Northwest Notes: Anthony, Bjelica, Hill

It’s been an emotional week for the Thunder and that’s only going to continue through the weekend as Carmelo Anthony makes his return to New York for a battle with the Knicks. As Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports writes, the week could help give the new-look Oklahoma City squad much-needed closure.

We can focus on what’s ahead of us. We can focus on being [the] Thunder. It’s no more Pacers. It’s no more Knicks,” Anthony’s newest superstar teammate Paul George said, having narrowly defeated his own former squad in his first game back in Indiana on Wednesday. “We can focus on what we have to do, to get better as a team and get better as Thunder players. That story, that chapter, and that book is over with.

One difference between Anthony’s exit and George’s exit is that there was somewhat of an understanding between all parties that his tenure in the Big Apple had run its course. George’s hasty departure, the trade request that triggered his deal to the Thunder, left plenty of Pacers fans betrayed.

At the end of the day, it’s business to me. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not ecstatic to be going back and playing there,” Anthony, who has averaged 17.7 points and 6.4 rebounds per game for the Thunder, said. “Like I said, I got a different feeling with New York. A different relationship, different bond with the city, with the fans, with the people. It’s a little bit special for me.”

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2 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Anthony, Bjelica, Hill

  1. NOPelicanFangirl696969

    Idk why pacers fans would be mad they got a controllable debatably better superstar to carry them for years until they build around him

  2. Thomas Swanson

    Pacers are mad for the same reason Kyrie went to the Celtics, LeBron to Miami, Durant to the Warriors, Hayward to the Celtics, etc. A fan at the game yelled “Hey George, I thought you wanted to be Reggie Miller.” There is no such thing as loyalty in the NBA any more.
    For Teague and Hill, they played against each other in high school. The Pacers had Hill then traded for Teague to replace him because they were from Indy. Last summer both signed with their teams for $19 million. They’ve been competing with each other since high school.


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