Mirza Teletovic Diagnosed With Pulmonary Emboli In Lungs

Mirza Teletovic continues to be hampered by health problems, with the Bucks announcing today in a press release that the veteran power forward has been diagnosed with pulmonary emboli in both lungs. Team physicians discovered Teletovic’s condition after he experienced “unusual fatigue” this week.

Back in January of 2015, Teletovic had a similar health scare when he was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in his lungs. That issue sidelined him for the remainder of the 2014/15 regular season, but in this case, the Bucks haven’t ruled out him out for the year.

According to the team, Teletovic will begin a rehab program following a 10-day rest period. No specific timetable was provided for his return, but hopefully he’s able to get back on the court at some point this season, or is at least good to go for the start of 2018/19.

Teletovic, 32, has already missed the Bucks’ last 16 games as he recovers from an arthroscopic procedure on his knee. So far this season, he has been limited to 10 games, averaging 7.1 PPG with a .467 3PT% in 15.9 minutes per contest.

With Teletovic out and Greg Monroe no longer on the roster, Milwaukee figures to keep its eye out for a possible frontcourt addition as the February 9 trade deadline nears.

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9 thoughts on “Mirza Teletovic Diagnosed With Pulmonary Emboli In Lungs

  1. formerlyz

    Hope he gets better….

    That being said, If he plays and Bosh still can’t, that’s bs. Bosh has had 1 lung situation and just the remnants of it still being there caused his career to pretty much end. This is a 2nd situation in the lungs for Teletovic. Obviously, there are some differences involved, but I still think it’s obvious bs that Bosh can’t get cleared, with all of the facts he has on his side.

      • formerlyz

        Bosh had 1 clot in his lung, and then another on his calf a year later. Later on, remnants from the 1st clot in his lung were found to still be there when he took his physical, and that’s when the current situation started. It wasn’t a new thing. He doesn’t have a condition that predisposed him to more clots. He has regimens of blood thinners he can be cleared to play on, as players in other sports do, including on the Florida Panthers. He has several doctors that would clear him. He just needs an NBA team to do so. The issue is nobody wants to take the PR risk. Health matters more than anything, but I think it’s bs to stop someone from doing what they love, if there are ways he doesn’t have to, and i will call out a double standard when I see someone else get the opportunity to continue his own career, under arguably more egregious conditions.

        • JD396

          This post is no doubt based upon your thorough examination of their actual medical records

          • formerlyz

            It’s based on the information that has been out there since it happened. I’m not pretending to be a doctor. I’m just saying there are significant inconsistencies in understanding why Bosh can’t get cleared, based on the factual info that is out there. If there is legit reason for it, like legit medical reasons, I’m obviously not arguing it, but he still seems determined to play, and hasnt really changed anything about his reasoning for feeling the way he does about it, and considering the numerous similar situations where players have continued their careers in other sports, I’d have to agree with that until I hear something that totally denies that information about the potential regimen, which we have yet to see even once. Therefore, I will defend Chris Bosh and his want to continue his career as much as possible

            • Rockman85

              I do not know where you getting your information from.
              I can tell you that blood clots are life threatening.
              If not life threatening then a danger to your organs
              or limbs. Clots cause ischemia which is very dangerous.
              The normal regiment is that once you have a second episode of blood clots you must remain on blood thinners FOR LIFE.
              Who cares if you have or not have the gene that predispositions you to blood clots. On examination you have more than one incidence and it only takes one incidence to kill you, or give you a heart attack, stroke, or any other embolic infarcts.
              Now, he can have a IVC filter placed but that only protects your heart brain and lungs from blood clots originating from the lowr portion of your body.
              Next, you can go on blood thinners and play but it is going to suck. It sucks that you can easily have micro bleeds in your brain, or that you bruise really easily. Hematomas are easier to form. Its not worth the risk involve.
              Ok so Whatever you decide youw ant to play still.
              What Doctor will you find that is willing to clear you knowing that they will be recommending an unsafe practice? Malpractice lawsuit? Its a pretty easy case in court.
              Anyways, I do not have the medical record for these players but Teletovic should not be allowed to return.
              One difference from what I know is that Bosh had PE and DVT while Teletovic only has PE.

  2. Pihc123

    I’ve had blood clots in my lungs. I’m no athlete but it does tire you out just trying to get oxygen. And there’s that entire thing where you can die from it. I hope he best for this guy.

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