Sixers Notes: Embiid, Simmons, Hinkie

While Joel Embiid has attracted much of the attention following a career night on Wednesday, it could be Sixers forward Ben Simmons who ends up changing the NBA, Mike Sielski of The Inquirer writes.

The scribe writes that the 2016 first-overall pick is coasting to the Rookie of the Year Award with averages of 17.9 points, 9.2 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game. At the same time, the Sixers rookie is as marketable off the court as he is versatile on it.

Beyond all that, however, Sielski writes that Simmons’ openness about how pointless and unnecessary he feels the one-and-done rule preventing 18-year-olds from entering the NBA Draft is could add to his lasting impact on the league itself.

There’s more from the Sixers tonight:

  • The Process worked, Victor Mather of the New York Times writes. Mather breaks down the years-long, Sam Hinkie-led roster rebuild for the uninitiated.
  • Excitement around Joel Embiid grew ever so slightly this week as a stat-filling career best provided a glimpse into what could possibly be the Sixers’ future. That’s conditional, Sam Amick of USA Today writes, on if the big man can consistently stay on the court.
  • There have been no shortage of takes that LeBron James would be wise to join the Sixers via free agency next summer. Bryan Kalbrosky of HoopsHype writes that Philly could punish the Warriors in the paint with James on board.
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8 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Embiid, Simmons, Hinkie

  1. Pihc123

    James with the sixers would be great for both James and the sixers. Could be the start of a long dynasty. Although James is on the tail end of a GOAT like career, players like him could be the guy to get the process going and the sixers the most feared team in the nba. However I don’t see it happening bc James doesn’t have any of his friends in that situation.

      • x%sure

        The last time I predicted James’ take-my-game-to I think it was 1Clev, 2NY, 3Phil.
        All the commotion James made prior to the NY-Clev game about how they passed over his guy suggests to me NY has fallen in preference.
        I still cannot see LAL being chosen.
        Philly & Clev still look good.

    • Cybersapien

      FK NO!!! Are you insane or have you not been watching basketball for the past five years!? Any team that Lebron goes to has to completely revolve around him! That is the very antithesis of what the Sixers are trying to create at the moment. Plus wherever Lebron goes there is drama, and the players around him regress instead of get better (Ex: Love and Bosh). Simmons needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective, since he is not a shooter. Lebron needs the ball also! He has always played “point forward” his entire career. How is that going to work. Lebron being there will stunt Simmon’s development as a player. People want to drop Lebron on any team that is experiencing some level of success, completely disregarding how that team plays ball. Philly would be a completely different team with Lebron on the roster; and not in a good way! There is a reason Kyrie left Cleveland and went to Boston. He wanted to get away from Lebron because Lebron controls everything in Cleveland both on and off the court! I truly can’t wait until that dude retires!

  2. x%sure

    IDK how influential Simmons is or was on his issue, but his (or the Phily writer’s) point is pathetic. Nobody owes him or anyone else NBA training and salary. Like any business the NBA is free to establish hiring qualifications.
    Aww poor baby had to spend a year in college. Although for all his complaining about suffering at LSU, I would rather punch his head than pat it.
    Such a terrible burden that he was asked to do PR at college. Oh wait; he could have just said no. SEC not good enough?– so go somewhere else. LSU was his own choice.

    • It’s fine for him to say something he thinks is stupid is stupid.

      At the same time he should admit he is stupid himself for not deciding to go play professionally in China or elsewhere rather than in NCAA.

  3. So let me get this straight, GOAT wants to play on your team, you’re going to give a “hard pass”?? Lol… right. Any team that adds LBJ will be in the Eastern Conference Championship game or Finals. Cavs weakness is defense, Sixers defend well.

    LBJ will be 35 and Durant 31 in 2019. Klay will be 29, and that ideal match for this roster. But I’d still take a 35 LBJ any day, and a 31 y o Durant.

    The only problem with the current Sixers roster is average 3-pt shooting beyond Covington. Redick 3% is worst of his career so far. Bayless is hurt. And McConnell only attempts .8 a game at 50%.

    Really, Bayless, Johnson, Okafor, Stauskas, and Anderson are probably not on this roster next year.

    Probably Redick comes back with few top-line FAs available at a position of need (Don’t need Boogie or Lopez or Favors). IT-4 is a huge question mark. KCP looks terrible. Avery Bradley would be a great alternative to Redick. But you have Fultz, TLC, and Korkmaz at SG. The idea being that Fultz becomes the Flash to Simmons.

    If anything you’re bringing guys in on a 1 year deal to keep cap flex.

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