Bulls Owner Talks Front Office, Team, Rebuild

The Bulls hierarchy hasn’t always been clear with VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson and GM Gar Forman each taking on various responsibilities during their respective tenures. However, despite the unconventional approach, owner Jerry Reinsdorf is confident that the franchise has the right management in place.

“I picked Paxson to rebuild when [Jerry] Krause left [in 2003] because he’s a leader. Nothing has changed,” Reinsdorf tells K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. “He’s a fine evaluator of talent. He’s a long-term thinker. He works well with the general manager. He works well with coaches. I’m a John Paxson fan.”

Paxson has traveled with the team all season in an attempt to create transparency and accountability while offering support to players and coaches. Forman has spent much of his time on the road, scouting prospects in search of future talent and taking on other traditional front office responsibilities.

“Forman is great with agents,” Reinsdorf said. “John hates to deal with agents. Gar is good at negotiating with the other general managers, but John was good at that too. Gar is great at cap knowledge and planning ahead. He’s an extremely detailed guy. That’s why we have the two jobs. And that’s a trend that teams are moving too. They realize you need two different skill sets.”

Forman served as the face of the front office during the Derrick Rose era, giving up that unofficial title to Paxson as the team went into a rebuild. Reinsdorf believes Forman has consistently done a great job, though Paxson is more of a media darling than the GM is.

“I think John plays well publicly, more than me or Gar,” the owner said. “People tend to like John. They trust him. He’s the guy next door. People look at Gar and me and we’re not warm and cuddly like John.”

Reinsdorf, who also owns the Chicago White Sox, will turn 82 years old in February and that begs the question: Why sign off on another rebuild?

“I figure I have at the most 15-20 years left and I’d like to win again,” Reinsdorf said. “I don’t like being caught in the middle.

“I think the rebuild is going great. We don’t want to be fooled by winning six games in a row. But we’re seeing our young players step up. We’re seeing [Nikola Mirotic] show what we thought we had in the first place. [Kris Dunn] is coming on. [Bobby Portis] is having a good year. And [Zach LaVine] hasn’t even played yet.

“I think Gar and John have put together the core of something good. Now it remains to be seen [if we] can take the next two steps, mediocrity and being good, without being stuck too long in mediocrity.”

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7 thoughts on “Bulls Owner Talks Front Office, Team, Rebuild

  1. ChiSoxCity

    Looks like the same old Bulls*** to me… playing themselves out of #1 pick in the 2018 draft by winning meaningless games. They aren’t relative, and will remain so as long as GarPax are there.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Reinsdorf’s loyalty is his downfall. If Portland or Houston drafts MJ, this team would have no banners. If Ozzie’s crazy didn’t get the 05 Sux hot at the right time, they wouldn’t have won at 05. Classic one and done, they were never considered the best team in baseball. GarPax, Kenny… clowns. I wish he would just sell the Bulls, BUT they make too much money, too profitable and Jerry REALLY likes money.

  2. radiohead801

    15-20 years? Old Jerry is pretty optimistic with that death estimate.

  3. Djones246890

    I just wonder what form of c o ca i n e Reinsdorf is smoking. Both of these @ $ S clowns should’ve been fired years ago.

    Thank God Doug Collins is a Senior Advisor, now, bit he needs to be the OFFICIAL VP/GM. Paxson, and especially Forman, need to go.

    • pullhitter445

      Garpax is one of the worst front offices in pro sports not just the limited to the nba

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