candidates on their roster include John Henson ($11.4MM), Mirza Teletovic ($10MM), Matthew Dellavedova ($9.6MM), and possibly even Greg Monroe ($17.9MM), so they could potentially figure out a package that lands them both Bledsoe and Chandler without pushing them into luxury tax territory. It’s not clear if the two teams are exploring that scenario though.

Like Bledsoe, Chandler has one additional guaranteed year on his contract beyond 2017/18. Both players will come off the books in the summer of 2019.

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17 thoughts on “Suns Explore Trading Chandler With Bledsoe

  1. Sheldon Bowen

    If I’m the Lakers I jump on this. Offer Deng, Clarkson and randle. I get it bledsoe is a PG and so is ball. But bledsoe would make a lot of sense because he played the combo guard position well for the clippers and probably would be his best way to be utilized. Lakers want stars well they better get taken to be more attractive

  2. Corleone

    I Love My old Suns i can Hope we have a Big Future with ihr Young Core

    Jackson Booker Chriss Ulis Warren all G’z

  3. Thomas Swanson

    Everybody is at or over the salary cap, so they have to have matching salaries. The Suns want to dump Chandler with the disgruntled and oft injured Bledsoe ($27 million). They want young players and draft picks in return. To match they’ll need to send multiple players, and most teams don’t have a bench to do that. It’s time to bring Bledsoe back to work. LOL!

  4. bballcrazy1616

    So if the Sixers want to move Okafor so badly why don’t the Suns contact Philly and see if they can work something out. The Suns could use Okafor with Len and bring more youth to the squad. Even if Phoenix would eat most of the money.

  5. Thomas Swanson

    Okafor is on his rookie contract. Bledsoe and Chandler make $27 million. Okafor is a free agent this summer, that’s why Phiily wants to dump him.
    They’re worried about overpay like Hibbert and Bogut.

  6. ppyxmb

    Okafor to Philly
    Chandler to Dallas
    McBob to Philly
    Bledsoe’s to Philly

    Works according to ESPN tm.
    Any thoughts?

    • azentropy

      I assume you mean Okafor to Phoenix. Not sure why ESPN would say that works, it doesn’t, but Phoenix wouldn’t do that anyway.

      • ppyxmb

        Yes, I meant Okafor to Pheonix. Why wouldn’t the suns do that? They receive young talent, get rid of two guys who are clogging up minutes for the younger boys (TC) and are dissatisfied hence risk locker room problems (Bledsoe). Plus theyd have a lot of fire power come free agency 2018.

  7. x%sure

    Why would a team have to send at least $27.5mil to Phx? $22mil would put them in 125% range. There are 3 teams (under the cap) that could go lower than that, $10-15mil.

    • Luke Adams

      No team would HAVE to send that much by rule, but as I noted in the post, many of the Suns’ potential trade partners wouldn’t want to add any salary in a deal. The Bucks, for instance, would go into the tax if they only sent $22MM-ish, and I’m very skeptical they’d be willing to be a taxpayer.

      • Luke Adams

        (To expand on this, I think one of the factors the Suns can use to their advantage in a Bledsoe – or Chandler – trade is their ability to take on extra salary using their cap room. If they end up sending out more salary than they take back, I don’t think teams would be as willing to attach interesting assets.)

        • x%sure

          Aha. True, if the Cavs only sent out $22mil, Gilbert would get an additional luxury tax hit upwards of $20mil!
          Some are skeptical that the Suns would consider IT an “interesting asset”, since he’s been there already. I doubt the Cavs would be offered that benefit of going over 27.5.

  8. Thomas Swanson

    Jeremy Lin is out for season, Mosgov is horrible, Phoenix won’t get the young players and picks they want. Send him to the Nets. They have vets with salaries that would match if Phoenix wants to get rid of them so bad!

  9. Thomas Swanson

    @x%sure: How about Bledsoe and Chandler to Sacramento for George Hill and Kosta Koufas! Salaries match!
    Sacramento has Kentucky Wildcats Skal Labissierre, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Deaaron Fox.
    They had Demarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo.
    Bledsoe can learn from Fox!

    • x%sure

      Sacto just signed Hill, so he can’t be traded yet, and anyway trading him so soon would make the FO look unsure about what they’re doing. Also I think Hill & Koufas are better than Bledsoe & Chandler. Supposedly they do want to deal Koufas.

  10. Thomas Swanson

    I think Demarcus Cousins made the FO look unsure about what they’re doing! He had 41 points and 24 points in his first return trip to Sacramento!

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