Cuban: Mavs Not Tanking, Can Turn Things Around

The Mavericks have been the NBA’s worst team so far, with their 2-10 record placing them at the top of our 2017/18 Reverse Standings. However, owner Mark Cuban believes his club is capable of bouncing back from its slow start, as Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News writes.

“I still think we can turn this around,” Cuban said. “We’ve been in 1-9 stretches during various parts of various seasons in the past, so it’s not like we haven’t been here before. It’s just that you never want to start the season like that.”

Dallas’ slow start this season is reminiscent of the first month of the team’s 2016/17 campaign. A year ago, the club opened by losing 17 of its first 21 games, and in the midst of that stretch, Cuban said publicly that the team had no interest in tanking. In May, Cuban admitted that the club did end up tanking near the end of the season, but he added an important caveat to that statement this week

“Not until we were eliminated,” Cuban said, in reference to last year’s tanking efforts. “And until we’re eliminated, we ain’t tanking [this year], either.”

While the Maveericks weren’t expecting to be a contender this season, there was some hope that they could improve upon last season’s 33-49 record. That’s still possible, but the team faces a serious uphill climb. And while president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson says it’s mostly a matter of the Mavs needing more out of their current players, he acknowledges that he’ll be keeping an eye out for potential roster changes, per Townsend.

“I think it’s too early in the game to make any broad, sweeping analyses,” Nelson said. “That being said, as you look across the board, do we have any glaring weaknesses? You can always upgrade. We’re all in the upgrade business.”

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