Cavaliers Reluctant To Discuss Nets’ Pick

Shortly after acquiring the Nets’ 2018 first-round pick from the Celtics in the summer, Cavaliers GM Koby Altman acknowledged that he had an obligation to listen to inquiries on that pick, but suggested that the Cavs had “every intention of keeping it and using it.” A few months later, it doesn’t appear that stance has changed. League executives tell Sean Deveney of The Sporting News that Cleveland has been very reluctant to include that first-rounder in trade talks to date.

“They would be open to a deal by all indications,” one general manager told Deveney. “But they’re not talking about that pick. That’s the Plan B for the LeBron [James] stuff and from what I know, they don’t want to budge on it.”

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The “LeBron stuff,” of course, is the possibility that James will leave Cleveland as a free agent in 2018 — the club wants to be in position to replenish its roster with young talent in that scenario, and the Brooklyn pick, which figures to be a lottery selection, would be a great start. Still, one league executive suggested that the Cavs’ apparent unwillingness to discuss the pick may be a smokescreen. If the Cavs consider dealing the Nets’ pick, another executive said, it would have to be in a deal for a star.

“The only way they trade that would be a transformational player, someone who can help them win a championship,” the exec told Deveney. “I don’t think there is necessarily a player like that out there, at least not what’s been talked about so far. But you’re not going to deal away your chance at a top player in this draft for the right to lose to the Warriors again.”

The Cavs have been linked to multiple veteran centers on struggling teams, including DeAndre Jordan and Marc Gasol. However, a source tells Deveney that no serious discussions about a deal like that are happening at this point. If Cleveland engages the Clippers or Grizzlies about such a trade, I imagine the Nets’ pick would be the first asset either of those teams asks about.

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15 thoughts on “Cavaliers Reluctant To Discuss Nets’ Pick

  1. hiflew

    Dealing that pick for a star? The Nets pick is currently #10. That is a pick for a solid young potential starter like a Julius Randle. But you are highly unlikely to be getting a star for the Nets pick now.

  2. chiefivey

    deandre jordan & marc gasol are definitely not worth the pick. i think cleveland keeps it. as long as they have lebron they are going to be a contender. not to mention… they already have a really good really deep team. adding another star player mid season just makes no sense.

    • chiefivey

      now, if boston does something like makes a trade for cousins… then i can see CLE making a move. that would put their hopes at reaching the finals at risk.

    • cba93

      It makes perfect sense. They are a great team missing a rim protector. Add deandre and become a contender

      • cba93

        A gold medalist starting team USA stater to keep klay, kd and draymond out of the paint and actually rebound unlike triston at least gives them a chance

  3. You can have any Mav not named Dirk or Dennis for it. Which still wouldn’t be enough I’d assume.

    • hiflew

      I could see a package of Wes Matthews and (a healthy) Nerlens Noel being enough for it. According to reports, Noel and James want to be together next year. This might be a good way for Cleveland to keep James, which is far more valuable the the Nets pick.

        • cba93

          There is no way he cavs move that pick for a washed up wes Mathews and a backup center

          • hiflew

            They will if they can include Shumpert and Frye to offset their luxury tax hit.

          • x%sure

            Mathews would appear to have stalled in his recovery, and the Cavs are deep at guard/swing, indeed too much so. Mathews used to have a rep as a good Durant defender, IDK anymore.
            But if they take some mid-high salaries, that would count, although JRSmith & TT are Bron friends.
            DSmithJr is too, not sure if he is ready for that level yet though.

  4. Frye and Shunpert will have to be in almost any deal they make. I figured Barnes for the pick, with fillers on both sides would be the basis.

  5. x%sure

    Cavs are primarily looking for a D-wing… whether the “D” means Defense or Durant, same thing. Crowder has not fit in yet.

  6. suburbanwarren

    If the CAVs could get Demarcus Cousin for the Nets 1 round pick. All of Demarcus problem not winning. Demarcus and Lebron would be unstoppable! He would provide quality rest for Lebron. They could do some serious damage in the 4 quarter! Next year get Chris Paul. Another super team!

  7. At some point the Cavs will realize they gave away a top 10-15 player for a few mediocre and/or speculative assets. A remote draft pick is a roll of the dice at best (they’re lucky Russell and Lin got hurt or it might not even be a top half of the draft pick).

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